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Sustainable Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources covers the most updated aspects of maritime transports and of coastal and sea resources exploitation, with a focus on (but not limited to) the Mediterranean area. Vessels for transportation are analysed from the viewpoint of ship design in terms of hydrodynamic, structural and plant optimisation, as well as from the perspective of construction, maintenance, operation and logistics. The exploitation of marine and coastal resources is covered in terms of fishing, aquaculture and renewable energy production as well as of subsea resources extraction. The characterisation of the marine environment is seen under the twofold perspective of providing reference loads and conditions for the design of means for the resources exploitation, but also of setting limits to the design in order to preserve the natural ambient and minimise the impact of anthropogenic activities related to both transportation and exploitation. Efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability of sea- and Mediterranean-related human activities are the focus throughout the book. Sustainable Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources will be of interest to technical operators in the various areas involved (shipbuilding and ship-owner companies, research organisations, universities, certifying bodies), but will also serve as an updated reference work for government agencies and other institutional and educational bodies.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415620819 20160608
xx, 1766 p. : ill.
  • Preface Volume 1 - Vessels for Maritime Transportation 1.1 Hydrodynamics 1.2 Structures 1.3 Machinery and propulsion systems 1.4 Control systems 1.5 Vessel design 1.6 Shipyard technology maintenance and repair Volume 2 - Exploitation of Ocean and Coastal Resources 2.1 Marine environment 2.2 Fisheries and aquaculture 2.3 Maritime transportation and port operation 2.4 Coastal and offshore development 2.5 Safety and reliability 2.6 Design for the protection of the environment Author Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415390361 20160605
This book deals with various aspects concerning the design and fabrication of vessels for maritime transportation, namely, hydrodynamics, structures, machinery and propulsion systems, control systems, vessel design and shipyard technology, maintenance and repair. These volumes bring together an extensive collection of papers reflecting a number of fundamental areas of the exploitation of ocean and coastal resources. Subjects include the marine environment; fisheries and aquaculture; maritime transportation and port operation; coastal and offshore development; safety and reliability; and protection of the environment.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415390361 20160605

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