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viii, 344 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
  • National report on sustainable forests
  • 2010 / USDA
  • Nontimber forest products in the United States: Montreal process indicators as measures of current conditions and sustainability / USDA.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
1 online resource (11 pages) : color illustration.
x, 127 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Green Library
1 online resource (18 min.) Sound: digital. Digital: data file.
Buscando difundir las diversas formas de manejo de la extracción de productos de la selva de forma sostenible, los programas presentan testimonios de la población ribereña de la región amazónica. Personas que trabajan en la floresta y especialistas para abordar el tema de la extracción no agresiva.
Buscando difundir as diversas formas de manejo da extração de produtos da floresta de forma sustentável, os programas apresentam depoimentos da população ribeirinha da região amazônica, pessoas que trabalham na floresta e especialistas, para abordar a extração não agressiva.
The programs present testimonials from the Amazon region's riverine population, field specialists and people who work in the forest in an effort to propagate the extraction of forest products in a sustainable and non-aggressive manner.
151 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Green Library
xiii, 280 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
  • Part 1: Examining Non-Timber Forest Product Systems 1. Introduction: The Need to Understand the Ecological Sustainability of Non-Timber Forest Products Harvesting Systems Charlie M. Shackleton, Tamara Ticktin and Ashok K. Pandey 2. Non-Timber Forest Products in Livelihoods Charlie M. Shackleton 3. The Ecological Sustainability of Non-Timber Forest Product Harvest: Principles and Methods Tamara Ticktin 4. The Importance of Environmental History in Evaluating the Sustainability of Non-Timber Forest Product Harvesting Systems Annika C. Dahlberg Part 2: Case Studies of Ecologically Sustainable Non-timber Forest Product Harvest Systems 5. Harvesting of Palm Fruits can be Ecologically Sustainable: A Case of Buriti (Mauritia Flexuosa-- Arecaceae) in Central Brazil Mauricio Bonesso Sampaio and Flavio Antonio Maes dos Santos 6. Harvesting from the Tree of Life: Responsible Commercialization of Baobab in South Africa and Malawi Lucy Welford, Sarah Venter, Christian Dohse and Itai Chibaya 7. The Road to Sustainable Harvests in Wild Honey Collection: Experiences from the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, India Anita Varghese, Snehlata Nath, Robert Leo and Sumin George Thomas 8. The Sustainability of Small-Scale Fishery Harvests in the Context of Highly Variable Resources Jaime Aburto, Georgina Cundill and Wolfgang Stotz 9. The Sustainability of Soapberry (Sapindus Laurifolia Vahl) Fruit Harvest by the Soliga Community in South India Siddappa Setty R. 10. Moving from the Ecological Sustainability to the Participatory Management of Janaguba (Himatanthus Drasticus - Apocynaceae) Cristina Baldauf, Christiane E. Correa, Maisa Ciampi-Guillardi, Julia C. Sfair, Damasio D. Pessoa, Raydine C.F. Oliveira, Marilyn F. Machado, Cicero Ikaro Dantas Milfont, Terry C.H. Sunderland and Flavio A.M. dos Santos 11. Sustainable Bark Harvesting of Important Medicinal Tree Species, India Ashok K. Pandey 12. Cork Oak (Quercus Suber L.): A Case of Sustainable Bark Harvesting In Southern Europe Augusta Costa and Graca Oliveira 13. Sustainability of Golden Grass Flower Stalk Harvesting in the Brazilian Savanna Isabel B. Schmidt, Isabel Benedetti Figueiredo and Tamara Ticktin Part 3: Ecological Sustainability in Dynamic Social Contexts 14. Commercialization and Sustainability: When can they Co-Exist? Rachel Wynberg and Jaci van Niekerk 15. Good Governance: A Key Element of Sustainable Non-Timber Forest Product Harvesting Systems Rebecca J. McLain and Steven Lawry 16. Ecologically Sustainable Harvesting of Non-Timber Forest Products: Disarming the Narrative and the Complexity Charlie M. Shackleton, Ashok K. Pandey and Tamara Ticktin.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415728591 20160618
There is growing knowledge about and appreciation of the importance of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) to rural livelihoods in developing countries, and to a lesser extent, developed countries. However, there is also an assumption on the part of policy-makers that any harvesting of wild animal or plant products from the forests and other natural and modified ecosystems must be detrimental to the long-term viability of target populations and species. This book challenges this idea and shows that while examples of such negative impacts certainly exist, there are also many examples of sustainable harvesting systems for NTFPs. The chapters review and present coherent and scientifically sound information and case studies on the ecologically sustainable use of NTFPs. They also outline a general interdisciplinary approach for assessing the sustainability of NTFP harvesting systems at different scales. A wide range of case studies is included from Africa, Asia and South America, using plant and animal products for food, crafts, textiles, medicines and cosmetics.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415728591 20160618
Science Library (Li and Ma)
xvii, 275 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Sub-theme 1: Concept of climate change (causes, implication, adaptation, mitigation and opportunities). Impact of global climate change on environment / Olowoyo F.B., Adebayo, O., Otorokpo, A. and Odeyemi S.A.
  • Concept of climate change (causes, implication, adaptations, mitigation and opportunities) / Komolafe Adebowale Sunday
  • Global warming : causes, impacts and mitigations / Adegoke I.A., Ige, P.O., Baiyewu R.A. and Aina K.S.
  • Drivers of climate change (causes, effects and mitigation) / Thlama, D.M., Okonkwo, C., Nwakushue F.N. and Oladipo, R.
  • Impact of deforestation and burning of fossils on climate change / Etuk, I.M., Offiong, M.O., and Etuk, A.I.
  • Impact of human activities on atmospheric pollution and climate change / Gobo, A.E. and Akpan, U.F.
  • Ozone layer depletion and its effects on biodiversity / Halisu, S.K., Meduna A.J., Mustafa, M.O., Likita, I.B. and Ogunjobi, J.A.
  • Deforestation as drivers of climate change, causes, consequences and mitigation / Kareem, A.A., Iroko, O.A., Adio, A.F., Gbadebo, J.O. and Jegede, O.C.
  • Impact of climate change on biodiversity / Iroko, O.A., Kareem, A.A., Adio, A.F., Gbadebo, J.O. and Jegede, O.C.
  • Sub-theme 2: Climate change, gender and sustainable forest management. Climate change mitigation : forestry options for rural women / Esohe Grace Oboho
  • Enhancing women role in forest management in a changing global climate / Olowohunwa J.J., Adedeji, M., Akesode, A. and Faleyimu O.I.
  • Women's participation in self help community development project in Okene L.G.A., Kogi State / Yahaya, U.F., Babasanya, B., Lukman, Ganiyu and Olafemi S.O.
  • Climate change, women and sustainable development / Eteakamba, Ukpong and Pretty Dan
  • Rural women and consequences of climate change in north central Nigeria / Adedayo, A.G.
  • The effect of climate change on women participating in agroforestry / Adekola, P.J., Ojo M.O., Sanwo, S.K., Adebagbo, C.A. and Shittu A.
  • The effect of climate change and gender equality in sustainable development / Idowu, O.S., Adejumo, A.A., Oni, S.O. and Akinola, O.A.
  • Gender issues as related to climatic amelioration / Owese, T.O., Odebode, A.V. and Amadi, J.O.
  • Climate change, urban forestry and gender role / Jegede, O.C., Kareem, A.A., Adio, A.F., Iroko, O.A., Gbadebo, J.O. and Akinkuoroye, H.O.
  • Forestry education and its relevance to the important roles played by women in climate change / Ojo, O.S., Akinyemi O., Sodimu, A.I., Suleiman, R.A. and Jayeoba, W.A.
  • The involvement of women in sustainable forest management and climate change in Benue State / Esa, V., Ikyaagba, E.T. and Tembe, E.T.
  • Roles of women in girls education : it's impact on environmental development / Adebayo, A.S. and Majebi, O.E.
  • The role of rural women in natural resources management / Oyelowo, O.J. and Osudiala, C.S.
  • Rural women empowerment : panacea to environment degradation in Nigeria / Tayo, O.S., Akinyemi, G.O., Adeyemo, A. and Akinnate, A.E.
  • Comparative study on gender sensitivity to climate change in Nigeria : biometricians' view / Asaolu, J.O., Oyemakin, S.O., Oyeleye, B., Julius, A.J., Oniroko, O.N. and Awosusi, B.M.
  • Sub-theme 3: Climate change, energy crisis and collective security. Tackling climate change through advanced wood and bio composites production / Aina, K.S., Badejo, S.O., Baiyewu, R.A. and Oladapo, F.M.
  • Impact of climate change on the environment / Osaguona, P.I. and Fajobi, E.A.
  • Climate change : forestry to the rescue / Ojo, A.R., Asinwa, I.O., Adio, A.F., Duru, H.I., Onilearo, S.K. and Akanmu, O.O.
  • Wildlife and climate change : consequences and implication / Sangotoyinbo, O.A., Abu, J.E., Isese, M.O., Ayeni, O.O. and Jayeoba, W.A.
  • Sub-theme 4: Climate change and sustainable agricultural development. Climate change : impact of mangrove deforestation on sustainable livelihood of Nigeria coastal communities / Koyejo, O.A., Okonkwo, H.O., Babalola, O.T. and Nwajiugo, N.A.
  • The role of sustainable agricultural practices in mitigating the effect of climate change / Odebode, A.V., Owese, T.O., Amadi, J.O. and Oyedeji, O.F.
  • Climate change : a major threat to agriculture and food security / Nurudeen, T.A., Dania, V.O. and Ekpo, E.N.
  • Confronting the challenges of climate change and food security for sustainable agricultural development--a need to re-focus on indigenous staple crops as acha (Digitaria exilis) / Sambo, B.E. and Alado, M.I.
  • Effect of litter composition from selected tree prunnings on growth and development of Amaranthus caudatus and Corchorus olitorius / Adekola, O.T. and Usman A.S.
  • Agroforestry : a viable option for climate change mitigation and sustainable agriculture / Otorokpo, A., Koyejo, O.A., Adebayo, O. and Ukpuho, E.J.
  • Sub-theme 5: Global economy and sustainable forest development. Sustainable bee farming : a profitable venture by women and children in Kachia L.G.A. Kaduna / Irokanulo, U.O, Osaguona, P.O., Ayeni, S.M., Hamzat, O.B. and Isaac, L.
  • Attitude of farmers toward mulberry sericulture as an economic activity in Ekiti State / Oladeji, J.O., Oyesola, O.B. and Eniola, P.O.
  • Climate change and aggression : its impact and effect on sustainable development / Oni, S.O., Ajani, J.O., Idowu O.S. and Dada, O.A.
  • Medicinal values of selected spice plants and their socio-economic importance for financial empowerment / Oladejo, S.F., Daniel D.E. and Odozie, E.C.
  • Collection, collation and identification of some medicinal plants as a means of sustaining forest development in Nigeria / Lawal, I.O., Uzokwe, N.E., Adio, A.F., Borokini, T.I., Faloye, B., Awosan, E.A. and Adesoga, A.A.
Green Library
54, 32 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xix, 45 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Green Library
xvii, 321 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
Green Library


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