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1. TRIZ-based method for developing a conceptual laparoscopic surgeon’s chair

2. Multifunctional and multimaterial contact lenses: tailored solutions for tunable color filtering and tear pH sensing

3. Modelling, optimization, and testing of novel cuboidal spherical plate lattice structures

4. Development of a novel gantry system for cooperative printing of plastic materials

5. Wire-arc directed energy deposition of monolithic and bimetallic structures of maraging 250 steel

6. 17-4 PH and SS316L bimetallic structures via additive manufacturing

7. Deposition dynamics and analysis of polyurethane foam structure boundaries for aerial additive manufacturing

8. Modeling and application of droplet oscillation momentum for elucidating the development of surface roughness in wire-arc additive manufacturing

9. Manipulating melt pool thermofluidic transport in directed energy deposition driven by a laser intensity spatial shaping strategy

10. Sub-microscale 3D printing based on cold-constrained local electrodeposition

11. Effect of heat treatment and electroless Ni-P coating on mechanical property and corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

12. Effects of path patterns on residual stresses and deformations of directed energy deposition-arc built blocks

13. Multi-objective optimisation of process parameters for laser-based directed energy deposition of a mixture of H13 and M2 steel powders on 4Cr5Mo2SiV1 steel

14. Topology optimisation for vat photopolymerization 3D printing of ceramics with flushing jet accessibility constraint

15. High-efficiency pentafluorostilbene-based photocatalysts dedicated to preparing fluorescent 3D printed polymer nanocomposites

16. Detection and quantitative evaluation of surface defects in wire and arc additive manufacturing based on 3D point cloud

17. Grain refinement of NiTi alloys during ultrasound-assisted wire-arc directed energy deposition

18. Co-continuous structure enhanced magnetic responsive shape memory PLLA/TPU blend fabricated by 4D printing

19. The role of controlled voids shape on the flexural properties of 3D printed food: an approach for tailoring their mechanical properties

20. Upgrading analytical models to predict the onset of degradation in selective laser sintering

21. A multi-materials 3D-printed continuous conductive fibre-based metamaterial for broadband microwave absorption

22. Advancing the additive manufacturing of PLA-ZnO nanocomposites by fused filament fabrication

23. A novel model for directed energy deposition-arc based on in-order stacking of primitives

24. An integrated multiscale simulation guiding the processing optimisation for additively manufactured nickel-based superalloys

25. Numerical modelling of the viscoelastic polymer melt flow in material extrusion additive manufacturing

26. Fabrication of functionalised graphene-PAEK nanocomposites for different manufacturing processes

27. Additively manufactured multi-functional metamaterials: low coefficient of thermal expansion and programmable Poisson’s ratio

28. Microstructure and property enhancement of 7075 aluminium alloy via laser metal deposition augmented by in-situ ultrasonic vibration

29. Direct wire writing technique benefitting the flexible electronics

30. Mechanical response of tensegrity-origami solar modules

31. Design, synthesis and curing mechanism of two novel photothermal dual-curing adhesives for propellants and explosives

32. Methods for modeling and real-time visualization of CLIP and iCLIP-based 3D printing

33. Fabrication of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 components combining rapid prototyping with gelcasting using different gelling systems

34. Rapid Prototyping of Thermoplastic Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Devices by Creating Regional Hydrophilicity Discrepancy

35. Three Birds, One Stone: An Osteo‐Microenvironment Stage‐Regulative Scaffold for Bone Defect Repair through Modulating Early Osteo‐Immunomodulation, Middle Neovascularization, and Later Osteogenesis

36. Advanced Manufacturing for Sustainable Fashion. Developing Interdisciplinary Educational Experiences

37. Data Driven Design: From Environment to the Human Body

38. How Design Thinking Could Benefit Future Educational Environments in a Post-Pandemic Era?

39. Evolution of prototyping in automotive engineering: a Comprehensive Study on the reliability of Additive Manufacturing for advanced powertrain components

40. A dynamic approach for visualizing and exploring concept hierarchies from textbooks

41. Cell-free protein synthesis for nonribosomal peptide synthetic biology

42. Printable devices for neurotechnology

43. Quantitative assessment on synchronisation capability of a line‐start permanent magnet synchronous motor with hybrid rotor

44. Toward green ammonia synthesis – exploring the influence of lanthanide oxides as supports on the cobalt catalysts properties

45. An effective methodology for honing students' skills in building prototypes using modern modeling techniques in industrial design

46. Road condition estimation using deep learning with hyperspectral images: detection of water and snow

47. Flexible and rigorous numerical modelling of multiphysics processes in fractured porous media using PorePy

48. From bibliometric analysis: 3D printing design strategies and battery applications with a focus on zinc‐ion batteries

49. Robotic Vectorial Field Alignment for Spin‐Based Quantum Sensors

50. Enhancing Planetary Exploration through Digital Twins: A Tool for Virtual Prototyping and HUMS Design

51. Impact of Part Positioning along Chamber Z-Axis and Processing Parameters in Selective Laser Sintering on Polyamide Properties

52. Running Gait and Control of Quadruped Robot Based on SLIP Model

53. Co-design of a personalised digital intervention to improve vegetable intake in adults living in Australian rural communities

54. Analysis and Design of Indonesian Traditional Medicine (Jamu) Information System by using Prototyping Model (Case Study: Madura Island)


56. Efficient Prototyping of a Field-Programmable Gate Array-Based Real-Time Model of a Modular Multilevel Converter

57. Internet of Things-Based Control of Induction Machines: Specifics of Electric Drives and Wind Energy Conversion Systems

58. Challenges and opportunities in mobile e-coaching

59. Re-framing bio-plausible collision detection: identifying shared meta-properties through strategic prototyping

60. Prototyping the implementation of a suicide prevention protocol in primary care settings using PDSA cycles: a mixed method study

61. Transitions Pop-ups: Co-designing client-centred support for disabled youth transitioning to adult life

62. Extended reality in the automotive sector: A bibliometric analysis of publications from 2012 to 2022

63. Facilitators and hinderers for designing augmented reality for ecotourism SME's experiences: A service Design approach

64. Validation of Sliding Mode and Passivity Control in High-Power Quadratic Buck Converter Through Rapid Prototyping

65. Tensile/Compressive Response of 316L Stainless Steel Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

66. Fabrication and integration of photonic devices for phase-change memory and neuromorphic computing

67. Interactive rapid prototyping combining 3D Printing and Augmented Reality

68. UI/UX Design of Web-based Software License Management System using User-Centered Design and System Usability Scale

69. Synthesis and Prototyping of a Sit-to-Stand Assisting Device

70. Surface Finishing and Coating Parameters Impact on Additively Manufactured Binder-Jetted Steel–Bronze Composites

71. Generative design of graded metamaterial arrays for dynamic response modulation

72. Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors for High-Temperature Applications

73. DYNAP-SE2: a scalable multi-core dynamic neuromorphic asynchronous spiking neural network processor

74. Static, refractive and monolithic Fourier transform spectrometer: development and prototyping

75. Edge IoT Prototyping Using Model-Driven Representations: A Use Case for Smart Agriculture

76. Development of a Smart Wireless Multisensor Platform for an Optogenetic Brain Implant

77. A Novel Approach Toward Algorithm Architecture Co-Optimization for the Application of Adaptive Noise Cancellation for Wireless Communication

78. The Potential of Co-Designing with Living Organisms: Towards a New Ecological Paradigm in Architecture

79. Design Thinking in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Decolonized Learning

80. A review of artificial knee joint by additive manufacturing technology to study biomechanical characteristics

81. nearly Zero Energy Modules – Low-impact modular housing models for the city of the future


83. Recent advances of additive manufacturing in implant fabrication – A review

84. Benchmarking ChatGPT for prototyping theories: Experimental studies using the technology acceptance model

85. Measuring design thinking competence in Taiwanese nursing students: a cross-cultural instrument adaptation

86. Prototyping in practice – Paths and partners for testing novel industrial product and service ideas

87. Development of Community-Based Three-Dimensional Printed Weather and Hydrologic Monitoring System with Cloud Data Storage and Web Application

88. A circular economy use of waste metalized plastic film as a reinforcing filler in recycled polypropylene packaging for injection molding applications

89. Development of an entrepreneurship model using the design thinking approach and emotional intelligence for sustainable wellness among the young generation

90. 3D Printing in a hospital: Centralized clinical implementation and applications for comprehensive care

91. An operational workflow for documenting and communicating architectural heritage: from survey to 3D printing

92. Real Time FPGA Implementation of an Efficient High Speed Harris Corner Detection Algorithm Based on High-Level Synthesis

93. Beyond satisfaction in person-centered pharmacy services

94. Smart shirt and carpet for annotating child behaviour in autism research

95. Leveraging I4.0 smart methodologies for developing solutions for harvesting produce

96. Perancangan Sistem Rekomendasi Laptop dengan Model Prototyping dan Penerapan Content-Based Filtering Approach pada ELS Computer Shop Semarang

97. Requirements specification, design, and evaluation of dental image exchange and management system with user‐centered approach: A case study in Iran

98. QuDiet: A classical simulation platform for qubit‐qudit hybrid quantum systems

99. The First Step of the Project for the Interaction of an Open Data Platform with an Intersectional Feminist Lens

100. From formative design to service-ready therapeutic: A pragmatic approach to designing digital mental health interventions across domains


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