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xiv, 309 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Not "culture" but "gender" / Jessica Horn
  • Women's reproductive and sexual rights and the offence of zina in Muslim laws in Nigeria / Ayesha Imam
  • Uganda / Lisa Ann Richey
  • Mapping the contours / Radhika Chandiramani
  • The politics of abortion in Mexico / Adriana Ortiz-Ortega
  • Sexual-reproductive health and rights / Benno de Keijzer.
More than a decade ago, three landmark world conferences placed the human rights of women on the international agenda. The first, in Vienna, officially extended the definition of human rights to include a woman's right to self-determination and equality. A year later, in Cairo, this concept was elaborated to deal explicitly with issues of sexuality and procreation. Subsequently, at a conference in Beijing, the international community committed to a wide range of practical interventions to advance women's sexual, social, political, and economic rights. Despite these accomplishments, however, we find ourselves today at an ever more difficult juncture in the struggle to fully realize women's rights as human rights. Complications, such as terrorism and the "war" against it, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the incursion of religious fundamentalism into governments, and the U.S. government's retreat from the international agenda on sexual and reproductive rights have raised questions about the direction of policy implementations and have prevented progress from being straightforward. This timely collection brings together eight wide-reaching and provocative essays that examine the practical and theoretical issues of reproductive health policy and implementation. Contributors, including well-known scholars and policy makers, assess the impact of policies that have been initiated and consider future directions that governments must take in order to translate visionary ideas into actual achievements.
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xxii, 330 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
  • List of Figures. List of Abbreviations. Glossary. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I. Need for Feminist Practice in Domestic Violence Counselling 1. The Spirit of Resistance Aruna Burte 2. Why Feminism Should Inform Our Routine Interventions in Domestic Violence Manisha Gupte. Part II. Feminist Practice Models in Domestic Violence Counselling 3. Feminist Counselling for Domestic Violence: Some Issues of Theory and Practice U. Vindhya 4. Feminist Domestic Violence Interventions in India Sangeeta Rege and Aarthi Chandrasekhar 5. Healing from Violence: Integrating Feminism and Psychotherapy Aparna Joshi. Part III. Emerging Issues from Current Feminist Counselling Practice 6. Dynamics of Power in Counselling Relationships: Field Experiences Sangeeta Rege 7. Recognising the Social Weave for Effective Counselling Aruna Burte 8. Negotiating with Community-based Groups and Structures from a Feminist Perspective Ramesh Awasthi. Part IV. Need for Setting Standards for Feminist Counselling Practice 9. Enhancing the Quality of Feminist Counselling Radhika Chandiramani 10. Evolving Guidelines for Running a Crisis Counselling Centre Padma Bhate-Deosthali. Epilogue. About the Editors. Notes on Contributors. Index.
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Mainstream counselling in domestic violence often fails to address critical issues, such as gender socialisation processes and the abuse of power that allows violence against women, and focuses primarily on the intra-psychic nature of individual women. In contrast, feminist counselling is an effective alternative model, owing to its ability to address the fundamental correlation of abuse with power. In going beyond the individual, it helps women locate the source of their distress in the larger social context of power and control, manifesting in intimate, interpersonal relationships, and enables them to resist systemic oppression. This volume offers one of the first systematic documentations of feminist psychosocial interventions in India. It situates the issue of domestic violence in the historical context of the women's movement, and examines institutional factors such as family and marriage that perpetuate abuse. Using extensive case studies, it discusses the methods, principles, techniques, skills and procedures followed by feminist organisations across the country, and their role in women's empowerment. The book will serve as a practical reference guide to practitioners such as social workers, counsellors and para-counsellors, health activists, grassroots workers, protection officers and service providers. It will also be useful to scholars and students of psychology, sociology, women's studies, law and public policy.
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xxvi, 337 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
  • I. Medicalisation. 'It's not my job to tell you it's okay to be gay . . .': medicalisation of homosexuality: a queer critique / Arvind Narrain and Vinay Chandran ; Medical students' attitudes, knowledge and perception of homosexuality in India / Dr. Bharath Reddy ; Medical response to male same-sex sexuality in western India: an exploration of 'conversion treatments' for homosexuality / Ketki Ranade ; Mental health professionals' perspectives on lesbian women / Bina Fernandez ; Sex change operation and feminising procedures for transgender women in India: current scenario and way forward / Dr. Venkatesan Chakrapani ; Pendulous penises and couture clitorises: what medical men do to intersex infants / Mayur Suresh
  • II. De-pathologisation. A comparative study of homosexual and heterosexual men with respect to quality of life, substance use and suicidality / Dr. Bharath Reddy ; Validity of 'ego-dystonicity' in homosexuality: an Indian perspective / Dr. Ami Sebastian Maroky, Dr. Shekhar Seshadri, Dr. Suresh Bada Math, Dr. C.R. Chandrashekar, Dr. Aswin Ratheesh, Dr. Biju Viswanath ; Why should therapists be sensitive to sexual and gender nonconformity? / Radhika Chandiramani ; A psychologist's journey to understanding sexual orientation / Dr. Lata Hemchand ; Transgender and transsexual issues: clinical dilemmas and best-practice guidelines in mental health care / Vidya Sathyanarayanan and Poornima Bhola ; Contexts of distress for LGBT people: a counsellor's guide / Vinay Chandran ; Coming out to parents and friends: need and perspectives from parents of LGBT / Vinay Chandran ; Religion and sexual orientation: reconciling faith with same-sex love / Vinay Chandran and Arvind Narrain
  • III. Human rights. Section 377 and the medical establishment: changing the terms of the debate / Arvind Narrain ; Human rights violations against the transgender community: a study of Kothi and Hijra sex workers in Bangalore, India / PUCL-K ; Pushing the boundaries of transgender and intersex persons' rights: further resources.
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4. Sexualities [2007]

lx, 333 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Introduction Counter-hegemonies 1. Outing Heteronormativity: Nation, Citizen, Feminist Disruptions - Nivedita Menon 2. Queer Struggles Against the Law: The Contemporary Context - Arvind Narrain, Chapter IV from Queer. Despised Sexuality, law and Social Change, Books for Change, Bangalore 2004. 3. Complicating Gender. Rights of Transsexuals in India - Ashwini Sukhtankar in Narrain and Bhan ed Because I have a Voice Yoda Press, Delhi, 2005 4. 'Rescaling Transnational 'Queerdom': Lesbian and 'Lesbian' Identitary-Positionalities in Delhi in the 1980s* - Paola Bacchetta, Antipode 2002 5. Heteronormativity in Educational Institutions - Tarun Psychological Foundations Dalit Women 6. Marriage, Sexuality and Motherhood - Fernando Franco, Jyotsna Macwan and Suguna Ramanathan, Chapter from The Silken Swing. The Cultural Universe of Dalit Women, Stree, Calcutta, 2000 Masculinities 7. From Violence to Supportive Practice. Family, Gender and Masculinities - Radhika Chopra Economic and Political Weekly April 26, 2003 8. Holi in Banaras and the Mahaland of Modernity - Lawrence Cohen, GLQ Vol 2 1995. Pleasure and Desire 9. Pleasure me safely, can you? - Radhika Chandiramani Psychological Foundations: the Journal Vol V (1) June 2003 10a. On the Far Side of Memory short story - Lalitambika Antarjanam translated by J Devika with an accompanying paper. 10b. Lust for Life: Desire in Lalitambika Antarjanam's Writings - J Devika 11. Lustful Women, Elusive Lovers: Identifying Males as Objects of Female Desire - Prem Chowdhry in Re-Searching Indian Women - ed. Vijaya Ramaswamy Manohar Delhi 2003 12. Drag King/Queen - Georgina L Maddox Scripts No 6 Nov 2004 Movement Documents 1. Statement of Women's Groups Against Ban on Dance Bars in Mumbai 2005 - (Saheli Newsletter Jan-April 2005) 2. Tirupati Statement on lesbians and the women's movement 3. Tribute to Siddharth Gautam 4. Leaflet: "Sexual Minorities (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Hijra people) Fight Against Police Atrocities" - ALF, Bangalore 5. Letter to NHRC on "aversion therapy" as human rights violation, Students and Faculty of National Law School, Bangalore - (Published as Appendix in Arvind Narrain Queer. Despised Sexuality, Law and Social Change Books for Change, Bangalore, 2004) 6. Statement seeking distinction between Section 377 and Child Sexual Abuse - Voices Against 377 7. ABVA petition against Sec 377 - Shobha Agarwal, Humjinsi 8. Campaign Letter for Repeal of Section 377 FAOW, ICHRL - Stree Sangam, Humjinsi 9. IAWS Resolution on Section 377 Goa 2005 10. Sexuality and Fundamentalism: Exploring Linkages, Confronting Challenges - Voices Against 377 11. Concept paper on Muslim Women and Sexuality - MWRN (India), Awaz-e-Niswan, Sabah and Safra Project Workshop on Muslim Women and Sexuality, WSF Mumbai January 2004.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781842778692 20160528
While sexual violence is an area that is well mapped by feminist scholarship, this volume will focus on transgressive and/or marginalized sexualities. It will bring together writings on India that have highlighted the transgression of norms - of heterosexuality, of feminine and masculine behaviour, of recognizably gendered bodies, that declare ungoverned desire to be illegitimate. Also included is a section of select documents from different sexuality movements in the country. This book is part of the series of "Issues in Indian Feminism". The other books in the series are: "Gender & Caste" edited by Anupama Rao, "Feminism in India" edited by Maitreyee Chaudhuri, "Dowry & Inheritance" edited by Srimati Basu.
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xxii, 484 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • 1. Introduction / Peter Aggleton and Richard Parker Section I: Pioneering Beginnings 2. Margaret Sanger: her legacy reconsidered / Ellen Chesler 3. Anthropological foundations of sexuality, health and rights / Gilbert Herdt 4. The importance of being historical: understanding the making of sexualities / Jeffrey Weeks 5. Research innovation: Alfred C. Kinsey's legacy, and the Kinsey Institute for research in sex, gender and reproduction / Julia R. Heiman 6. The social reality of sexual rights / Ken Plummer 7. Recent developments in US sexuality research / Diane di Mauro Section II: Language, Discourse and Sexual Categories 8. 'Lesbians', modernity and global translation: female sexualities in Indonesia / Evelyn Blackwood 9. Hidden Love: sexual ideologies and relationship ideals in rural South Africa / Abigail Harrison 10. Thai (trans)genders and (homo)sexualities in a global context / Peter A. Jackson 11. Hijras, 'AIDS cosmopolitanism' and questions of izzat in Hyderabad / Gayatri Reddy 12. Intersexuality, bio-medical regulation and sexual rights in Brazil / Paula Machado 13. Understanding sex between men in Senegal: beyond current linguistic and discursive categories / Cheikh Ibrahima Niang Section III: Reproductive and Sexual Health 14. Why a history of childhood sexuality? / Gail L. Hawkes and R. Danielle Egan 15. From sexology to sexual health / Eli Coleman 16. Sexual and reproductive: connections and disconnections in public health / Jane Cottingham 17. Sex as 'risk of conception'? Sexual frames within the family planning field / Jenny Higgins 18. Teenage pregnancy: from sex to social pathology / Maria Luiza Heilborn and Cristiane S. Cabral Section IV: How to have sex in an epidemic 19. Knowledge, power and HIV/AIDS: research and the global response / Carlos F. Caceres and Kane Race 20. Safe sex: it's not as simple as ABC / Susan Kippax 21. Exploring moralities / Dennis Altman 22. Is 'bareback' a useful construct in primary HIV-prevention? Definitions, identity and research / Alex Carballo-Dieguez, Ana Ventuneac, Jose Bauermeister, Gary W. Dowsett, Curtis Dolezal, Robert H. Remien, Ivan Balan and Matthew S. Rowe 23. Sex under the influence of crystal meth-- the experience of latino gay men in San Francisco / Rafael M. Diaz Section V: The Choreography of Sex 24. Stripping: the embodiment and creation of sexualised fantasy / Katherine Frank 25. Flirting, erotic interactions and sexual choreography among urban youth: hip-hop in New York City / Miguel Munoz-Laboy and Richard Parker 26. Passionate uprisings: young people, sexuality and politics in post-revolutionary Iran / Pardis Mahdavi 27. Tourism and the body: embodiment and sexual performance among Dominican male sex workers / Mark B. Padilla 28. Dancing with daemons: desire and the improvisation of pleasure / Gary W. Dowsett 29. Sex in motion: notes on urban Brazilian sexual scenes / Veriano Terto Junior and Fernando Seffner Section VI: The Darker Side of Sex 30. Sexual and intimate partner violence: the global picture / Claudia Garcia Moreno 31. The social production of men's extramarital sexual practices / Jennifer S. Hirsch 32. Innocence and scandal: sexuality and the mass media / Lenore Manderson 33.Engaged research on incest in Mexico / Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez 34. Brutal logic: violence, sexuality and macho myth in South African men's prisons and beyond / Sasha Gear 35. Beyond pseudo-homosexuality: corrective rape, transactional sex and the undoing of lesbian identities in Namibia / Rob Lorway Section VII: From sexual health to sexual rights 36. Sexual education, US Federal Abstinence Policies, and young people's right to health promotion / John S. Santelli, Rebecca Schleifer and Andrea J. Melnikas 37. Bodies and beyond: where sexual health meets sexual rights / Radhika Chandiramani 38. Political agents or vulnerable victims? Framing sexual rights as sexual health in Argentina / Mario Pecheny 39. Sexuality, Identity and citizenship in contemporary Mexico / Ana Amuchastegui and Rodrigo Parrini 40. From reproductive to sexual rights / Carmen Barroso 41. Sexual rights for young women: lessons from developing countries / Deborah L. Tolman and Sarah H. Costa Section VIII: Struggles for erotic justice 42. Reaffirming pleasures in a world of dangers / Rosalind Petchesky, Sonia Correa and Richard Parker 43. Law, sexual morality and subversion: urban sex work in Uganda / Sylvia Tamale 44. Being young and living with HIV: the double neglect of sexual citizenship / Vera Paiva, Jose Ricardo Ayres, and Sofia Gruskin 45. The 'queer' politics of homo(sexuality) and matters of identitiy: tentative notes in the context of HIV/AIDS / Vasu Reddy 46. Immigration and LGBT Rights in the USA: ironies and constraints in the USA asylum cases / Hector Carrillo 47. 'In the life' in diaspora: autonomy/desire/community / Jafari Sinclair Allen 48. Black lesbian gender and sexual culture: celebration and resistance / Bianca D. M. Wilson.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415468640 20160604
The last two decades have witnessed an explosion of research on sexuality as the social sciences have worked to find new ways of understanding a rapidly changing world. Growing concern for issues such as population, women's and men's reproductive health, and the HIV and AIDS pandemic, has since provided new legitimacy for work on sexuality, health and rights. A detailed and up-to-date reference work, the "Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights" provides an authoritative overview of the main issues in the field today. Leading academics and practitioners are brought together to reflect on past, present and future approaches to understanding and promoting sexual health and rights. Divided into nine parts, it covers: pioneering beginnings; language, discourse and sexual categories from sexuality to health; the reproductive imperative; how to have sex in an epidemic; the choreography of sex; the darker side of sex from sexual health to sexual rights; and, struggles for erotic justice. This handbook surveys the state of the discipline and offers an examination and discussion of emerging, controversial and cutting edge areas. It is an essential reference for academics and researchers in the fields of sexuality studies, sexual health and human rights, and offers key reading for more advanced students.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415468640 20160604
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