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2. Greek literature [2001]

9 v. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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  • Volume 1: 0-815-33682-9: The Oral Traditional Background of Ancient Greek Literature: 351pp Volume 2: 0-815-33683-7: Homer and Hesiod as Prototypes of Greek Literature: 358pp Volume 3: 0-815-33684-5: Greek Literature in the Archaic Period: The Emergence of Authorship: 350pp Volume 4: 0-815-33685-3: Greek Literature in the Classical Period: The Poetics of Drama in Athens: 438pp Volume 5: 0-815-33686-1: Greek Literature in the Classical Period: The Prose of Historiography and Oratory: 354pp Volume 6: 0-815-33687-X: Greek Literature and Philosophy: 350pp: Volume 7: 0-815-33688-8: Greek Literature in the Hellenistic Period: 350pp Volume 8: 0-415-93770-1: Greek Literature in the Roman period and in late Antiquity: 350pp Volume 9: 0-415-93771-X: Greek Literature in the Byzantine Period: 350pp.
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Volume four of this carefully selected collection of critical writings on Greek literature focuses on Greek literature in the Classical period and the Poetics of Drama in Athens. The nine volume set traces the Greek roots of all major literary genres-epic, lyric poetry, tragedy, comedy, history, oratory, and philosophy. With articles by noted scholars including Albert Bates Lord, Milman Parry, Diskin Clay, and Walter Burkert, this nine volume set covers Greek literature from the 6th century BC to the Byzantine era.
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