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1. d-Amino acids: new clinical pathways for brain diseases.

2. An innovative interprofessional education simulation for athletic training and prelicensure nursing students: Development, implementation, and student perspectives.

3. Opening up during COVID19 Lockdown: Trajectory of Social Responsibilities of Academics during COVID-19 Period.

4. Levels of Parental Drinking in the Presence of Children: An Exploration of Attitudinal Correlates.

5. Should we "just stick to the facts"? The benefit of controversial conversations in classrooms.

6. Patient‐reported outcome measures and patient engagement in heart failure clinical trials: multi‐stakeholder perspectives.

7. Implementation of a Web-Based Communication System for Primary Care Providers and Cancer Specialists.

8. Observation, practice, and purpose: Recalibrating curriculum to enhance professional development.

9. Evaluation of left cardiac chamber function with cardiac magnetic resonance and association with outcome in patients with systemic sclerosis.

10. Arterial Effects of Canakinumab in Patients With Atherosclerosis and Type 2 Diabetes or Glucose Intolerance.

11. Which drinkers have changed their alcohol consumption due to energy content concerns? An Australian survey.

12. Infectious diseases, comorbidities and outcomes in hospitalized people who inject drugs (PWID) infections in persons who inject drugs.

13. Invasive wasps, not birds, dominate in a temperate honeydew system.

14. Conceptualizing educational leadership in an academic development program.

15. Parental drinking in Australia: Does the age of children in the home matter?

16. Advancing social inclusion of people with disabilities through awareness and training activities: A collaborative process between community partners and researchers.

19. Multiple Myeloma in World Trade Center Responders: A Case Series.

20. WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program: Comprehensive Health Care Response in Aftermath of Disaster.


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