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1. Co-design of a personalised digital intervention to improve vegetable intake in adults living in Australian rural communities.

2. Contrast enhanced computed tomography of small ruminants: Caprine and ovine.

5. Designing for community engagement: user-friendly refugee wellness center planning process and concept, a health design case study.

6. Rapid prototyping of models for COVID-19 outbreak detection in workplaces.

7. Enhancing surgical planning of distal splenopancreatectomy through 3D printed models: a case report.

8. Development of a novel hand cleansing product for low-income contexts: The case of tab soap.

25. Channel impeller design for centrifugal blood pump in hybrid pediatric total artificial heart: Modeling, magnet integration, and hydraulic experiments.

42. Three-way multiplexing in prostate cancer patients - combining a bimodal sentinel node tracer with multicolor fluorescence imaging.

45. A Review of the Use of 3D Printing Technology in Treatment of Scaphoid Fractures.

46. Co-designing an intervention to improve the process of deprescribing for older people living with frailty in the United Kingdom.

79. Applying the quick exposure check in the workstation design process, physical and virtual prototype assessment.

80. Instructional Design for Socially Distanced Compliance Audit.

91. Development of shuttle vectors for rapid prototyping of engineered Synechococcus sp. PCC7002.


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