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xviii, 406 p., [32] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
  • Part 1 East Anglia: before Sutton Hoo - structures of power and society, C.J. Scull-- late Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement pattern, J. Newman-- Snape Anglo-Saxon cemetery, W. Filmer-Sankey-- a chronology for Suffolk place-names, M. Gelling-- Beowulf and the East Anglian royal pedigree, S. Newton-- kings, gesiths and thegns, H. Loyn. Part 2 England: burial practice, H. Geake-- 7th-century cremation burial in Asthall Barrow, Oxfordshire, T.M. Dickinson and G. Speake-- Anglo-Saxon symbolism, J.D. Richards-- Anglo-Saxon weapon burial rite, H. Harke-- royal power and royal symbols in "Beowulf", B. Raw-- Christianity in Southumbria, , Jane Stevenson-- Anglo-Saxon vocabulary, J. Roberts. Part 3 North-Western Europe: western and northern Britain, L. Alcock-- Pictland, S.M. Foster-- Frankish hegemony in England, I.N. Wood-- royal burial among the Franks, E. James-- the undiscovered grave of King Clovis, P. Perin-- social change around AD600, G. Hassall-- the Royal Cemetery at Borre, Vestfold (Norway), B. Myhre-- the Scandinavian character of Anglian England, J. Hines-- human sacrifice in the late pagan period, H. Ellis Davidson. Postscript: the Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Sutton Hoo, M.O.H. Carver.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780851153308 20160528
The Age of Sutton Hoo runs from the fifth to the eighth century AD - the age which separates the fall of the Roman Empire from the emergence of the nation-states that have endured down to the present day. This is a dark and difficult age, where hard evidence is rare, but glittering and richly varied: "myths, king-lists, placenames, sagas, settlements, runic inscriptions, palaces, belt-buckles, post-holes, middens and graves", says the editor, "are all grist to our mill". This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the discovery of that most famous burial of the early middle ages: the great treasure now in the British Museum, unearthed from the centre of a 90-foot-long ship buried in the sand beneath a mound on remote Suffolk heathland at Sutton Hoo. It also marks the end of the major campaign of excavations carried out there over the past decade, which involved the widest possible range of disciplines. The scholars whose work is gathered here, together with Martin Carver's concluding summary of the results of the latest excavations, represent the current state of knowledge about this extraordinary site; that it still has secrets to reveal is shown by the last-minute discovery of a striking burial of a young noble with his horse and grave goods.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780851153308 20160528
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