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1. Effect of build parameters and strain rate on mechanical properties of 3D printed PLA using DIC and desirability function analysis.

2. Specific energy absorption during compression testing of ABS and FPU parts fabricated using LCD-SLA based 3D printer.

3. On the build orientation effect in as-printed and as-sintered bending properties of 17-4PH alloy fabricated by metal fused filament fabrication.

4. Predicting the effect of build orientation and process temperatures on the performance of parts made by fused filament fabrication.

5. Influence of Build Orientation, Geometry and Artificial Saliva Aging on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Poly(ε-caprolactone).

6. Optimization of build orientation in FFF using response surface methodology and posterior-based method.

7. Effect of build orientation on fracture behaviour of AlSi10Mg produced by selective laser melting.

8. An experimental methodology to analyse the structural behaviour of FDM parts with variable process parameters.

9. Orthotropic properties of cement-filled polyamide 12 manufactured by selective laser sintering.

10. Effect of build orientation on the strength and cost of PolyJet 3D printed parts.

11. RP part surface quality versus build orientation: when the layers are getting thinner.

12. Genetic-algorithm-based multi-objective optimization of the build orientation in stereolithography.


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