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1. Man-Machine Interface Design for Modeling and Simulation Software

2. Man-machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: features and design experience

3. The Evolution of an Information System for Managerial Use: a longitudinal study

4. Realidade virtual e suas aplicações na área de manufatura, treinamento, simulação e desenvolvimento de produto Virtual reality and its applications in manufacturing, training, simulation and product development

5. Electrochemical Sensor Research at the Laboratoire d'Electrochimie of the EPFL

6. Manufacturing of Micro-Components for New Applications in Chemistry by Injection Moulding of Polymers

7. Prototyping organisational variants of repetitive production



10. Compact Manufacturing Systems Structural Synthesis Automation

11. System requirements for a computerised patient record information system at a busy primary health care clinic

12. AVSynDEx: A Rapid Prototyping Process Dedicated to the Implementation of Digital Image Processing Applications on Multi-DSP and FPGA Architectures

13. PROLOG & TXL: A Case Study for Prototyping Structural Testing Supporting Tools

14. Design Guidelines and Manufacturing Methods for Microreaction Devices

15. Real Time Wind Turbine Simulator Based On Frequency Controlled AC Servomotor

16. Designing BEE: A Hardware Emulation Engine for Signal Processing in Low-Power Wireless Applications

17. Logic Foundry: Rapid Prototyping for FPGA-Based DSP Systems

18. A Methodology for Rapid Prototyping Peak-Constrained Least-Squares Bit-Serial Finite Impulse Response Filters in FPGAs

20. Rapid Prototyping of Field Programmable Gate Array-Based Discrete Cosine Transform Approximations


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