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1. Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles.

2. Replication of the bSTAR sequence and open-source implementation.

3. Mobile Health Application for Seizure Management: A Human-Systems Integration Approach.

4. [Mandibular condyle localization in orthognathic surgery based on mandibular movement trajectory and its preliminary accuracy verification].

5. Automation and Computerization of (Bio)sensing Systems.

6. GradDFT. A software library for machine learning enhanced density functional theory.

7. A Guide to Printed Stretchable Conductors.

8. Benchmarking signal quality and spatiotemporal distribution of interictal spikes in prolonged human iEEG recordings using CorTec wireless brain interchange.

9. Electrically Conductive Polymers for Additive Manufacturing.

10. Controllable Multimodal Actuation in Fully Printed Ultrathin Micro-Patterned Electrochemical Actuators.

11. Empowering Ontario's long-term care residents to shape the place they call home: a codesign protocol.

12. Rapid prototyping of PMMA-based microfluidic spheroid-on-a-chip models using micromilling and vapour-assisted thermal bonding.

13. An integrated computational pipeline for machine learning-driven diagnosis based on Raman spectra of saliva samples.

14. Practical applications of three-dimensional printing for process improvement in the cytopathology laboratory.

15. Does Reinforcement Learning Improve Outcomes for Critically Ill Patients? A Systematic Review and Level-of-Readiness Assessment.

16. Evaluation of a new 3D-printed tooth model allowing preoperative ICDAS assessment and caries removal.

17. Modular training model for education of students in restorative and prosthodontic dentistry.

18. Rapid Prototyping of Thermoplastic Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Devices by Creating Regional Hydrophilicity Discrepancy.

19. Three Birds, One Stone: An Osteo-Microenvironment Stage-Regulative Scaffold for Bone Defect Repair through Modulating Early Osteo-Immunomodulation, Middle Neovascularization, and Later Osteogenesis.

20. Controlled Sr(ii) ion release from in situ crosslinking electroactive hydrogels with potential for the treatment of infections.

21. Challenges and opportunities in mobile e-coaching.

22. Leveraging Communication Partner Speech to Automate Augmented Input for Children on the Autism Spectrum Who Are Minimally Verbal: Prototype Development and Preliminary Efficacy Investigation.

23. Sub-wavelength scale characterization of on-chip coupling mirrors.

24. Modeling, fabrication, and metrology of 3D printed Alvarez lenses prototypes.

25. Re-framing bio-plausible collision detection: identifying shared meta-properties through strategic prototyping.

26. Prototyping the implementation of a suicide prevention protocol in primary care settings using PDSA cycles: a mixed method study.

27. Transitions Pop-ups: Co-designing client-centred support for disabled youth transitioning to adult life.

28. Twisted fiber microfluidics: a cutting-edge approach to 3D spiral devices.

29. Extended reality in the automotive sector: A bibliometric analysis of publications from 2012 to 2022.

30. Prioritized strategies to improve diagnosis and early management of cerebral palsy for both Māori and non-Māori families.

31. Development of a Smart Wireless Multisensor Platform for an Optogenetic Brain Implant.

32. Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors for High-Temperature Applications.

33. Edge IoT Prototyping Using Model-Driven Representations: A Use Case for Smart Agriculture.

34. Static, refractive and monolithic Fourier transform spectrometer: development and prototyping.

35. Printed graphene and its composite with copper for electromagnetic interference shielding applications.

36. Co-design of a personalised digital intervention to improve vegetable intake in adults living in Australian rural communities.

37. Advancements in materials, manufacturing, propulsion and localization: propelling soft robotics for medical applications.

38. Facilitators and hinderers for designing augmented reality for ecotourism SME's experiences: A service Design approach.

39. Helium Ion-Assisted Wet Etching of Silicon Carbide with Extremely Low Roughness for High-Quality Nanofabrication.

40. Reduced graphene oxide-reinforced tricalcium phosphate/gelatin/chitosan light-responsive scaffolds for application in bone regeneration.

41. Freeform direct-write and rewritable photonic integrated circuits in phase-change thin films.

42. Building Bridges between People with Stroke, Families, and Health Professionals: Development of a Blended Care Program for Self-Management.

43. Running Gait and Control of Quadruped Robot Based on SLIP Model.

44. Virtual vs. real: exploring perceptual, cognitive and affective dimensions in design product experiences.

45. Self-adaptable calcium-based bioactive phosphosilicate-infused gelatin-hyaluronic hydrogel for orthopedic regeneration.

46. Predictive simulations identify potential neuromuscular contributors to idiopathic toe walking.

47. Prototyping optimization-based image reconstructions from limited-angular-range data in dual-energy CT.

48. Prototyping an ionization source for non-engineers.

49. ManiVault: A Flexible and Extensible Visual Analytics Framework for High-Dimensional Data.

50. Explore Your Network in Minutes: A Rapid Prototyping Toolkit for Understanding Neural Networks with Visual Analytics.

51. Dupo: A Mixed-Initiative Authoring Tool for Responsive Visualization.

52. Robotic Vectorial Field Alignment for Spin-Based Quantum Sensors.

53. Mind In Vitro Platforms: Versatile, Scalable, Robust, and Open Solutions to Interfacing with Living Neurons.

54. Subtractive Patterning of Nanoscale Thin Films Using Acid-Based Electrohydrodynamic-Jet Printing.

55. Novel tactile bottle neck adaptor facilitates eye drop adherence in visually impaired patients.

56. Stacking Order Engineering of Two-Dimensional Materials and Device Applications.

57. Cost-Effective Laboratory Matrix Projection Micro-Lithography System.

58. Applying Human-Centered Design to Replicate an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention: A Case Study of Binti Shupavu in Kenya.

59. Potential Applications and Additive Manufacturing Technology-Based Considerations of Mesoporous Silica: A Review.

60. Contrast enhanced computed tomography of small ruminants: Caprine and ovine.

61. Accuracy and surface roughness of Co-Cr partial denture frameworks with different digital fabrication methods.

62. Waste to wonder to explore possibilities with recycled materials in 3D printing.

63. A Printable Magnetic-Responsive Iron Oxide Nanoparticle (ION)-Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) Ink for Soft Bioactuator/Robot Applications.

64. 3D Printing in a hospital: Centralized clinical implementation and applications for comprehensive care.

65. Getting Rigor Right: A Framework for Methodological Choice in Adaptive Monitoring and Evaluation.

66. Requirements specification, design, and evaluation of dental image exchange and management system with user-centered approach: A case study in Iran.

67. Combined Edge Loss UNet for Optimized Segmentation in Total Knee Arthroplasty Preoperative Planning.

68. Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) of Thermoplastic-Based Filaments: Process and Rheological Properties-An Overview.

69. Towards High Efficiency and Rapid Production of Room-Temperature Liquid Metal Wires Compatible with Electronic Prototyping Connectors.

70. Assessment of microbial contamination in laser materials processing laboratories used for prototyping of biomedical devices.

71. Pediatric Delirium Educational Tool Development With Intensive Care Unit Clinicians and Caregivers in Canada: Focus Group Study.

72. Review of Approaches to Minimise the Cost of Simulation-Based Optimisation for Liquid Composite Moulding Processes.

73. Low-cost prototyping of nitinol wires/frames using polymeric cores and sacrificial fixtures with application in individualized frames anchoring through the atrial septum.

74. Measuring design thinking competence in Taiwanese nursing students: a cross-cultural instrument adaptation.

75. Facile method for 3D printing conformally onto uneven surfaces and its application to face masks.

76. Noninvasive Detection of Salt Stress in Cotton Seedlings by Combining Multicolor Fluorescence-Multispectral Reflectance Imaging with EfficientNet-OB2.

77. One Pot Photomediated Formation of Electrically Conductive Hydrogels.

78. A Rapid Prototyping Approach for Multi-Material, Reversibly Sealed Microfluidics.

79. Machine Learning-Accelerated Discovery of A 2 BC 2 Ternary Electrides with Diverse Anionic Electron Densities.

80. Additive manufacturing of NiTi shape memory alloy and its industrial applications.

81. Fused Filament Fabrication for Metallic Materials: A Brief Review.

82. Impact of 3D printing materials on mircoalga Chlorella vulgaris.

83. Lodovico Brunetti, the Unknown Father of Modern Crematorium.

84. Direct-Ink-Writing 3D-Printed Bioelectronics.

85. Codesign of remote data collection for chronic management of pediatric home mechanical ventilation.

86. Study design of 'Move More': Development and feasibility of a social-prescribing intervention to increase physical activity among inactive Danes.

87. Prototyping Process and Usability Testing of a Serious Game for Brazilian Children With Type 1 Diabetes.

88. pyBrick-DNA: A Python-Based Environment for Automated Genetic Component Assembly.

89. Iterative prototyping based on lessons learned from the falloposcope in vivo pilot study experience.

90. Alga-based mathematical model of a life support system closed in oxygen and carbon dioxide.

91. Development of a lumbar puncture virtual simulator for medical students training: A preliminary evaluation.

92. A comprehensive roadmap for MedTech innovations uptake into the public healthcare system in India.

96. User-Centered Development of Bolster, an mHealth Intervention for Early Psychosis Caregivers: Needs Assessment, Prototyping, and Field Trial.

97. Clinical situations for which 3D Printing is considered an appropriate representation or extension of data contained in a medical imaging examination: vascular conditions.

98. Design and Implementation of an Embedded Data Acquisition System for Vehicle Vertical Dynamics Analysis.

99. Educator's blueprint: A how-to guide for creating analog serious games for learning in medical education.

100. A Flexible System-on-Chip Field-Programmable Gate Array Architecture for Prototyping Experimental Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers.


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