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1. TRIZ-based method for developing a conceptual laparoscopic surgeon’s chair

2. A novel design strategy to enhance buckling resistance of thin-walled single-cell lattice structures via topology optimisation

3. Multifunctional and multimaterial contact lenses: tailored solutions for tunable color filtering and tear pH sensing

4. Modelling, optimization, and testing of novel cuboidal spherical plate lattice structures

5. Development of a novel gantry system for cooperative printing of plastic materials

6. Wire-arc directed energy deposition of monolithic and bimetallic structures of maraging 250 steel

7. 17-4 PH and SS316L bimetallic structures via additive manufacturing

8. Deposition dynamics and analysis of polyurethane foam structure boundaries for aerial additive manufacturing

9. Bionic programmed wearable actuators based on 4D printing of liquid metal-spidroin-liquid crystal elastomer composite

10. Comparative analysis of structural build-up in one-component stiff and two-component shotcrete-accelerated set-on-demand mixtures for 3D concrete printing

11. Modeling and application of droplet oscillation momentum for elucidating the development of surface roughness in wire-arc additive manufacturing

12. Electron beam powder bed fusion enables crack-free, high-strength and sufficiently ductile chemically complex intermetallic alloys

13. Manipulating melt pool thermofluidic transport in directed energy deposition driven by a laser intensity spatial shaping strategy

14. Sub-microscale 3D printing based on cold-constrained local electrodeposition

15. Heterogeneous grain structure in biodegradable Zn prepared via mechanical alloying and laser powder bed fusion for strength-plasticity synergy

16. Effect of heat treatment and electroless Ni-P coating on mechanical property and corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

17. Incorporating coarse aggregates into 3D concrete printing from mixture design and process control to structural behaviours and practical applications: a review

18. Effects of path patterns on residual stresses and deformations of directed energy deposition-arc built blocks

19. A non-probabilistic convex modelling framework for uncertainty quantification of laser powder bed fusion fabricated structures based on limited data

20. Enhancing the sensitivity of 3D printed sensors via ironing and void reduction


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