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2. A review of laser additive manufacturing (LAM) aluminum alloys: Methods, microstructures and mechanical properties.

3. Extended IFC-based information exchange for construction management of roller-compacted concrete dam.

4. 增材制造技术的临床应用.

5. Three-Dimensional Concrete Printing as a Construction Automation Strategy and Assessments from a Case Study Building.

6. Parametric Design and Assessment of 3D Printable Open Noise Barrier: Device Customization to Protect Buildings from Train Brake Noise.

7. Hydroxyapatite/polyamide 12 composite membrane as implant in intracorporeal sites.

8. iQuantum: A toolkit for modeling and simulation of quantum computing environments.

9. Food extrusion: An advanced process for innovation and novel product development.

10. Improving the surface quality of additive manufactured polyamide parts using conventional treatment methods.

11. GRAAL—modeling, prototyping and assessing a gamified responsible augmented assembly line system.

12. Merging 3D-printing technology and disposable materials for electrochemical purposes: A sustainable alternative to ensure greener electroanalysis.

13. Effect of different constraining boundary conditions on simulated femoral stresses and strains during gait.

14. Prototyping an Ontological Framework for Cellular Senescence Mechanisms: A Homeostasis Imbalance Perspective.

15. Development of the Half-Scaled Reflector of the LiteBIRD Low-Frequency Telescope.

16. Integrated approach to generate artificial samples with low tumor fraction for somatic variant calling benchmarking.

17. Printing, Characterizing, and Assessing Transparent 3D Printed Lenses for Optical Imaging.

18. Developing an mHealth program to improve HIV care continuum outcomes among young Black gay and bisexual men.

19. Surfaces of coastal biogenic structures: exploiting advanced digital design and fabrication strategies for the manufacturing of oyster reef and mussel bed surrogates.

20. The Simons Observatory: Production-Level Fabrication of the Mid- and Ultra-High-Frequency Wafers.

21. Arbitrary engineering of spatial caustics with 3D-printed metasurfaces.

22. Leveraging Communication Partner Speech to Automate Augmented Input for Children on the Autism Spectrum Who Are Minimally Verbal: Prototype Development and Preliminary Efficacy Investigation.

23. Sensitivity analysis of paediatric knee kinematics to the graft surgical parameters during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A sequentially linked neuromusculoskeletal-finite element analysis.

24. OpenWeedGUI: An Open-Source Graphical Tool for Weed Imaging and YOLO-Based Weed Detection.

25. Cultivation of Bovine Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Plant-Based Scaffolds in a Macrofluidic Single-Use Bioreactor for Cultured Meat.

26. Hybrid 3D Printing of Molten Metal Microdroplets and Polymers for Prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards Featuring Interdigitated 3D Capacitors.

27. Machine learning applied to property prediction of metal additive manufacturing products with textural features extraction.

28. Energy-efficient rapid additive manufacturing of complex geometry ceramics.

29. On the Construction of Analytical Cooling Curves from ASTM D6200 Data Using Multi-Variable Gradient Descent Method.

30. Prediction of Flexural Strength with Fuzzy Logic Approach for Fused Deposition Modeling of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Components.

31. Leveraging Co-Design To Develop An Intervention To Improve Hospital-To-Home Transitions Near End Of Life (RP324).

32. Co-Design Use in the Development and Implementation of Palliative Care Interventions: A Systematic Review (GP110).

33. Rapid Prototyping of Anomalous Reflective Metasurfaces Using Spray-Coated Liquid Metal.

34. DLP printed 3D gyroid structure: Mechanical response at meso and macro scale.

35. Engaging educators in the ideation of scenarios for cross-reality game-based learning experiences.

36. Exploring the frontier of rapid prototyping technologies for plant synthetic biology and what could lie beyond.

37. Additive Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Review.

38. Arduino-Based Readout Electronics for Nuclear and Particle Physics.

39. Gas‐Separating Metal‐Organic Framework Membrane Films on Large‐Area 3D‐Printed Tubular Ceramic Scaffolds.

40. Fostering Design for Sustainability through the Adoption of Computer-Aided Engineering Tools in the Development of Energy-Related Products.

41. Laser Printing of Large‐Area Conformal 3D photonic Circuits in Glass.

42. Freeform Shape Fabrication by Kerfing Stiff Materials.

43. Challenges faced with 3D-printed electrochemical sensors in analytical applications.

44. Algae to HEFA: Economics and potential deployment in the United States.

45. Fabrication of gelatin-polyester based biocomposite scaffold via one-step functionalization of melt electrowritten polymer blends in aqueous phase.

46. Designing human-centered learning analytics and artificial intelligence in education solutions: a systematic literature review.

47. Wire arc additive manufactured A36 steel performance for marine renewable energy systems.

48. Designing and prototyping a novel biosensor based on a volumetric bar-chart chip for urea detection.

49. Enhancing the Forward Gate Bias Robustness in p‐GaN Gate High‐Electron‐Mobility Transistors through Doping Profile Engineering.

50. Advances in laser‐based manufacturing techniques for specialty optical fiber.

51. Inkjet-printed optical interference filters.

52. A high-resolution and low-cost mesoscale tactile force sensor based on mode-localization effect and fabricated using rapid prototyping.

53. Considerations for the Design and Rapid Manufacturing of Pop‐Up MEMS Devices.

54. Rapid Tooling for Microinjection Moulding of Proof-of-Concept Microfluidic Device: Resin Insert Capability and Preliminary Validation.

55. Enhancing Complex Injection Mold Design Validation Using Multicombined RV Environments.

56. S3DK: An Open Source Toolkit for Prototyping Synchrophasor Applications.

57. Solution heat treatment of electron beam freeform fabricated in-situ TiC-γ'/ Ni–Fe–Cr composite: Strength-toughness synergy by regulating TiC and γ′ precipitates.

58. Cell-Free Synthesis: Expediting Biomanufacturing of Chemical and Biological Molecules.

59. Spatial Trueness Evaluation of 3D-Printed Dental Model Made of Photopolymer Resin: Use of Special Structurized Dental Model.

60. Effect of Three-Dimensional-Printed Thermoplastics Used in Sensor Housings on Common Atmospheric Trace Gasses.

61. Fast, Precise, High Contrast Laser Writing for Photonic Chips with Phase Aberrations.

62. Microscale Contacts for Nanowire Characterization Using Microscope Projection Photolithography.

63. Enabling 4.5 V Solid Polymer Batteries through a 10 µm, Crosslinked Polyether Electrolyte.

64. 3D-printed stereolithographic fluidic devices for automatic nonsupported microelectromembrane extraction and clean-up of wastewater samples.

65. 单轴及同轴载盐酸米诺环素骨支架抑菌性能的评价.

66. 10Boron-film-based gas detectors at ESS.

67. 386 The Analysis of N-glycans and Collagen to Predict Prostate Adenocarcinoma Outcome.

68. 388 Prototyping a mobile phone application for Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy patient monitoring and data collection post-discharge.

69. 增材制造钛基复合材料体系与组织结构设计.

70. Multimaterial Volumetric Printing of Silica‐Based Glasses.

71. Experimental study on the double-skyhook controls of semi-active suspension with variable inertance and damping.

72. Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles.

73. Fully Digitalized Workflow of Flipper Fabrication: Different Three-Dimensional Printing Strategies and Characteristics.

74. TTool: A Supervised Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Visual Pose Detector for Tool Heads in Augmented Reality Woodworking.

75. PresTo: A liquid-filled camera for low-cost imaging in the deep sea.

76. Additive Manufacturing—Process Optimisation.

77. A Cyber-Physical Testbed for IoT Microgrid Design and Validation.

78. Autonomous Driving System Architecture with Integrated ROS2 and Adaptive AUTOSAR.

79. A design thinking‐led approach to develop a responsive feeding intervention for Australian families vulnerable to food insecurity: Eat, Learn, Grow.

80. Advancing a collective vision for equity‐based cocreation through prototyping at an international forum.

81. Prediction of the Metallurgical Structure after Surface Heat Treatment of XC42 Steel.

82. What Is the "Hydrogen Bond"? A QFT-QED Perspective.

83. Graphene in 3D Bioprinting.

84. Process monitoring and machine learning for defect detection in laser-based metal additive manufacturing.

85. Digitally designed and manufactured sectional custom tray for a patient with microstomia: A case report.

86. Prototyping Criptech Arts Futures.

87. Replication of the bSTAR sequence and open‐source implementation.

88. Simulation and Optimization of a Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Mechanism.

89. Additive Manufacturing for Rapid Sand Casting: Mechanical and Microstructural Investigation of Aluminum Alloy Automotive Prototypes.

90. Achieving High-Precision, Low-Cost Microfluidic Chip Fabrication with Flexible PCB Technology.

91. Pediatric Formulations Developed by Extrusion-Based 3D Printing: From Past Discoveries to Future Prospects.

92. Coupling Nanowire Quantum Dots to Optical Waveguides by Microsphere-Induced Photonic Nanojet.

93. Low-cost rapid prototyping for microfluidics using Parafilm®-based microchannels for low resource settings.

94. Printed graphene and its composite with copper for electromagnetic interference shielding applications.

95. A novel model for curriculum design: Preparation, planning, prototyping, and piloting.

96. Foaming photothermal inks for direct-ink writing: hierarchical design and enhanced solar-powered interfacial evaporation.

97. Mechanical property heterogeneity in Inconel 718 superalloy manufactured by directed energy deposition.

98. Mind In Vitro Platforms: Versatile, Scalable, Robust, and Open Solutions to Interfacing with Living Neurons.

99. 4D-printed microneedles from dual-sensitive chitosan for non-transdermal drug delivery.

100. 3D Printed Materials for Permanent Restorations in Indirect Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry: A Critical Review of the Literature.


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