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xvii, 350 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1: The Framework of Ideas 1. 1974: The Crisis of Old Labour Vernon Bogdanor 2. Political Thought: Socialism in a cold climate Raymond Plant 3. Economic Thought Kevin Hickson Part 2: Domestic and Foreign Policies 4. Economic Policy Jim Tomlinson 5. Trades Union Policy: The rise and fall of the social contract Robert Taylor 6. Social Policy and Inequality Polly Toynbee and David Walker 7. Education Policy Roy Lowe 8. Europe John W. Young 9. Foreign and Defence Policy Ann Lane Part 3: Government and Politics 10. Prime Ministers and Cabinet Chris Ballinger and Anthony Seldon 11. Parliament Philip Norton 12. Central and Local Government Kevin Theakston and Ed Gouge 13. Devolution Dilys M. Hill 14. Northern Ireland Brendan O'Leary 15. The Labour Party Eric Shaw Part 4: Perspectives 16. The 1974-9 Governments and 'New' Labour Steven Fielding 17. The Industrial Strategy Stuart Holland 18. Was Britain Dying? Kenneth O. Morgan 19. Forgetting History: How New Labour sees Old Labour Peter Riddell 20. The Worst of Governments Robert Sidelsky Conclusion: Reading and misreading Old Labour Dennis Kavanagh Notes on Contributors Chronology Bibliography Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415312820 20160528
How does New Labour compare with old Labour? What can we learn about the current Government by looking at its predecessor? How does New Labour interpret the record of old Labour in power? We are constantly told that New Labour forms an historic departure from the traditions of the Labour Party. This book, written by a distinguished selection of academics and commentators, provides the most detailed comparison yet of old and new Labour in power. It is also the first to offer a comprehensive analysis of the last Labour Government before the rise of Thatcher and the re-emergence of the Labour Party under Tony Blair's leadership. It reveals much about the history of the Labour Party as well as providing a much-needed context from which to judge the current government. Contributors include: Vernon Bogdanor, Raymond Plant, Jim Tomlinson, Robert Taylor, Polly Toynbee, David Walker, Roy Lowe, John W Young, Ann Lane, Chris Ballinger, Philip Norton, Kevin Theakston, Ed Gouge, Dilys M Hill, Brendan O'Leary, Eric Shaw, Steven Fielding, Stuart Holland, Kenneth O Morgan, Peter Riddell, Robert Skidelsky and Dennis Kavanagh. They compare all the key aspects of the political thought and policy of the Wilson-Callaghan Government of 1979 with the Blair Government making this book essential reading for all of those interested in how Labour, both past and present, governs. Vernon Bogdanor, Brasenose College, University of Oxford Steven Fielding, Centre for Contemporary History and Politics, University of Salford Ed Gouge, Centre for British Go.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415312820 20160528
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