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5. Using Rapid Prototyping to Develop a Cell-Based Platform with Electrical Impedance Sensor Membranes for In Vitro RPMI2650 Nasal Nanotoxicology Monitoring

9. A 3D-printed condom intrauterine balloon tamponade: Design, prototyping, and technical validation.

10. Advancing a collective vision for equity-based cocreation through prototyping at an international forum.

18. Prototyping and 3D Printing of Computed Tomography Images with an Emphasis on Soft Tissues, Especially Muscles, for Teaching Human Anatomy/Prototipado e Impresión 3D de Imágenes de Tomografía Computarizada con ?‰nfasis en los Tejidos Blandos, Especialmente Músculos, para la Enseñanza de la Anatomía Humana

41. Volumetric Computed Tomography Reconstruction, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing of Opossum Head (Didelphis albiventris)/Reconstruccion Volumetrica por Tomografia Computarizada, Prototipado Rapido e Impresion 3D de Cabeza de Zarigueya (Didelphis albiventris)

66. Fit Accuracy of Removable Partial Denture Frameworks Fabricated with CAD/CAM, Rapid Prototyping, and Conventional Techniques: A Systematic Review.

68. Concept evaluation of a new aircraft passenger privacy bubble using virtual prototyping: A Human-Centered Design framework.

78. Using prototyping to choose a bioinformatics workflow management system.

93. Development of a decision aid for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and invasive mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit employing user-centered design and a wiki platform for rapid prototyping

98. Combating Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Conceptualization and Prototyping Study of a Blockchain Antifraud Framework.


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