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21. mGrid: a load-balanced distributed computing environment for the remote execution of the user-defined Matlab code.

22. GEM System: automatic prototyping of cell-wide metabolic pathway models from genomes.

23. Development of Lorentz force-type self-bearing motor for an alternative axial flow blood pump design.

24. Duke Surgery Research Central: an open-source Web application for the improvement of compliance with research regulation.

25. Laser processing for bio-microfluidics applications (part I).

26. XRate: a fast prototyping, training and annotation tool for phylo-grammars.

27. Cell proliferation in CPC scaffold with a central channel.

28. Characterization of a poly-epsilon-caprolactone polymeric drug delivery device built by selective laser sintering.

29. Virtual prototyping of a brace design for the correction of scoliotic deformities.

30. A stochastic model of nonenzymatic nucleic acid replication: "elongators" sequester replicators.

31. Advancing translational research with the Semantic Web.

32. Custom-designed orthopedic implants evaluated using finite element analysis of patient-specific computed tomography data: femoral-component case study.

33. Integrating novel technologies to fabricate smart scaffolds.

34. Three-dimensional reconstruction and rapid prototyping of femur bone using multiple digital X-rays.

35. New layer-based imaging and rapid prototyping techniques for computer-aided design and manufacture of custom dental restoration.

36. Design and implementation of an interactive website to support long-term maintenance of weight loss.

37. Reverse engineering techniques for cranioplasty: a case study.

38. Fluorescent two-photon nanolithography.

39. OpenMS - an open-source software framework for mass spectrometry.

40. Design thinking.


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