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1. Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles.

2. Replication of the bSTAR sequence and open-source implementation.

3. Mobile Health Application for Seizure Management: A Human-Systems Integration Approach.

4. Development of a Metaverse Online Learning System for Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Pilot Study.

5. Stacking Order Engineering of Two-Dimensional Materials and Device Applications.

6. Three-dimensional printed models can reduce costs and surgical time for complex proximal humeral fractures: preoperative planning, patient satisfaction, and improved resident skills.

7. Synthesis, dynamic modeling, prototyping and control of a handheld rotational inertia generator.

8. Co-Production of a Flexibly Delivered Relapse Prevention Tool to Support the Self-Management of Long-Term Mental Health Conditions: Co-Design and User Testing Study.

24. Advanced manufacturing provides tailor-made solutions for crystallography with x-ray free-electron lasers.

25. Bluetooth dataset for proximity detection in indoor environments collected with smartphones.

26. [Mandibular condyle localization in orthognathic surgery based on mandibular movement trajectory and its preliminary accuracy verification].

27. Using Rapid Prototyping to Develop a Cell-Based Platform with Electrical Impedance Sensor Membranes for In Vitro RPMI2650 Nasal Nanotoxicology Monitoring.

28. Automation and Computerization of (Bio)sensing Systems.

29. Application of 3D printing in early phase development of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms.

30. GradDFT. A software library for machine learning enhanced density functional theory.

31. A Guide to Printed Stretchable Conductors.

32. Screening putative polyester polyurethane degrading enzymes with semi-automated cell-free expression and nitrophenyl probes.

33. Performance of Fabrics with 3D-Printed Photosensitive Acrylic Resin on the Surface.

35. Benchmarking signal quality and spatiotemporal distribution of interictal spikes in prolonged human iEEG recordings using CorTec wireless brain interchange.

36. A dynamic approach for visualizing and exploring concept hierarchies from textbooks.

37. Electrically Conductive Polymers for Additive Manufacturing.

38. Controllable Multimodal Actuation in Fully Printed Ultrathin Micro-Patterned Electrochemical Actuators.


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