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1. Citizen, Science, Highways, and Wildlife: Using a Web-based GIS to Engage Citizens in Collecting Wildlife Information

2. A New Strategic Risk Reduction For Risk Management

3. Social Media: A Phenomenon to be Analyzed

5. Predictors of Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Organ Donation in Kuwait

6. The sensitivity and specificity of the neurological examination in polyneuropathy patients with clinical and electrophysiological correlations.

7. Ten simple rules for responsible big data research.

8. Molecular docking and biological evaluation of some thioxoquinazolin-4(3H)-one derivatives as anticancer, antioxidant and anticonvulsant agents

9. 'Nobody Sees It, Nobody Gets Mad': Social Media, Privacy, and Personal Responsibility Among Low-SES Youth

10. Affimer proteins are versatile and renewable affinity reagents


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