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4. Al-Tuaif

5. Perspectives of Healthcare Providers Towards Quality and Patient Safety in Healthcare: Systemic Review of Literature

7. Single incision extra-corporeal appendectomy compared to conventional multi-ports appendectomy: a case control study

9. Social isolation among adolescents and its association with depression symptoms

13. Scleraxis Alters Arterial Smooth Muscle Phenotypic Switching and Exacerbates Arterial Stiffness

18. Numerical Simulation of the Performance of Self-Healing Concrete in Beam Elements

19. Intelligent Course Recommender for Professional Development

20. Metaphors of Religion

21. Successful Completion of CO2-Foamed Hydraulic Acid Fracturing Pilot Campaign in Jurassic Gas Wells in Kuwait

23. Exploring an Association between Body Mass Index and Oral Health—A Scoping Review

25. 2022 FDA TIDES (peptides and oligonucleotides) harvest

27. Effects of a Smartphone App on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Saudi Adolescents: Randomized Controlled Trial

28. The Combined Effect of the Trapezius Muscle Strengthening and Pectoralis Minor Muscle Stretching on Correcting the Rounded Shoulder Posture and Shoulder Flexion Range of Motion among Young Saudi Females: A Randomized Comparative Study

31. Crayons Are the Future

33. The Development of the Teacher Social Justice Advocacy for Children Scale

34. Knowledge and Perception Regarding Ketogenic Diet Among Students of College of Nursing, Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences at Northern Border University, Arar, KSA

37. First Ever in Kuwait, Successful Application of CO2 Foam Acid Fracturing Enables Paradigm Shift in Stimulation Strategy of Kuwait Jurassic Depleted Reservoirs

39. Double dartos flap layer in tubularized incised plate urethroplasty to prevent urethrocutaneous fistula in uncircumcised patients with distal hypospadias

41. The challenge of peptide nucleic acid synthesis

43. The Structuring Work of Algorithms

44. Effect of Poultry hydrolysate on growth and welfare in farmed Atlantic Salmon Smolt (Salmo Salar)

46. Does Increasing Body Weight Negatively Impact Children’s Muscular Flexibility in Saudi Arabia?

47. Exploring the Healthcare Services’ Contribution to Reducing Postpartum Depression

48. Schrifttradition digital: Rituell reine Torarollen in der jüdischen Diaspora

49. The coherent structure of the energy cascade in isotropic turbulence

50. The impact of ‘technoference’ on children’s vocabulary development

51. Medical students’ syndrome among medical students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

52. The effect of COVID-19 on nuclear medicine: A global survey


54. Honor Killings in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Narrative Review

56. Factors affecting the choice of dermatology as a specialty by medical students: Data from 28 KSA medical schools

57. Severity and Resolution of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic Children before and During The COVID-19 Pandemic

59. Students’ Awareness of the Role of Phonetics in Construction of Removable Dental Prostheses: A Questionnaire-Based Cross-Sectional Study

60. Acute annular outer retinopathy preceded by invasive ductal breast carcinoma: a case report

61. Therapeutic Dilemma of Wake-up Stroke

62. Acceptance, Awareness, and Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

64. Diagnostic Test Accuracy of Genetic Tests in Diagnosing Psoriasis: A Systematic Review

65. Achieving lasting education in the new digital learning world

66. Risk of Suicide After Dementia Diagnosis

68. Successful Completion of First Ever CO2-Foamed Hydraulic Acid Fracturing Pilot Campaign in Jurassic Gas Wells of KOC Delivering Exemplary Well Clean Up and Production Performance

69. Integrated Production Optimization Leads Significant Gain from North Kuwait Jurassic Gas Challenging Deep Tight Carbonate Fields

70. Association between Sleep Quality and its Effect on General Health among First Year University Students in Saudi Arabia


72. Prevalence of Patellofemoral Pain and Knee Pain in the General Population of Saudi Arabia

73. Intravenous Carbetocin Versus Rectal Misoprostol for the Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

75. Scleraxis and fibrosis in the pressure-overloaded heart

76. Protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, cost-benefit analysis and interrupted timeseries interventions on pharmacist’s prescribing

77. Whole-exome sequencing of a Saudi epilepsy cohort reveals association signals in known and potentially novel loci

78. Characteristics of inpatients with atopic asthma in a tertiary center: do age and gender have an influence?

79. A Mini-Mental State Examination Formula May Help to Distinguish Alzheimer's Disease from Dementia with Lewy Bodies

80. Low-Carbon Self-Healing Concrete: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Opportunities

81. Late presentation of laryngeal lipoid proteinosis: a case report and review of the literature

83. Assessment of Filipino Immunizing Pharmacist Engagement amidst COVID-19 Pandemic using Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) Model

86. Prevalence of night eating syndrome associated with psychological disorders among university students: A metaanalysis

90. Relationship between core muscle strength and dynamic balance among hospital staff

91. Social Accountability in Medical Education: Students’ Perspective

93. Valorisation de déchets de polyuréthane dans des mortiers

94. Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection in a paediatric cohort in Kuwait

96. Home-made topical therapy back applicator

97. Religiosity and Adjustment in Muslim Minority Youth in Canada

99. How Can We Do Citizen Science Better? A Case Study Evaluating Grizzly Bear Citizen Science Using Principles of Good Practice in Alberta, Canada


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