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1. d-Amino acids: new clinical pathways for brain diseases.

2. An innovative interprofessional education simulation for athletic training and prelicensure nursing students: Development, implementation, and student perspectives.

3. Should we "just stick to the facts"? The benefit of controversial conversations in classrooms.

4. Observation, practice, and purpose: Recalibrating curriculum to enhance professional development.

5. Which drinkers have changed their alcohol consumption due to energy content concerns? An Australian survey.

6. Opening up during COVID19 Lockdown: Trajectory of Social Responsibilities of Academics during COVID-19 Period.

7. Infectious diseases, comorbidities and outcomes in hospitalized people who inject drugs (PWID) infections in persons who inject drugs.

8. Parental drinking in Australia: Does the age of children in the home matter?

9. Percentage of Adults Aged 18-64 Years Who Used Telemedicine in the Past 12 Months, by Sex and Health Insurance Coverage -- National Health Interview Survey, United States 2021.

10. WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program: Comprehensive Health Care Response in Aftermath of Disaster.


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