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7. Premios Nobel de Química y Filatelia. Parte II: Química Analítica, Química Orgánica, Productos Naturales y Bioquímica.

8. Static secondary ion mass spectrometric investigation of the surface chemistry organic...

9. Unveiling the Dichotomy of Chemistry: Exploring Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

10. 荧光和羟基修饰聚天冬氨酸的制备与阻垢性能 --推荐一个综合化学实验.

11. Design and Exploration of Virtual Simulation for Safety Education in Chemical Laboratory Teaching.

12. Natural products with 1,2-oxazine scaffold: occurrence, chemical diversity, bioactivity, synthesis, and biosynthesis.

13. Nickel-Catalyzed Asymmetric Arylation of H-Phosphinates.

14. 多酸基复合光催化剂的合成及其太阳光驱动CO2制甲酸研究 在实验教学中的设计与探究

15. Biochemical Basis of the Antimicrobial Activity of Quinazolinone Derivatives in the Light of Insights into the Features of the Chemical Structure and Ways of Binding to Target Molecules. A Review.

16. Efficient Industrial Organic Synthesis and the Principles of Green Chemistry.

17. Pharmacotherapeutics Applications and Chemistry of Chalcone Derivatives.

18. Cyrene: a bio-based novel and sustainable solvent for organic synthesis.

19. #NextGenOrgChem Special Collection: Supporting Young Researchers.

20. A Recent Overview of 1,2,3-Triazole-Containing Hybrids as Novel Antifungal Agents: Focusing on Synthesis, Mechanism of Action, and Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR).

21. Cover Feature: Continuous Flow Single‐Atom Catalysis: A Viable Organic Process Technology? (ChemCatChem 21/2022).

22. Implementación de seminarios integradores en la química orgánica para su vinculación con la especialidad farmacéutica.

23. Nitrogen removal processes in lakes of different trophic states from on-site measurements and historic data.

24. A characterization of volatile organic compounds and secondary organic aerosol at a mountain site in the Southeastern United States.

25. A Journey from Thermally Tunable Synthesis to Spectroscopy of Phenylmethanimine in Gas Phase and Solution.

26. Application of Bibliometric Analysis to Letters Journals in Organic Chemistry.

27. Ethenesulfonyl Fluoride (ESF) and Its Derivatives in SuFEx Click Chemistry and More.

28. Teaching of Analytical Chemistry in Polish Universities.

29. Intergenerational continuity as a key factor for efficient development of organic chemistry and metal complex catalysis in Russia.

30. Factors Controlling Asymmetric hydrogenation reactions catalyzed by Complexes of Phospholanes, and Investigation in to the Correlation of Molecular and Electronic Structure from 1991 until 2020.

31. Synthesis and characterization of new Schiff base bearing bis(pyrano[3,2-c]quinolinone): Efficient cationic dye adsorption from aqueous solution.

32. N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences: 70 Years.

33. AIE-featured tetraphenylethylene nanoarchitectures in biomedical application: Bioimaging, drug delivery and disease treatment.

34. 桐油的光化学反应创新实验设计及其教学实践.

35. Development and Application of Asymmetric Organocatalytic Mukaiyama and Vinylogous Mukaiyama‐Type Reactions.

36. Experimental and theoretical observations in a mixed mode dispersive solid phase extraction of exogenous surfactants from exhaled breath condensate prior to HPLC-MS/MS analysis.

37. Factors controlling coral P/Ca nutrient proxy: Insights from Porites culture experiments and synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy.

38. Synthesis, structure and property of boron-based metal–organic materials.

39. Design and Evaluation of a One-Semester General Chemistry Course for Undergraduate Life Science Majors.

40. Historical Analysis of the Inorganic Chemistry Curriculum Using ACS Examinations as Artifacts.

41. Physiology undergraduate degree requirements in the U.S.

42. Modules for Introducing Macromolecular Chemistry in Foundation Courses.

43. The Forty-Sixth Euro Congress on Drug Synthesis and Analysis: Snapshot.

44. Oximes and Hydrazones in Bioconjugation: Mechanism and Catalysis.

45. The Materials Characterization Central Laboratory: An Open-Ended Laboratory Program for Fourth-Year Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

46. Development of Potent and Selective Inhibitors for Group VIA Calcium-Independent Phospholipase A2 Guided by Molecular Dynamics and Structure-Activity Relationships.

47. A Mailman Analogy: Retaining Student Learning Gains in Alkane Nomenclature.

48. A Hands-On Activity to Build Mastery of Intermolecular Forces and Its Impacts on Student Learning.


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