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1. Effect of dietary cholesterol on plasma cholesterol concentration in subjects following reduced fat, high fibre diet.

2. Excavation and Survey at Watchfield, Oxfordshire, 1983-92.

3. On winning friends and influencing people: action identification and self-presentation success

4. Public health interests in trade agreements on alcoholic beverages in North America

5. Developmental expression of the sea urchin egg receptor for sperm

6. The risk of harm to oneself from drinking, Canada 1989.

7. Ambiguity and underwriter decision processes

8. Angiogenic and HIV-inhibitory functions of KSHV-encoded chemokines

9. Randomised trial of isoniazid versus rifampicin and pyrazinamide for prevention of tuberculosis in HIV-1 infection.

10. Anger-Related Traits and Response to Interpersonal Conflict Among New York City Traffic Agents.


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