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1. Man-Machine Interface Design for Modeling and Simulation Software

2. Rapid prototyping of database systems in human genetics data collection.

3. Structure and software tools of AIDA.

4. Prototyping with AIDA for a hospital pharmacy system.

5. Performance of AIDA during development and operation.

6. The role of AIDA in a primary care information system.

7. Man-machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: features and design experience

8. The principles and prototyping of a knowledge-based diabetes management system.

9. A knowledge-based support system for mechanical ventilation of the lungs. The KUSIVAR concept and prototype.

10. Rapid prototyping for healthcare applications.

11. Analyze: a comprehensive, operator-interactive software package for multidimensional medical image display and analysis.

12. An object-oriented database for protein structure analysis.

13. Designing the user interface using rapid prototyping.

14. The Physician's Workstation: an example of end user integration of information systems.

15. Knowledge-based systems in medicine--a Nordic research and development programme.

16. The PRIST-2 development environment: architecture and implementation.

17. Object-oriented design and programming in medical decision support.

18. Implementing guidelines in ambulatory practice.

19. Prototyping: a key to managing product development.

20. Rapid prototyping and the human factors engineering process.


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