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2. The TrollLabs open hackathon dataset: Generative AI and large language models for prototyping in engineering design.

3. Pysanky to Microfluidics: An Innovative Wax-Based Approach to Low Cost, Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Devices.

4. Advancing a collective vision for equity-based cocreation through prototyping at an international forum.

5. Repeatability of Open-MOLLI: An open-source inversion recovery myocardial T1 mapping sequence for fast prototyping.

6. A novel model for curriculum design: Preparation, planning, prototyping, and piloting.

7. Designing and prototyping a novel biosensor based on a volumetric bar-chart chip for urea detection.

8. ProtoColVR: Requirements Gathering and Collaborative Rapid Prototyping of VR Training Simulators for Multidisciplinary Teams.

9. Synthesis, dynamic modeling, prototyping and control of a handheld rotational inertia generator.

10. Using Rapid Prototyping to Develop a Cell-Based Platform with Electrical Impedance Sensor Membranes for In Vitro RPMI2650 Nasal Nanotoxicology Monitoring.

11. Rapid prototyping of PMMA-based microfluidic spheroid-on-a-chip models using micromilling and vapour-assisted thermal bonding.

12. Rapid Prototyping of Thermoplastic Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Devices by Creating Regional Hydrophilicity Discrepancy.

13. Exploring the frontier of rapid prototyping technologies for plant synthetic biology and what could lie beyond.

14. Prototyping optimization-based image reconstructions from limited-angular-range data in dual-energy CT.

15. Prototyping an ionization source for non-engineers.

16. A Rapid Prototyping Approach for Multi-Material, Reversibly Sealed Microfluidics.

17. Iterative prototyping based on lessons learned from the falloposcope in vivo pilot study experience.

18. Establishing a versatile toolkit of flux enhanced strains and cell extracts for pathway prototyping.

19. Prototyping the implementation of a suicide prevention protocol in primary care settings using PDSA cycles: a mixed method study.

20. Re-framing bio-plausible collision detection: identifying shared meta-properties through strategic prototyping.

21. Edge IoT Prototyping Using Model-Driven Representations: A Use Case for Smart Agriculture.

22. Static, refractive and monolithic Fourier transform spectrometer: development and prototyping.

23. Explore Your Network in Minutes: A Rapid Prototyping Toolkit for Understanding Neural Networks with Visual Analytics.

24. Assessment of microbial contamination in laser materials processing laboratories used for prototyping of biomedical devices.

25. Towards High Efficiency and Rapid Production of Room-Temperature Liquid Metal Wires Compatible with Electronic Prototyping Connectors.

26. Low-cost prototyping of nitinol wires/frames using polymeric cores and sacrificial fixtures with application in individualized frames anchoring through the atrial septum.

27. Prototyping Process and Usability Testing of a Serious Game for Brazilian Children With Type 1 Diabetes.

28. User-Centered Development of Bolster, an mHealth Intervention for Early Psychosis Caregivers: Needs Assessment, Prototyping, and Field Trial.

29. A Flexible System-on-Chip Field-Programmable Gate Array Architecture for Prototyping Experimental Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers.

30. A Synthetic Cytotoxic T cell Platform for Rapidly Prototyping TCR Function.

31. Nano-injection molding with resin mold inserts for prototyping of nanofluidic devices for single molecular detection.

32. Closed-loop nonlinear optimal control design for flapping-wing flying robot (1.6 m wingspan) in indoor confined space: Prototyping, modeling, simulation, and experiment.

33. Rapid IoT Prototyping: A Visual Programming Tool and Hardware Solutions for LoRa-Based Devices.

34. Development of a microfluidic photochemical flow reactor concept by rapid prototyping.

35. The NeoRoo mobile app: Initial design and prototyping of an Android-based digital health tool to support Kangaroo Mother Care in low/middle-income countries (LMICs).

36. Rapid prototyping of models for COVID-19 outbreak detection in workplaces.

37. Analysis of the performance of a new concept for automatic draping of wide reinforcement fabrics with pre-shear: A virtual prototyping study.

38. Homebrew Photolithography for the Rapid and Low-Cost, "Do It Yourself" Prototyping of Microfluidic Devices.

39. Rapid prototyping of multi-compartment models for urea kinetics in hemodialysis: a System Dynamics approach.

40. Design and Fabrication of a Thin and Micro-Optical Sensor for Rapid Prototyping.

41. Prototyping of a lateral flow assay based on monoclonal antibodies for detection of Bothrops venoms.

42. Rapid-prototyping of microscopic thermal landscapes in Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy.

43. Prototyping Apps for the Management of Sleep, Fatigue, and Behavioral Health in Austere Far-Forward Environments: Development Study.

44. Design and Prototyping of a Serious Game on Interactive Tabletop with Tangible Objects for Disability Awareness in Companies.

45. Rapid microfluidics prototyping through variotherm desktop injection molding for multiplex diagnostics.

46. Rapid Prototyping Technologies: 3D Printing Applied in Medicine.

47. Vegan shrimp alternative made with pink oyster and lion's mane mushrooms: Nutritional profiles, presence of conjugated phenolic acids, and prototyping.

48. Parametric Design and Prototyping of a Low-Power Planar Biped Robot.

49. Rapid Prototyping Techniques for the Development of a Take-Home Surgical Anastomosis Simulation Model.

50. Rapid prototyping of high-resolution large format microfluidic device through maskless image guided in-situ photopolymerization.

51. Rapid prototyping of a polymer MEMS droplet dispenser by laser-assisted 3D printing.

52. Rapid prototyping for quantifying belief weights of competing hypotheses about emergent diseases.

53. Rapid Prototyping of 3D-Printed AgNPs- and Nano-TiO 2 -Embedded Hydrogels as Novel Devices with Multiresponsive Antimicrobial Capability in Wound Healing.

54. Rapid prototyping of microfluidic chips enabling controlled biotechnology applications in microspace.

55. Synchronized 3D Printing and Corona Charging for One-Step Prototyping of Polarized Polylactic Acid Electrets.

56. In Vitro Prototyping of a Nano-Organogel for Thermo-Sonic Intra-Cervical Delivery of 5-Fluorouracil-Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Cervical Cancer.

57. Rapid Prototyping Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensors Based on Porous Electrodes.

58. A Conceptual Framework (2D-ME) for Explaining Self-first and Self-third Person Views of Prototyping Dynamics in Serious Games Design: Experimental Case Study.

59. Rapid prototyping enzyme homologs to improve titer of nicotinamide mononucleotide using a strategy combining cell-free protein synthesis with split GFP.

60. A flexible power electronic converter system with rapid control prototyping for research and teaching.

61. Robustness optimization for rapid prototyping of functional artifacts based on visualized computing digital twins.

62. Virtual prototyping and characterization of a point-of-entry UV-LED water disinfection reactor with the synergic effect of radiation, hydrodynamics, and inactivation kinetics.

63. Rapid prototyping of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microchips using electrohydrodynamic jet printing: Application to electrokinetic assays.

64. A Method for 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping of Fieldable Untethered Soft Robots.

65. Polymer Composites Based on Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Used in Rapid Prototyping Technology.

66. Rapid Prototyping of Multi-Functional and Biocompatible Parafilm ® -Based Microfluidic Devices by Laser Ablation and Thermal Bonding.

67. Simulation device for shoulder reductions: overview of prototyping, testing, and design instructions.

68. Prototyping a Chatbot for Site Managers Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Techniques.

69. Fanpy: A python library for prototyping multideterminant methods in ab initio quantum chemistry.

70. Rapid prototyping mixed-signal development kit for tactile neural computing.

72. Emulation of deep-ultraviolet lithography using rapid-prototyping, electron-beam lithography for silicon photonics design.

73. Instructional design with ADDIE and rapid prototyping for blended learning: validation and its acceptance in the context of TVET Bangladesh.

74. A Rapid Prototyping Method for Sub-MHz Single-Element Piezoelectric Transducers by Using 3D-Printed Components.

75. 3D direct-write printing of water soluble micromoulds for high-resolution rapid prototyping.

76. Rapid prototyping for high-pressure microfluidics.

77. Prototyping of a Digital Life Course Care Platform for Preconception and Pregnancy Care: Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Study.

78. A home-made pipette droplet microfluidics rapid prototyping and training kit for digital PCR, microorganism/cell encapsulation and controlled microgel synthesis.

79. A Mobile Application to Improve Diabetes Self-Management Using Rapid Prototyping: Iterative Co-Design Approach in Asian Settings.

80. Prototyping of increased vertical dimension of occlusion using an existing removable partial denture and composite resin: a case report.

81. Development of shuttle vectors for rapid prototyping of engineered Synechococcus sp. PCC7002.

82. Rapid prototyping of functional acoustic devices using laser manufacturing.

83. MeVisLab-OpenVR prototyping platform for virtual reality medical applications.

84. Structure-Based Prototyping of Allosteric Inhibitors of Human Uridine/Cytidine Kinase 2 (UCK2).

85. Promise of Physiological Profiling to Prevent Stroke in People of African Ancestry: Prototyping Ghana.

86. Gesture Spotter: A Rapid Prototyping Tool for Key Gesture Spotting in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications.

87. Rapid Prototyping in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation: A Review of Literature.

88. MMKP: A mind mapping knowledgebase prototyping tool for precision medicine.

89. Prototyping a low-cost open-source autonomous unmanned surface vehicle for real-time water quality monitoring and visualization.

90. Frozen-Density Embedding for Including Environmental Effects in the Dirac-Kohn-Sham Theory: An Implementation Based on Density Fitting and Prototyping Techniques.

91. Soft Actuator with Programmable Design: Modeling, Prototyping, and Applications.

92. Rapid tissue prototyping with micro-organospheres.

93. Rapid prototyping of ion-selective electrodes using a low-cost 3D printed internet-of-things (IoT) controlled robot.

94. Rapid Assembly and Prototyping of Biocatalytic Virus-like Particle Nanoreactors.

95. A curcumin direct protein biosensor for cell-free prototyping.

96. Multi-Resin Masked Stereolithography (MSLA) 3D Printing for Rapid and Inexpensive Prototyping of Microfluidic Chips with Integrated Functional Components.


98. Workflow Integration of Research AI Tools into a Hospital Radiology Rapid Prototyping Environment.

99. Combined Application of Virtual Simulation Technology and 3-Dimensional-Printed Computer-Aided Rapid Prototyping in Autotransplantation of a Mature Third Molar.


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