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1. Improving Software Engineering Students’ Creative Thinking and Motivation Using Practical Prototyping and Innovation Techniques

2. Studies and Research Regarding the Creation of a Dental Model, Through Rapid Prototyping Technologies

3. Development of Web-based Application for Private School Tuition Fee Management with Prototyping Model

4. Fabrication of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 components combining rapid prototyping with gelcasting using different gelling systems

5. The TrollLabs open hackathon dataset: Generative AI and large language models for prototyping in engineering design

6. Interactive rapid prototyping combining 3D Printing and Augmented Reality

7. Pengembangan Aplikasi Berlatih Membaca Cepat Berbahasa Inggris Berbasis Progressive Web App dengan Metode Prototyping

8. Prototyping in practice – Paths and partners for testing novel industrial product and service ideas

10. Rapid prototyping of PMMA-based microfluidic spheroid-on-a-chip models using micromilling and vapour-assisted thermal bonding

11. Benchmarking ChatGPT for prototyping theories: Experimental studies using the technology acceptance model

12. Scratch PoseNet Exergame Prototyping for Learning Process Support in Physical Education

13. A Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the Loop Approach for Upper Limb Robotic Exoskeletons Control

14. Pysanky to Microfluidics: An Innovative Wax-Based Approach to Low Cost, Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Devices

15. Development of a microfluidic photochemical flow reactor concept by rapid prototyping

16. Validation of Sliding Mode and Passivity Control in High-Power Quadratic Buck Converter Through Rapid Prototyping

17. Robustness optimization for rapid prototyping of functional artifacts based on visualized computing digital twins

18. Analysis of the Materials Used in Some Rapid Prototyping Technologies, from the Point of View of Microhardness and Surface Quality

19. Low-cost prototyping of nitinol wires/frames using polymeric cores and sacrificial fixtures with application in individualized frames anchoring through the atrial septum

20. Rapid Prototyping of Thermoplastic Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Devices by Creating Regional Hydrophilicity Discrepancy

21. Design Modeling and Prototyping of a 55 Watts Surface Mounted PM Machine With High Torque and Low Torque Ripple for Cooling Fan Application

22. Static, refractive and monolithic Fourier transform spectrometer: development and prototyping

23. Empowering Communities: Blynk Software Training and Prototyping for Environmental Monitoring Around Grape Plants

24. Design and Evaluation of Protobject: A Tool for Rapid Prototyping of Interactive Products


26. A flexible power electronic converter system with rapid control prototyping for research and teaching


28. Utilizing of virtual simulation to fitting the industrial pattern, Prototyping section, in Garment Factories 'Case Study'

29. NU-Biped-4.5: A Lightweight and Low-Prototyping-Cost Full-Size Bipedal Robot

30. Artificial intelligence in conceptual prototyping design

31. Evolution of prototyping in automotive engineering: a Comprehensive Study on the reliability of Additive Manufacturing for advanced powertrain components

32. Rapid Prototyping and International Validation Activity for the L-Band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS)

33. Adiland Property Website Design and KPR Management Using the Requirement Prototyping Method

34. 388 Prototyping a mobile phone application for Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy patient monitoring and data collection post-discharge

36. Augmented reality-based application design with rapid prototyping method to support practicum during the covid-19 pandemic

37. Hybrid design and prototyping of metamaterials and metasurfaces

38. Rapid prototyping of models for COVID-19 outbreak detection in workplaces

39. Screening, preparation, and prototyping of metal–organic frameworks for adsorptive carbon capture under humid conditions

41. Augmented Smart Insoles – Prototyping a Mobile Application: Usage Preferences of Healthcare Professionals and People with Foot Deformities

42. Prototyping low-cost automatic weather stations for natural disaster monitoring

43. Rapid IoT Prototyping: A Visual Programming Tool and Hardware Solutions for LoRa-Based Devices

44. Designing and prototyping the architecture of a digital twin for wind turbine

47. Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Penjualan Souvenir Menggunakan Metode Prototyping

48. Rapid prototyping of high-resolution large format microfluidic device through maskless image guided in-situ photopolymerization

49. A Design Language for Prototyping and Storyboarding Data-Driven Stories

50. Using Rapid Prototyping to Develop a Cell-Based Platform with Electrical Impedance Sensor Membranes for In Vitro RPMI2650 Nasal Nanotoxicology Monitoring

51. Development of an Adaptive Centrifugal Working Tool for Mineral Fertilization Using Rapid Prototyping Technologies

52. Knowledge dimensions in prototyping: investigating the what, when and how of knowledge generation during product development

53. Re-framing bio-plausible collision detection: identifying shared meta-properties through strategic prototyping

54. Prototyping the implementation of a suicide prevention protocol in primary care settings using PDSA cycles: a mixed method study

55. Rapid prototyping-assisted tooth autotransplantation is associated with a reduced root canal treatment rate: a retrospective cohort study

56. Rapid prototyping of a polymer MEMS droplet dispenser by laser-assisted 3D printing

57. The Development of web-based Cashier and Inventory Information Systems using Prototyping Model on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) in Indonesia

58. Evaluation of the Success Nutrition Fulfillment Campaigns Through Diet in People with Autistic Disabilities Based on Prototyping Tasks in Design Thinking

59. Perancangan Sistem Rekomendasi Laptop dengan Model Prototyping dan Penerapan Content-Based Filtering Approach pada ELS Computer Shop Semarang

60. User-Centered Development of Bolster, an mHealth Intervention for Early Psychosis Caregivers: Needs Assessment, Prototyping, and Field Trial

61. Penerapan Metode Prototyping Pada Aplikasi Sentra Pelayanan Kepolisian Terpadu Berbasis Web


63. Additive and subtractive rapid prototyping techniques: a comparative analysis of FDM & CNC processes

64. A methodological framework for the integration of 3D virtual prototyping into the design development of laser-cut garments

65. DARN (Part 2): An Evidence-Based Research and Prototyping Method for Strategic Design

66. DARN, Part 1: What is Strategic Design? Social Theory and Intangible Design in PerspectiveDARN Part 2: An Evidence-Based Research and Prototyping Methodology for Strategic DesignAbstract

67. Virtual Prototyping: Evaluating the Digital Twin Based Virtual Factory for New Product Introduction

69. Rekayasa Aplikasi Pengarsipan Surat Permohonan Hak Milik Tanah Dengan menggunakan Metode Prototyping

71. MMKP: A mind mapping knowledgebase prototyping tool for precision medicine

72. Analysis of the performance of a new concept for automatic draping of wide reinforcement fabrics with pre-shear: A virtual prototyping study

73. Systematic design and prototyping of a low‐cost passive UHF‐RFID transponder

74. Food markets as circular digital hubs: Prototyping enabling ICT solutions for urban food systems

75. Simulation device for shoulder reductions: overview of prototyping, testing, and design instructions

76. Current capabilities of prototyping technologies for multilayer printed circuit boards on a 3D printer

77. A Flexible System-on-Chip Field-Programmable Gate Array Architecture for Prototyping Experimental Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers

78. Rapid Prototyping of 3D Printed, High Aspect Ratio, Low Noise Amplifier for Active Handheld Sensor Devices

79. Rapid Prototyping of Three-Phase AC Machine Drive System with Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing

80. Rapid Prototyping of H∞ Algorithm for Real-Time Displacement Volume Control of Axial Piston Pumps

81. The NeoRoo mobile app: Initial design and prototyping of an Android-based digital health tool to support Kangaroo Mother Care in low/middle-income countries (LMICs).

82. Prototyping Apps for the Management of Sleep, Fatigue, and Behavioral Health in Austere Far-Forward Environments: Development Study

83. Prototyping of vibration-sensing-actuation device to realization of future intelligent infrastructure

84. A novel axial air‐gap transverse flux switching PM generator: Design, simulation and prototyping

85. Perancangan Website E-commerce Produk Kopi Menggunakan Metode Prototyping (Studi Kasus: Kedai Kopi Kontekstual)

86. Comparison of 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Technology with Traditional Radiographs in Evaluating Acetabular Defects in Revision Hip Arthroplasty: A Prospective and Consecutive Study

88. Analysis and Design of Indonesian Traditional Medicine (Jamu) Information System by using Prototyping Model (Case Study: Madura Island)

89. Edge IoT Prototyping Using Model-Driven Representations: A Use Case for Smart Agriculture

90. Application of Rapid Prototyping in Prosthodontics

92. Virtual Prototyping for Modern Internet-of-Things Applications: A Survey

93. A home-made pipette droplet microfluidics rapid prototyping and training kit for digital PCR, microorganism/cell encapsulation and controlled microgel synthesis

94. Virtual prototyping and its role in product design process

95. Fast-prototyping Approach to Design and Validate Architectures for Smart Home

96. Rapid prototyping manufacturing and equipment design used in ship maintenance support

97. Generalized Method of Mathematical Prototyping of Energy Processes for Digital Twins Development

98. Measuring the Impact of Augmented Prototyping Systems in Co-Design Activities

100. Implementation of a holistic digital twin solution for design prototyping and virtual commissioning


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