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1. Energy and nitrogen budgets for larval and aduit Paropsis charybdis Stål (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) feeding on Eucalyptus viminalis.

2. Dietary iron overload inhibits carbon tetrachloride-induced promotion in chemical hepatocarcinogenesis: effects on cell proliferation, apoptosis, and antioxidation.

3. Fibre Composition of Human Intrinsic Tongue Muscles.

4. Assessment of chemical resistance of wild and cultivated Vigna species to the brown pod-bugClavigralla tomentosicollis Stal (Hem., Coreidae).

5. On Possibility of Nondestructive Testing of the Grain Size in the Intermediate Stages of Manufacturing Electrical Steel.

6. A technology platform for the fast production of monoclonal recombinant antibodies against plant proteins and peptides.

7. Pathology parameters and adjuvant tamoxifen response in a randomised premenopausal breast cancer trial.

8. A Description of the Nymphal Stages of the African Cluster Bug Agonoscelis puberula Stå.

9. Molecular Comparison of Creontiades Plant Bugs from South Texas and Australia.

10. The chemical volatiles (semiochemicals) produced by neotropical stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae).


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