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xiv, 295 pages : forms ; 25 cm
  • Management agreements
  • Production company deals (... and the contract from hell which no artist should sign)
  • Artist recording contracts with record companies
  • A simple guide to sync deals
  • Producer agreements
  • Music publishing and songwriter contracts
  • Music and the movies : composer agreements / written with Robert Seigal
  • Live performance and booking agreements (a lawyer's guide to structuring paid music gigs
  • Music video production contracts
  • Band agreements and essential business actions a band (or solo artist) can take at little to no cost without the services of an attorney
  • Investment agreements.
The 11 Contracts Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know is an in-depth guide to help artists, songwriters, and producers navigate the tricky world of contract negotiations in the music industry. This book analyses the most common, and important, contracts including management, production company, sync license, and producer agreements all paired with professional commentary and exclusive interviews with top industry moguls. Readers will learn the ins and outs of both the legal and business side of contracts in the music industry so that they will never find themselves stuck on the wrong side of a bad deal. Features invaluable information on these 11 crucial music industry contracts: Management Agreements Production Company and New Artist Indie Label Deals Sync Licenses Producer Agreements Music Publishing Deals Composer Agreements Live Performance Contracts Music Video Production Contracts Band Agreements & Business Actions Artists Can Take Without an Attorney Investment Agreements.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781495076701 20170403
Law Library (Crown)
xviii, 269 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
  • pt. 1. The rules
  • Music law & business primer
  • Overview of digital music law
  • Webcasting
  • Downloading and interactive streaming
  • Music videos, audiovisual concerts & documentaries
  • Music-licensing fundamentals
  • Licensing music for new media
  • pt. 2. Crisis & solutions: the music industry in transition
  • The recording industry in crisis
  • Proposed solutions
  • Latest cases and legislative initiatives
  • pt. 3. How to succeed in the new music business
  • How to build a web site & why
  • Hot web sites by three artists: acoustic & alternative rock, jazz & hip-hop
  • Additional ways to use the Internet to promote your music and make a living
  • How to build an independent digital record label
  • pt. 4. New business models: stories of ambition, independence, imagination, and success
  • Artists who create their own record companies
  • Creative Commons: a new way to encourage creativity online
  • Online record stores
  • Online financing
  • Webcasting as a business model
  • The future of peer to peer
  • The digital runway: the convergence of mish and fashion (will fashion labels become record labels?)
A veteran entertainment lawyer reveals how to turn music notes into bank notes New technologies are revolutionizing the music industry. While peer-to-peer file sharing and CD burning are devastating album sales, they are also creating new opportunities to distribute and sell music. This up-to-date guide focuses on these opportunities as well as new business and digital delivery models, and explains how aspiring musicians, established recording artists, independent labels, and entrepreneurs can all take advantage of the new digital technologies. The book includes a comprehensive discussion of new laws and business practices that apply to online music distribution along with a detailed list of venders and services. This book will replace all prior music business books just as digital distribution of music is replacing the old brick and mortar world of retail sales of CDs. The digital revolution has changed everything in the music business: the deals, the law, how music is produced, how it is distributed and even the very identity of the distributors. This new world of recorded music deserves a book exclusively devoted to illuminating it.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Law Library (Crown)


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