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2. CAD and rapid prototyping for product design

4. Assessment to enhance Air Force and Department of Defense prototyping for the new defense strategy: a workshop summary

8. Additive manufacturing technologies: rapid prototyping to direct digital manufacturing

13. Rapid prototyping technologies: symposium held December 3-5, 2002, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

17. Department of Defense's waiver of competitive prototyping requirement for the Air Force's B-2 defensive management system modernization program

20. Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Program: high performance manufactured home prototyping and construction development

23. FPGA prototyping by VHDL examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 version

25. Manufacturing the bespoke: making and prototyping architecture

26. Advanced envelope research for factory built housing, phase 3, design development and prototyping

31. Prototyping and low-volume production

33. Prototyping architecture

36. Paper prototyping: a how-to video

37. Paper prototyping: the fast and easy way to design and refine user interfaces

40. Science fiction prototyping: designing the future with science fiction

50. Rapid Prototyping: Laser-based and Other Technologies


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