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1. Merging 3D-printing technology and disposable materials for electrochemical purposes: A sustainable alternative to ensure greener electroanalysis.

2. Sensitivity analysis of paediatric knee kinematics to the graft surgical parameters during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A sequentially linked neuromusculoskeletal-finite element analysis.

3. Exploring the frontier of rapid prototyping technologies for plant synthetic biology and what could lie beyond.

4. The effect of triglycerol diacrylate on the printability and properties of UV curable, bio-based nanohydroxyapatite composites.

5. The 3D-printed shell complete denture technique: Simplifying prosthodontic diagnosis prior to implant planning.

6. 3D-printed stereolithographic fluidic devices for automatic nonsupported microelectromembrane extraction and clean-up of wastewater samples.

7. Custom Triflange Acetabular Implants for Complex Hip Revisions: A Case Series.

8. Telesimulation Training for Endoscopic Mitral Valve Surgery: An Air-Pilot Training Concept for Distance Training.

9. SingmiR: a single-cell miRNA alignment and analysis tool.

10. User-Centered Design and Implementation of an Interoperable FHIR Application for Pediatric Pneumonia Prognostication in a Randomized Trial.


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