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1. Non-Religious Identity Salience for Candidate Choice.

2. Updates in head and neck cytopathology: Insights from European Congress of Pathology Short Course.

3. Fit for purpose? 'One China' Policy and security in Sino-American relations.

4. The Long View.

5. Deficits Forever.

6. Every vote you make: Attachment and state culture predict bipartisanship in U.S. Congress.

7. Partisan Differences in the Sharing of Low-Quality News Sources by U.S Political Elites.

8. Q&A: Justin Amash.

9. Legislation to Get US Out! of the UN.

10. The decline of incrementalism in U.S. lawmaking.

11. The Deaths of Ideas in Congress.

17. Congress Has Ways to Exert Influence on Biden's Middle East Policy.

18. Court Rulings on Abortion Pose Risk to House Republicans in Florida.

20. The state of emergency medicine in Greece: at critical momentum.


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