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1. Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles.

2. Replication of the bSTAR sequence and open-source implementation.

3. Mobile Health Application for Seizure Management: A Human-Systems Integration Approach.

4. Development of a Metaverse Online Learning System for Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Pilot Study.

5. Stacking Order Engineering of Two-Dimensional Materials and Device Applications.

6. Synthesis, dynamic modeling, prototyping and control of a handheld rotational inertia generator.

7. Co-Production of a Flexibly Delivered Relapse Prevention Tool to Support the Self-Management of Long-Term Mental Health Conditions: Co-Design and User Testing Study.

8. Advanced manufacturing provides tailor-made solutions for crystallography with x-ray free-electron lasers.

9. [Mandibular condyle localization in orthognathic surgery based on mandibular movement trajectory and its preliminary accuracy verification].

10. Using Rapid Prototyping to Develop a Cell-Based Platform with Electrical Impedance Sensor Membranes for In Vitro RPMI2650 Nasal Nanotoxicology Monitoring.

11. Automation and Computerization of (Bio)sensing Systems.

12. GradDFT. A software library for machine learning enhanced density functional theory.

13. A Guide to Printed Stretchable Conductors.

14. Screening putative polyester polyurethane degrading enzymes with semi-automated cell-free expression and nitrophenyl probes.

15. Performance of Fabrics with 3D-Printed Photosensitive Acrylic Resin on the Surface.

16. Benchmarking signal quality and spatiotemporal distribution of interictal spikes in prolonged human iEEG recordings using CorTec wireless brain interchange.

17. A dynamic approach for visualizing and exploring concept hierarchies from textbooks.

18. Electrically Conductive Polymers for Additive Manufacturing.

19. Controllable Multimodal Actuation in Fully Printed Ultrathin Micro-Patterned Electrochemical Actuators.

20. Empowering Ontario's long-term care residents to shape the place they call home: a codesign protocol.


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