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1. Biofunctionalized hydrogel composed of genipin-crosslinked gelatin/hyaluronic acid incorporated with lyophilized platelet-rich fibrin for segmental bone defect repair.

2. Rapid prototyping and facile customization of conductive hydrogel bioelectronics based on all laser process.

3. Assessing the stability of polyphenol content in red rooibos herbal tea using traditional methods and high-resolution mass spectrometry: Implications for studying dietary interventions in preclinical rodent studies.

4. Repeatability of Open-MOLLI: An open-source inversion recovery myocardial T1 mapping sequence for fast prototyping.

6. Mechanism-based and data-driven modeling in cell-free synthetic biology.

7. Diffusion of curcumin in PLGA-based carriers for drug delivery: a molecular dynamics study.

8. Establishing TELLme - an online platform for self-directed, formative assessment of knowledge acquisition across an undergraduate medical curriculum.

9. Prototyping and Experimental Analysis of Active Offloading Footwear for Patients With Diabetes Using an Array of Magnetorheological Fluid-Based Modules.

10. Development and mechanical-functional validation of 3D-printed laparoscopic forceps.

11. Rewritable Photonic Integrated Circuit Canvas Based on Low-Loss Phase Change Material and Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers.

12. A 3D-printed condom intrauterine balloon tamponade: Design, prototyping, and technical validation.

13. SAAM II: A general mathematical modeling rapid prototyping environment.

14. New Device for the Correction of Aphakia Without Capsular Support.

15. Post-treatment stability, survival time and periodontal health associated with vacuum-formed, bonded and rapid prototype retainers: A prospective clinical study.

16. MassDash: A Web-Based Dashboard for Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry Visualization.

17. Profiling expression strategies for a type III polyketide synthase in a lysate-based, cell-free system.

18. Developing a multimedia patient-reported outcomes measure for low literacy patients with a human-centered design approach.

19. Streamline Intelligent Crowd Monitoring with IoT Cloud Computing Middleware.

20. A novel functional electrical stimulation sleeve based on textile-embedded dry electrodes.

22. Tunable and fast-cured hyaluronic acid hydrogel inspired on catechol architecture for enhanced adhesion property.

23. High throughput automated characterization of enamel microstructure using synchrotron tomography and optical flow imaging.

24. Inclusion of a skeletal model partly improves the reliability of lower limb joint angles derived from a markerless depth camera.

25. Computational assessment of carbon fabric reinforced polymer made prosthetic knee: Mechanics, finite element simulations and experimental evaluation.

26. Muscle synergy-informed neuromusculoskeletal modelling to estimate knee contact forces in children with cerebral palsy.

27. 3D-printed porous zinc scaffold combined with bioactive serum exosomes promotes bone defect repair in rabbit radius.

28. Dock2D: Synthetic data for the molecular recognition problem.

29. mRNA Display Pipeline for Protein Biosensor Construction.

30. Sire: An interoperability engine for prototyping algorithms and exchanging information between molecular simulation programs.

31. Loom: A Modular Open-Source Approach to Rapidly Produce Sensor, Actuator, Datalogger Systems.

32. A Comparative Analysis of Low and High SiC Volume Fraction Additively Manufactured SiC/Ti6Al4V(ELI) Composites Based on the Best Process Parameters of Laser Power, Scanning Speed and Hatch Distance.

33. Supporting Teams with Designing for Dissemination and Sustainability: the Design, Development, and Usability of a Digital Interactive Platform.

34. Impact of different numerical approaches on the magnetocaloric effect modeling.

35. Surgical Innovation Discovery Course: Utilizing Surgical Trainee Agile Innovation and Empowerment (STAIR) Framework to Promote Innovation Amongst Surgical Residents.

36. Beyond the Gold-Thiol Paradigm: Exploring Alternative Interfaces for Electrochemical Nucleic Acid-Based Sensing.

37. Materials Characterization of Stereolithography 3D Printed Polymer to Develop a Self-Driven Microfluidic Device for Bioanalytical Applications.

38. Development of a Decision Aid for Family Surrogate Decision Makers of Critically Ill Patients Requiring Renal Replacement Therapy in ICU: User-Centered Design for Rapid Prototyping.

39. Stereolithographic Rapid Prototyping of Clear, Foldable, Non-Refractive Intraocular Lens Designs: A Proof-of-Concept Study.

40. The Effect of Ageing on Phase Transformations and Mechanical Behaviour in Ni-Rich NiTi Alloys.

41. A New Approach to Carbon Nanotube Filament Nanostructuring for Additive Manufacturing.

42. Development of a Flexible Sensor-Integrated Tissue Patch to Monitor Early Organ Rejection Processes Using Impedance Spectroscopy.

58. Merging 3D-printing technology and disposable materials for electrochemical purposes: A sustainable alternative to ensure greener electroanalysis.

59. Biolayer-Interferometry-Guided Functionalization of Screen-Printed Graphene for Label-Free Electrochemical Virus Detection.

60. Structural and chemical study of complex silver patterns additively manufactured by multi-photon reduction.

62. The Recombinant Profilin from Free-Living Amoebae Induced Allergic Immune Responses via TLR2.

63. An Innovative Design to Enhance Osteoinductive Efficacy and Biomechanical Behavior of a Titanium Dental Implant.

64. Effect of different constraining boundary conditions on simulated femoral stresses and strains during gait.

65. An Augmented Reality Visualization System for Simulated Multirotor Aerial Vehicles.

66. Crystallisation Dynamics in Large-Scale Extrusion Additive Manufacturing: An Analysis with and without Temperature Modification.

67. Prototyping an Ontological Framework for Cellular Senescence Mechanisms: A Homeostasis Imbalance Perspective.

68. Integrated approach to generate artificial samples with low tumor fraction for somatic variant calling benchmarking.

69. Developing an mHealth program to improve HIV care continuum outcomes among young Black gay and bisexual men.

70. A Comparison of Pneumatic Actuators for Soft Growing Vine Robots.

71. Prototyping a wearable and stretchable graphene-on-PDMS sensor for strain detection on human body physiological and joint movements.

72. Arduino-Based Readout Electronics for Nuclear and Particle Physics.

73. Machine learning models for the prediction of turbulent combustion speed for hydrogen-natural gas spark ignition engines.

74. Arbitrary engineering of spatial caustics with 3D-printed metasurfaces.

75. Sensitivity analysis of paediatric knee kinematics to the graft surgical parameters during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A sequentially linked neuromusculoskeletal-finite element analysis.

76. Exploring the frontier of rapid prototyping technologies for plant synthetic biology and what could lie beyond.

77. The effect of triglycerol diacrylate on the printability and properties of UV curable, bio-based nanohydroxyapatite composites.

78. Assessment of the trueness of additively manufactured mol3% zirconia crowns at different printing orientations with an industrial and desktop 3D printer compared to subtractive manufacturing.

79. Real-time FPGA prototyping of Doppler frequency shift compensation using DSP-assisted automatic frequency control.

80. Design thinking in medical education to tackle real world healthcare problems: The MasterMinds Challenge.

81. Leveraging Communication Partner Speech to Automate Augmented Input for Children on the Autism Spectrum Who Are Minimally Verbal: Prototype Development and Preliminary Efficacy Investigation.

82. ProtoColVR: Requirements Gathering and Collaborative Rapid Prototyping of VR Training Simulators for Multidisciplinary Teams.

83. Subtractive Patterning of Nanoscale Thin Films Using Acid-Based Electrohydrodynamic-Jet Printing.

84. Helium Ion-Assisted Wet Etching of Silicon Carbide with Extremely Low Roughness for High-Quality Nanofabrication.

100. Cultivation of Bovine Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Plant-Based Scaffolds in a Macrofluidic Single-Use Bioreactor for Cultured Meat.


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