1 videodisc (82 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 bonus videodisc Sound: digital; optical. Digital: video file; DVD video; all regions.
  • [Disc 1]: Documentary feature (82 min.) ; [Disc 2]: Additional interviews: Yvonne Rainer
  • Simone Forti
  • Steve Paxton
  • Carolee Schneemann
  • Lucinda Childs
  • Valda Setterfield
  • Douglas Crimp
  • Carrie Lambert-Beatty
  • Spiraling Down [entire performance of piece by Yvonne Rainer performed at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA, June 26, 2009] (30 min.)
"[This film] tells the riveting story of one of America's most important artists. In 1962, as a founding member of Judson Dance Theater, Rainer, revolutionized modern dance by introducing everyday movements like walking and running into the dance lexicon. Abandoning choreography in the '70s, Rainer introduced narrative techniques into American avant-garde film, turning that genre on its head, too. [W]e follow Rainer, returned to choreography, as she continues to create vibrant, courageous, unpredictable dances that invite audiences to question basic assumptions about art and performance"-- Container.
1 online resource (1 video file, 81 min.) Sound: digital. Digital: video file; MPEG-4; Flash.
Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter tells the inspiring and largely unknown story of Martha Hill, a woman whose life was defined by her love for dance, and who successfully fought against great odds to establish dance as a legitimate art form in America. Through archival footage, lively interviews with friends and intimates, and rare footage of the spirited subject, the film explores Hills's arduous path from a Bible Belt childhood in Ohio to the halls of academia at NYU and Bennington College, to a position of power and influence as Juilliard's founding director of dance (1952-1985). Peppered with anecdotal material delivered by dance notables who knew her, this revelatory story depicts her struggles and successes, the film is a celebration of dance and an examination of the passion required to keep it alive. "Illuminating... Defiance [and] tenacity, animated Hill’s life, and it drives ‘Miss Hill’ forward, too. Archival footage…distills the essence of a time when American concert dance, like never before, sought to comment on society rather than escape from it; a time when, as the choreographer Bessie Schonberg said, "everything was new." And that’s only the first half. We also get a thorough history of the Juilliard dance department, its initially groundbreaking curriculum of warring genres (ballet and modern dance) and its near-demise at the hands of George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, an episode in which matters of money, power, real estate, politics and national identity collide." - The New York Times.

3. Returning Home [2003]

1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 45 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound Sound: digital. Digital: video file; MPEG-4; Flash.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 85 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Artists In exile: a story of modern dance in San Francisco chronicles over forty years of dancemaking in the San Francisco Bay Area. The film begins with dance revolutionary Anna Halprin and highlights seminal Bay Area choreographers including Mangrove, Tumbleweed, ODC/San Francisco, Margaret Jenkins, Dance Brigade, Joe Goode and Contraband. The films addresses the special nature of the Bay Area's social, political and environmental climate; the marginalization of Bay Area artists due to the New York dance establishment and the unique and vital dance community that continues to grow.
1 videodisc (82 min.) : sound, color with black and white sequences ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical. Digital: video file; DVD video.
"Elizabeth Streb and the STREB Extreme Action Company form a motley troupe of flyers and crashers. Propelled by Streb's edict that "anything too safe is not action, " these daredevils challenge the assumptions of art, aging, injury, gender, and human possibility"--Container.
Media & Microtext Center
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 60 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound Sound: digital. Digital: video file; MPEG-4; Flash.
Although Butoh is often viewed as Japan's equivalent of modern dance, in actuality it has little to do with the rational principles of modernism. Butoh is a theater of improvisation which places the personal experiences of the dancer on center-stage. The dancer is used as a medium to his or her inner life, but not for the portrayal of day to day existence. A Dionysian dance of nudity, eroticism, and sexuality, Butoh's scale of expression ranges from meditative tenderness to excessive grotesqueness. By reestablishing the ancient Japanese connection of dance, music, and masks, and by recalling the Buddhist death dances of rural Japan, Butoh incorporates much traditional theater. At the same time, it is a movement of resistance against the abandonment of traditional culture to a highly organized consumer-oriented society. An alliance of tradition and rebellion, Butoh is one of the most fascinating underground dance movements. "Butoh: body on the edge of crisis" is a visually striking film portrait shot on location in Japan with the participation of the major Butoh choreographers and their companies.

7. Capturing grace [2014]

1 videodisc (approximately 60 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical; surround. Video: NTSC. Digital: video file; DVD video.
Documentary about people with Parkinson's disease who join forces with the renowned Mark Morris Dance Group to create a unique performance in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Media & Microtext Center
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 45 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Includes highlights from ADF performances by: Erick Hawkins Dance Co., Sukarji Sriman, Chuck Davis' African-American Dance Ensemble, Guangdong Modern Dance Co., Pilobolus, Molissa Fenley, Sutki.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 60 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
After 54 years in dance, Erick Hawkins is an acknowledged master of modern dance. Alan Kriegsman of the Washington Post has called him "one of the genuinely great pioneers of American dance." In this piece, Mr. Hawkins at the age of 83 speaks of his career, his life, and his collaborations with the composer Lucia Dlugoszewski. The piece features Mr. Hawkins teaching his company, excerpts from his work, and an interview with Ms. Dlugoszewski.

10. Ghostlight [2003]

1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 80 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound Sound: digital. Digital: video file; MPEG-4; Flash.
This film portrait of modern dance legend Martha Graham examines the creative process, as well as important events in Martha's pioneering career. Plays thematically with time and memory, using the actual words of Martha Graham who emerges as a passionate, controversial and egotistical modernist icon that she was.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 60 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Since the early eighties, Molissa Fenley has been intriguing audiences and impressing critics with her unique approach to modern dance. Her work is constantly changing, re-defining itself with each new piece, and she is well known for her work with contemporary artists and composers including Phillip Glass. In this tape, Ms. Fenley talks about her choreography and her approach to the creative process. Also included are clips of a number of important pieces in her repertory.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 60 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Doris Humphrey's modern dance classic of affirmation was choreographed in 1935 and features Linda Tarney and Peter Woodin. Filmed at the American Dance Festival in 1972, the first film is an edited version with close-ups and the second is a record version of the same performance showing the entire stage. Transferred from the original 16 millimeter color film.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 76 min., 25 sec.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Trisha Brown has been hailed as "one of the true great experimentalists in modern dance." Ms. Brown began her career in New York City as a member of Judson Dance Theater. Since forming her own company in 1971, she has received major commissions from foundations and festivals around the world. In this piece, Ms. Brown, a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, speaks with Charles Reinhart about her life in dance.

14. Venous flow [2003]

1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 30 min.) : digital, .flv file, sound
Venous flow weaves first person narrative with contemporary dance to tell the story of a community of dancers and artists and their resolution to overcome personal trauma. "Grace" is a large group piece performed by Li Chiao-Ping Dance and a community of elders shot on a frozen lake in winter, revealing the stark beauty of winter as well as the warmth of community.
1 online resource (83 min.)
This documentary is about the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.
1 online resource (41 min.).
This performance is of Merce Cunningham's Exchanges.
1 online resource (46 min.).
Allegra Kent and Todd Bolender coaching 'The Unanswered Question' from Ivesiana.
1 online resource (73 min.).
Jillana coaching two principal roles from Liebeslieder Walzer.
1 videodisc (57 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
  • General impressions
  • Pina asks about love
  • Pina asks about pride
  • More impressions
  • Pina's world
  • Indefinable emotions
  • Come dance with me.
Chantal Akerman's look at the work of choreographer Pina Bausch and her Wuppertal, Germany-based dance company.
Media & Microtext Center
2 videodiscs (103 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet (35 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.).
  • Carnations I
  • Le sacre du printemps I
  • Le sacre du printemps II
  • Only you
  • Café Müller I
  • Café Müller II
  • Café Müller III
  • Café Müller IV
  • Café Müller V
  • Café Müller VI
  • For the children of yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Ten chi I
  • Kontakthof I
  • Kontakthof II
  • Kontakthof III
  • Kontakthof IV
  • Vollmond I
  • Vollmond II
  • Vollmond III
  • Vollmond IV
  • Danzón ; and Ten chi II
  • Carnations II.
Originally conceived as a collaboration between filmmaker Wim Wenders and choreographer Pina Bausch, Pina ultimately turned into a tribute to Bausch following her death in 2009. Consists primarily of performances of Bausch's works by Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch with brief interviews with Bausch and members of the dance group.
Media & Microtext Center

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