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2 volumes ; 23 cm
  • Volume 46, number 1. Symposium on forensic statistics : a foreword / D. H. Kaye
  • The importance of checking the assumptions underlying statistical analysis : graphical methods for assessing normality / Yulia Gel, Weiwen Miao, Joseph L. Gastwirth
  • Assessing spatial heterogeneity in the refractive index of float glass / Geva Maimon, Russell J. Steele, James M. Curran
  • An introduction to data fusion, data mining, and pattern recognition applied to fiber analysis / Jennifer Wiseman Mercer, Suzanne C. Bell
  • Analyzing the relevance and admissibility of bullet-lead evidence : did the NRC report miss the target / William C. Thompson
  • The NRC bullet-lead report : should science committees make legal findings / D. H. Kaye
  • To tell the truth : on the probative value of polygraph search evidence / Stephen E. Fienberg.
  • Volume 46, number 2. "Implicit testing" : can casework validate forensic techniques? / Simon A. Cole
  • Statistical assessment of damages in breach of contract litigation / Duane L. Steffey, Stephen E. Fienberg, Robert H. Sturgess
  • Articles. Power-law distributions and the federal judiciary / Thomas Bak
  • Assessing the implications for close relatives in the event of similar but nonmatching DNA profiles / David R. Paoletti, Travis E. Doom, Michael L. Raymer, Dan E. Krane
  • Beyond the ken? : testing jurors' understanding of eyewitness reliability evidence / Richard S. Schmechel, Timothy P. O'Toole, Catharine Easterly, Elizabeth F. Loftus.
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