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6. Numerical Simulation of the Performance of Self-Healing Concrete in Beam Elements

7. Exploring an Association between Body Mass Index and Oral Health—A Scoping Review

8. The Combined Effect of the Trapezius Muscle Strengthening and Pectoralis Minor Muscle Stretching on Correcting the Rounded Shoulder Posture and Shoulder Flexion Range of Motion among Young Saudi Females: A Randomized Comparative Study

11. Intelligent airport management system

12. Double dartos flap layer in tubularized incised plate urethroplasty to prevent urethrocutaneous fistula in uncircumcised patients with distal hypospadias

13. The challenge of peptide nucleic acid synthesis

14. The Structuring Work of Algorithms

15. Factors affecting the choice of dermatology as a specialty by medical students: Data from 28 KSA medical schools

16. Students’ Awareness of the Role of Phonetics in Construction of Removable Dental Prostheses: A Questionnaire-Based Cross-Sectional Study

17. Achieving lasting education in the new digital learning world

18. Risk of Suicide After Dementia Diagnosis

20. Scleraxis and fibrosis in the pressure-overloaded heart

21. Protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, cost-benefit analysis and interrupted timeseries interventions on pharmacist’s prescribing

22. Characteristics of inpatients with atopic asthma in a tertiary center: do age and gender have an influence?

23. Low-Carbon Self-Healing Concrete: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Opportunities

29. Perception, knowledge, and attitude of medical doctors in Saudi Arabia about the role of physiotherapists in vestibular rehabilitation: a cross-sectional survey

30. Regulation of Cardiac Fibroblast GLS1 Expression by Scleraxis


33. Occupational and environmental exposures, the association with chronic sinusitis

34. Epiregulin as an Alternative Ligand for Leptin Receptor Alleviates Glucose Intolerance without Change in Obesity

37. Papilledema: A Review of the Pathophysiology, Imaging Findings, and Mimics

38. Effect of plyometric training and neuromuscular electrical stimulation assisted strength training on muscular, sprint, and functional performances in collegiate male football players

39. Beliefs, barriers, and acceptance associated with COVID-19 vaccination among Taif University students in Saudi Arabia

40. Patterns of Otorhinolaryngological Manifestations of Covid-19: A Longitudinal Questionnaire-Based Prospective Study in a Tertiary Hospital in Saudi Arabia

41. Amino Acid Nanofibers Improve Glycemia and Confer Cognitive Therapeutic Efficacy to Bound Insulin

43. Body Mass Index and Its Association with Various Features of Migraine: A Cross-Sectional Study from Saudi Arabia

44. Association between glycemic control and shift working among healthcare workers with diabetes, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

45. Refugee Children’s Social–Emotional Capacities: Links to Mental Health upon Resettlement and Buffering Effects on Pre-Migratory Adversity

47. Management of Free-Floating Thrombus in the Vertebral Artery in a Middle-Aged Smoker with Secondary Polycythemia Vera

48. A Pitch for Diversity: Teaching Tactical Creativity in Sports and Other Domains with Dr. Daniel Memmert

49. Synthesis of New Peptide‐Based Ligands with 1,2‐HOPO Pendant Chelators and Thermodynamic Evaluation of Their Iron(III) Complexes**

50. Large Vessel Occlusion Causing Cerebral Ischemic Stroke in Previously Healthy Middle-Aged Recently Recovered from Severe COVID-19 Infection


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