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1 online resource (xiv, 333 pages)
  • Distinguishing Characteristics of Canadian Universities with Implications for Their Leadership
  • Canadian University Presidents: Who They Are and How They Are Selected
  • Organizational Culture and the University
  • Setting the Direction: Institutional Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Academic Leadership: Getting the Balance Right
  • Student Access and Success: Confronting a Declining Undergraduate Experience
  • International Outreach
  • Financial Issues: Underfunded or Fat Cats?
  • Presidential Leadership and Day-to-Day Administration
  • The External Roles of the President
  • Institutional Governance and Presidential Accountability
  • Institutional Autonomy and System Diversity
  • How Much Difference Does a President Make? The Case for Open Management
  • Leadership under Fire: Seven Major Issues for Today's Presidents
  • Appendix A: Presidential Profiles: Eleven Who Have Really Made a Difference
  • Appendix B ; Universities Included in the Presidential Recruitment Survey.
Paul illuminates some of the ways in which Canadian universities are unique and uses these differences to make clear the importance of organizational cultural and institutional fit for leaders confronting critical academic issues such as academic leadership and accountability, student success and support, university funding and fund-raising, strategic planning, government and community relations, and internationalism. His analysis reaffirms some long-standing practices, while arguing that changes are badly needed in others. While much has been written about university leadership elsewhere, Leadership Under Fire focuses on Canada and some of the men and women who have made a real difference to the quality of its post-secondary institutions. Paul builds on their stories to offer useful perspectives and advice at a time when the quality of universities was never more critical to the country's economic, social, and political success.
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1 online resource (viii, 381 pages) : illustrations
Alcohol policies reflect conflicting ideological, social, health, and commercial agendas. Sober Reflections describes the development of alcohol policies at the national level and in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario between 1980 and 2000. Using qualitative research methods, the essays examine the roles of key players, including governments, NGOs, public health advocates, and representatives of the alcohol industry. The contributors base their incisive papers on interviews with representatives from public health and the government, lobbyists, researchers, media, and those in the alcohol industries, as well as on an analysis of government documents, newspaper accounts, and official statistics.
1 online resource (x, 197 pages) : illustrations (some color), portraits (some color)
  • The History
  • The Mats
  • A Gallery of Mats
  • Collections.
A lavishly illustrated history of the Grenfell Mission's exquisite hooked mats and the handcraft movement that inspired an international audience.
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1 online resource (xiv, 330 pages).
  • Acknowledgments-- Introduction 1 Baptismal Practice, Popular Spirituality, and the Formation of Religious Identity among Maritime Regular Baptists-- 2 Harris Harding: A Keeper of Radical Evangelical Piety-- 3 Joseph Crandall: The Baptist Patriarch of New Brunswick-- 4 Edward Manning and the Search for a Balanced Evangelicalism-- 5 "To Wage War against the Baptists": The Maritime Baptismal Controversy, 1811-1848-- 6 Charles Tupper: The Making of a Formal Evangelical-- 7 Ingraham E. Bill: A Son of the Fathers-- 8 Samuel Elder: A Formal and Genteel Evangelical Ministry-- 9 The Faith of the Fathers Notes-- Bibliography-- Index.
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Maritime Calvinistic Baptist piety emerged from a fusion of revivalism and conversion, and introduced dramatic baptisms by immersion. Rapid Baptist growth was one force leading Anglicans, Methodists, and Presbyterians to initiate a spiritual polemical exchange over baptism. By examining the lives and work of six Baptist preachers and theologians, Into Deep Waters illuminates the ways in which the second generation of Baptist preachers not only defended their tradition in lively debates but argued for a broadly based understanding of their spirituality and ministry, rooted in the practice of the Fathers. In an age when denominational identities in North America are often portrayed as ineffectual, Into Deep Waters is a timely reminder that religious traditions can adapt, change, and inspire renewal.
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1 online resource (1 online resource (xxiv, 1039 pages)) Digital: data file.
  • Maps-- * Trinidad * Tobago Acknowledgements I Introduction 1 Purpose of This Dictionary-- 2 Notes on Historical Language Background II How to Use This Dictionary 1 The Structure of an Entry-- 2 Frequently Asked Questions-- 3 Notes on Pronunciation-- 4 Notes on Flora and Fauna Entries References Cited III Additions and Corrections Entries A-Z Indexes: A. Flora by Scientific Names-- B. Fauna by Scientific Names.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780773534063 20180521
The first comprehensive, historical, scholarly dictionary of the English and English Creole languages of Trinidad & Tobago.
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1 online resource (222 pages).
  • Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 PART ONE: Monumental Federalism 1. Owen in America: Ambiguities in the Concept of the Federal System 17 2. Indians and Individualists: A Multiplicity of Sovereignties 30 3. An Imperium in Imperio: The Mormon Empire and Later Developments 46 4. Another Yoder Case: The Separatist Community and the Dissenting Individual 65 5. Melting Pots and Pariah Peoples 80 PART TWO: The Peaceable Kingdom 6. Theoreticians: Questions Left Open 101 7. The Minority Treaties of the League of Nations 119 8. The Debate over Education: Truth, Peace, Citizenship 138 9. Children and Groups: Problems in Fact and in Theory 157 10. Negotiating the Frameworks: The Problem of the Sensitive Citizen 178 Conclusion 203 Index 211.
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From outlawing polygamy and mandating public education to protecting the rights of minorities, the framing of group life by the state has been a subject of considerable interest and controversy throughout the history of the United States. The subject continues to be important in many countries. This book deals with state responses to cultural difference through the examination of a number of encounters between individuals, groups and the state, in the United States and elsewhere. The book opens the concepts of groups and the state, arguing for the complexity of their relations and interpenetrations. Carol Weisbrod draws on richly diverse historical and cultural material to explore various structures that have been seen as appropriate for adjusting relations between states and internal groups. She considers the experience of the Mormons, the Amish and Native Americans in the United States, the Mennonites in Germany and the Jews in Russia to illustrate arrangements and accommodations in different times and places. The Minorites Treaties of the League of Nations, political federalism, religious exemptions, nonstate schools and rules about adoption are among the mechanisms discussed th.
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1 online resource (x, 264 pages) : illustrations
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. A Tale of Two Ministries: The Ministry of War, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Reform of the Russian Fire Department, 1855
  • 65
  • 2. The Implementation of Reform: Developing Urban Autonomy in the Public Fire Department, 1865
  • 80
  • 3. Disagreement without Opposition: The City, the State, and the Fight for Control of the Municipal Fire Department in Kazan, 1881
  • 86
  • 4. A Conservative Public Sphere: Volunteer Fire Departments, 1880
  • 1914
  • 5. The Imperial Russian Society of Firefighters, 1893
  • 1914
  • 6. Visualizing Civil Society: The Photographer and the Firefighter.
Nineteenth-century commentators often claimed that Russia burned to the ground every thirty years. In an empire whose cities were built of wood, firefighters had a visible presence throughout Russia's urban centres and became politically active across the country. Democracy Burning? studies the political, cultural, and social values of volunteer firefighters and reveals the ways in which their public organizations cooperated with the authoritarian state. Nigel Raab considers the important roles that nationalism, regionalism, militarism, photography, and civil society played in fire departments and challenges prevailing notions that volunteer organizations opposed the state. His analysis not only provides insights into questions about a nascent civic consciousness in the years leading to revolution but also reveals new and important information about other aspects of urban life. A skilled work of history and urban studies, Democracy Burning? forces us to rethink the way we consider large public organizations and their relation to authoritarian governments.
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1 online resource (xvi, 199 pages) : illustrations (some color)
  • Message from the Premier / Gordon Campbell
  • Foreword / David H. Turpin
  • Lansdowne Era: A Time of Change / Edward B. Harvey
  • pt. 1. Perspectives on the Lansdowne Era
  • Remembering Peter Smith / Gordon Shrimpton
  • Early Years / Reginald Roy
  • Victoria Normal School in the Lansdowne Years / Norma I. Mickelson
  • Buildings of the Lansdowne Years / Martin Segger
  • Founding the University of Victoria Art Collection at Victoria College / Martin Segger
  • Memories and Impressions of a New Faculty Member in the Lansdowne Era / Ann Saddlemyer
  • Lansdowne Days, 1947-1963 / Roger J. Bishop
  • Memories, Mentors, and a Canadian Basketball Championship: Men's Sports at the Lansdowne Campus / Kenneth McCulloch
  • Women's Sports during the Lansdowne Years / Susan Yates
  • University of Victoria Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Norma I. Mickelson
  • Peter L. Smith
  • Carole Sabiston
  • Timothy R. Price
  • Hon. Walter McLean
  • Albert R. Cox
  • Hon. Lorna R. Marsden
  • Ian McDougall
  • Constance "Connie" Isherwood
  • pt. 2. Reflections of the Lansdowne Generation
  • Hon. Justice Robert B. Hutchison, Vic '49
  • Margaret Garner, Normal School '52, Vic '54
  • Ronald Lou-Poy, Vic '52
  • Patricia Jones, Vic '52
  • Avis Rasmussen, Vic '55
  • Hon. David Anderson, Vic '55
  • Hon. Chief Justice Lance S.G. Finch, Vic '55
  • Geoffrey Castle, Vic' 55
  • Barbara L. Craigie, Vic '56
  • Terence R. Melville, Vic '56
  • David Leeming, Vic '57
  • Carole MacDonald, Vic' 57
  • Timothy R. Price, Vic '59
  • Brian R. Little, Vic '59
  • Nels Granewall, Vic '59
  • Hon. Lorna R. Marsden, Vic '60
  • John H. Youson, Vic '60
  • John Sargent, Vic '60
  • E. Jane Hedley, Vic '62 In Memoriam
  • Walter D. Young, 1933-1984, Vic '51
  • Howard Lim, 1940-1995, Vic '58
  • Robert Howay, 1938-1994, Vic '59
  • Hon. Justice James D. Taylor, 1942-2006, Vic '60
  • Janice (Hickman) Sargent, 1943-2006, Vic '61
  • pt. 3. Conclusion
  • Lansdowne Era: An Enduring Tradition / Edward B. Harvey.
Demographic, economic, and social change between 1946 and 1963 affected all of Canadian society and profoundly shaped what was then Victoria College.

29. Science studies [1970 - 1974]

SAL3 (off-campus storage)
v. 24 cm.
Hoover Library

31. The Accounting review [1926 - ]

v. forms (part fold.) 23 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
13 v. in 6. illus. 23 cm.
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33. The Scientific monthly [1915 - 1957]

85 v. in 83. ill., ports., maps, facsims. 25-28 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
p. 429-439. 27cm.
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36. Biodiversity letters [1993 - 1996]

3 v. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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ill. 28 cm.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)

38. Pakistan forum [1970 - 1973]

3 v. ill. 28 cm.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)

39. Transition [1961 - 1976]

v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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40. Background on world politics [1957 - 1962]

5 v. ; 22-28 cm.
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