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4. A collection of scarce and valuable treatises upon metals, mines, and minerals. [electronic resource] : Containing, I. Curious Observations on Mines and the several Minerals produced; with plain Directions and Rules for finding them in all Countries. II. The Art of Melting, Refining and Assaying all Sorts of Metals, whereby any Person at a small Charge may try the Value of such Oars as shall be found, either by Rule or Accid en. With Instructions for Sorting of Oar. III. Real Experiments, to try whether any Piece offer'd for Gold be true or counterfeit, what Colour any Berry, Leaf, Flower, Stalk, Root, Fruit, Seed, Bark or Wood will give. With an infallible Method of preparing Colours, which shall neither stain nor fade like Ordinary Colours. IV. The Common Way of Refining Silver by Quicksilver. With some new Rules added for the better Performance. V. An Invaluable Discovery of all Sorts of Mines from Gold to Coal. Also, The Compleat Miner, with the Liberties, Laws and Customs of the Lead Mines within the Wapentake of Wirksworth in Derbyshire, in Fifty Nine Articles, being all that were ever made. VI. The Art of Dyalling, or Levelling Grooves, greatly desired by all Miners: Being a Subject never wrote on before, with an Explanation of the Miners Terms of Art, and several other curious Particulars. Being, a translation from the learned Albaro Alonso Barba, Director of the Mines at Potosi, in the Spanish West Indies, and the Observations of several Ingenuous Persons of our own Country, sounded on many Years Experience [1740]


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