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1. (Anti)estrogenic activity impacted by complex environmental matrices: A DOM and multiphase distribution approach.

2. Improving biological removal of pharmaceutical active compounds and estrogenic activity in a mesophilic anaerobic osmotic membrane bioreactor treating municipal sewage.

3. Lethal and long-term effects of landfill leachate on Eisenia andrei earthworms: Behavior, reproduction and risk assessment.

4. Comparative endocrine disrupting compound removal from real wastewater by UV/Cl and UV/H2O2: Effect of pH, estrogenic activity, transformation products and toxicity.

5. The economic cost of losing native pollinator species for orchard production.

6. Blood cadmium determinants among males over forty living in Mexico City.

7. Estrogenic activity, chemical levels and health risk assessment of municipal distribution point water from Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa.

8. Analysis of emerging contaminants in water and solid samples using high resolution mass spectrometry with a Q Exactive orbital ion trap and estrogenic activity with YES-assay.

9. Effect-directed analysis supporting monitoring of aquatic environments — An in-depth overview.

10. S2O82−/UV-C and H2O2/UV-C treatment of Bisphenol A: Assessment of toxicity, estrogenic activity, degradation products and results in real water.


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