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43 p. : col. ill., map, ports. ; 30 cm.
Green Library
xiv, 368 pages : maps, illustrations ; 24 cm
Presented is the synthesis of the research results of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management project in the Nanegal Parish of the Pichincha Province, Ecuador, from 1994 through 1997.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)
133 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xv, 415 p. : ill., maps.
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5. Gatekeeper series [1987 - ]

v. ; 30 cm.

6. Gatekeeper series [1987 - ]

v. ; 30 cm.
45, [4] p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xi, 416 p. : ill., maps (some col.) ; 24 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
x, 181 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xl, 190 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps ; 28 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
52 p. ; 24 cm.
Green Library
ix, 347 p : ill. ; 26 cm. + 1 videodisc (4 3/4 in.)
In its early days, agroforestry may have been viewed as the domain of the 'landcare enthusiast'. Today, integrating trees and shrubs into productive farming systems is seen as a core principle of sustainable agriculture. "Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management" provides the foundation for an understanding of agroforestry practice in both high and low rainfall zones across Australia. Three major areas are discussed: environmental functions of trees in the landscape (ecosystem mimicry, hydrology, protection of crops, animals and soil, biodiversity, aesthetics); productive functions of trees (timber, firewood, pulp, fodder, integrated multi-products); and the implementation of agroforestry (design, evaluation, establishment, adoption, policy support). The book also includes a DVD that features videos on forest measurement and harvesting, a Farm Forestry Toolbox and many regionally specific agroforestry resources. Written by leading researchers and practitioners from around Australia, "Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management" will be an essential resource for students in agroforestry courses, as well as a valuable introduction to the field for professionals in related areas. This book features wide coverage of the topic, from a 'principles' perspective. It is written by leading researchers and practitioners from around Australia, with expertise in agronomy, forestry, natural resource management, community and molecular ecologies, agricultural economics, soil science, hydrology, landscape architecture and rural sociology. It features comprehensive and integrated treatment of the environmental roles and productive potential of agroforestry across southern Australia, and comprehensive and readily useable agroforestry and farm forestry resource base on DVD.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780643092242 20160528
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
1 online resource (xxvi, 357 pages) : illustrations
  • Preface: Towards a sustainable Earth though remote sensing. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Resources. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Cities. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Land Use. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Environmental Systems. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Energy.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498700719 20171218
  • Foreword. Preface. Remote Sensing for Sustainable Cities. Extraction of Parameters from Remote Sensing Data for Environmental Indices for Urban Sustainability. John C. Trinder Earth Observation for Urban and Spatial Planning. Mattia Marconcini, Annekatrin Metz, Thomas Esch, and Julian Zeidler Assessment of Urban Growth in the Pearl River Delta, China, Using Time Series Landsat Imagery. Lei Zhang and Qihao Weng InSAR Monitoring of Land Subsidence for Sustainable Urban Planning. Abduwasit Ghulam, Mark Grzovic, Maitiniyazi Maimaitijiang, and Mamat Sawut A Tale of Two Cities: Urbanization in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, and Guiyang, Guizhou, China. Honglin Xiao and Qihao Weng Remote Sensing for Sustainable Natural Resources. Role of Remote Sensing in Sustainable Grassland Management: A Review and Case Studies for a Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecosystem. Alexander Tong, Bing Lu, Yuhong He, and Xulin Guo Classifying Tree Species Using Fine Spatial Resolution Imagery to Support the Conservation of an Endangered Bird Species in Hawaii. Qi Chen Remote Sensing of Forest Damage by Diseases and Insects. Gang Chen and Ross K. Meentemeyer Monitoring Water Quality with Remote Sensing Image Data. Bunkei Matsushita, Wei Yang, Lalu Muhamad Jaelani, Fajar Setiawan, and Takehiko Fukushima Remote Sensing for Sustainable Environmental Systems. Urban Air Quality Studies Using EO Data. Xuefei Hu Heat Hazard Monitoring with Satellite-Derived Land Surface Temperature. Yitong Jiang and Qihao Weng Remote Sensing Identification of Threshold Zones along a Mediterranean to Arid Climatic Gradient. Maxim Shoshany Moisture Using Optical Remote Sensing and Ground Measurements: A Case Study from Pakistan. Mudassar Umar, Siraj Munir, Iftikhar Ali, Salman Qureshi, Claudia Notarnicola, Said Rahman, and Qihao Weng Remote Sensing for Sustainable Energy. Earth Observation and Its Potential to Implement a Sustainable Energy Supply-A German Perspective. Thomas Esch, Markus Tum, and Annekatrin Metz Use of Nighttime Imaging Data to Assess Decadal Trends in Energy Use in China. Yanhua Xie and Qihao Weng Support of Wind Resource Modeling Using Earth Observation-A European Perspective on the Status and Future Options. Thomas Esch, Charlotte Bay Hasager, Paul Elsner, Janik Deutscher, Manuela Hirschmugl, Annekatrin Metz Assessing Solar Energy Potential and Building Energy Use in Indianapolis Using Geospatial Techniques. Yuanfan Zheng and Qihao Weng Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498700726 20171218
Driven by the societal needs and improvement in sensor technology and image processing techniques, remote sensing has become an essential tool for understanding the Earth and managing human-Earth interactions. This book aims to explore the current state of remote sensing knowledge needed for monitoring the world's natural resources and environments, managing exposure to natural disasters and man-made risks, and helping understand the sustainability and productivity of natural and human ecosystems.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498700719 20171218
Driven by the societal needs and improvement in sensor technology and image processing techniques, remote sensing has become an essential geospatial tool for understanding the Earth and managing Human-Earth interactions. Remote Sensing for Sustainability introduces the current state of the art remote sensing knowledge integral for monitoring the world's natural resources and environments, managing exposure to natural disasters and man-made risks, and helping understand the sustainability and productivity of natural ecosystems. Bridging the gap between remote sensing and sustainability science this book examines theories and methods as well as practical applications of sustainable development for cities using remote sensing; focuses on remote sensing methods and techniques for sustainable natural resources with emphasize on forests; answers questions on how and what the remote sensing methods and techniques can do for the sustainability of environmental systems; and examines the issues of energy use and sustainable energy sources using remote sensing technology in countries such as Germany, China, the U.S, drawing on case studies to demonstrate the applicability of remote sensing techniques. This comprehensive guide, which can serve to professors, researchers, and students alike, takes in consideration the United Nations set of sustainable development goals and intends to contribute to the GEO's Strategic Plan by addressing and exemplifying a number of societal benefit areas of remote sensing data sets, methods, and techniques for sustainable development.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498700726 20171218
114 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Green Library
408 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 25 cm.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)
xxvi, 584 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)
xv, 646 pages : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm
  • Section 1. Challenges in crop production and soil sciences. Weed management and sustainable crop production in the tropics / Udensi, U.E.
  • Inventory of physical environments, soils and agricultural features in the derived and Guinea savannah agro-ecologies of Nigeria / Jayeoba O.J., P.I. Ezeaku, and O.O. Agbede
  • Challenges to sustainable oil palm production in Nigeria / Orluchukwu, J.A.
  • Breeding and crop improvement in Nigeria : prospects and challenges / Ogunniyan, D.J., S.A. Olakojo and M.A. Adebayo
  • Spatial patterns of land use systems and the implications of Land Use Act 1978 for agricultural development in south eastern Nigeria / Ezeaku P.I. and O.J. Jayeoba
  • Soil quality indices for sustainable agricultural production in the tropics / Udom, B.E. and L.I. Chukwu
  • Sustainable agriculture : the way forward / Ibe, A.E. and D.K. Madukwe.
  • Section 2. Challenges in animal production and fisheries. Challenges and prospects of commercial poultry production in tropical countries : Nigeria in perspective / Ekine, O.A. and H.C. Okere
  • Challenges of pig farming in Nigeria / Ironkwe, M.O. and K.U. Amaefule
  • Challenges of animal breeding and genetics in sustainable production in agriculture and environment / Ajayi, F.O. and B.O. Agaviezor
  • Challenges to sustainable meat production in Nigeria / Ladokun, A.O.
  • Fish business in north central states of Nigeria : challenges and prospects / Okunsebor, S.A.,T.D. Imgbian and M. Usman
  • Sustainable fish production with gill net fishing techniques / Ambrose, E.E.
  • Challenges to sustainable exploitation of the fisheries resource in Nigeria / Francis, A. and S.A. Nwafili
  • Challenges of animal production in Nigeria : the health perspective / Omeje, N.J. and M.M. Adua.
  • Section 3. Challenges in forest and environmental resources management. Challenges of game reserves in Nigeria : a case study of Pai River Wildlife Park of Plateau State / Ijeomah, H.M.
  • Sustainable techniques in mushroom cultivation / Markson, A.A., B.E. Madunagu, E.J. Umana, S.E. Udo, and G. Omosun
  • Environmental challenges of poor forest management in Nigeria / Tee, T.N. and J.A. Ogwuche
  • The roles and challenges of landscaping in Nigeria / Omokhua, G.E. and F.B. Yakubu
  • Religion and environment : the church versus forest conservation / Udofia, S.I.
  • Contribution of forest resources to rural livelihood / Tee, T.N. and Shomkegh, S.A.
  • Challenges of bee keeping in Nigeria / Adedeji, G.A. and A.A. Aiyeloja
  • Carbon trading : its implications for sustainable forest management in Nigeria / Aju, P.C. and C.O. Iheanacho
  • Challenges of zoo management in Nigeria / Kehinde, O.A. and H.M. Ijeomah
  • Integrated watershed management : an imperative for sustainable natural resources management / Ac-Chukwuocha, N.B. and C.O. Iheanacho
  • Environmental problems affecting agricultural production in Nigeria / Eludoyin, O.S. and G. Emenike
  • Mushroom production for all round welfare : the untold truth among Nigerians / Okereke, V.C., O.M. Adedoku, and M.I. Godwin-Egein
  • Challenges of sustainable biofuel production in Nigeria and the sweet sorghum alternative / Ijeomah, A.U. and P.C. Nzelibe.
  • Section 4. Challenges in economic matters, extension delivery and home management. Formal agricultural credit delivery system and Nigeria's economic growth : trends and challenges / Onoja, A.O. and A.I. Achike
  • Management practices and profitability potentials of rice production in Nigeria / Chukwu, P.O., V.C. Unachukwu and M.O. Chukwu
  • Comparative functionality analysis of agricultural extension systems in transition and their challenges / Inyang, E.B., I.B. Adinya, and S. Awolumate
  • Challenges to sustainable nutrition in rural areas / Jike-wai, O. and E.C. Okeke
  • Inadequate employment opportunities for graduates of agriculture in Nigeria : a challenge to agricultural productivity / Aiyeloja, A.A. and G.A. Adedeji
  • Challenges of crop food marketing in Nigeria / Ekine, D.I. and M.E. Ndubueze-Ogaraku
  • Appraisal of human capital development in the agricultural sector in Nigeria / Olatunji, S.O. and C.C. Wigwe
  • Agricultural production and related public health hazards in Nigeria / Ana, G.R.E.E.
  • Home management in Nigeria : challenges and implications on agricultural production / Nwaogwugwu, O.N. and A.I. Emodi
  • Agricultural policies and challenges in agricultural production / Tom-Ekine, N. and Larinde, S.L.
Green Library
266 p.
  • Part I: Background-- Conflict and Agropastoral Development in the Sahel, K M Moore and M Bertelsen, Virginia Tech, USA, S Cisse and A Kodio, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali-- The Lifescape - Production Systems and Social Institutions, S Cisse, K M Moore, and C Brewster, Virginia Tech, USA-- Landscape and Soil Characteristics of Madiama Commune, O Badini, Washington State University, USA, and L Dioni, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali-- Investigation into the Movements of Cattle, Sheep and Goat Herds Through the Commune of Madiama, A Bailo and A Karim Ouattara, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali-- Land Use Changes in Madiama Commune, R H Wynne, Virginia Tech. USA, M S M Toure, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali, N Sengupta, Virginia Tech. USA, and A Bailo-- Part II: Interventions-- Participatory Landscape Lifescape Appraisal, J Earl, Preventing Harm Minnesota, USA, and A Kodio-- Building Social Infrastructure for Sustainable Development, K M Moore, S Cisse, and A Toure, Local Governance Advisor, CARE/Tombouctou, Mali-- Conflict Management Training, J Goebel, Goebel & Associates, USA, C Ampagoomian, Tulane University, USA, and A Toure-- Holistic Management Applied to Sanrem Research and Development in Madiama, S Bingham, Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management, USA-- Part III: Findings-- Farmers' Knowledge and Perceptions of Soil Fertility, T A Crane, University of Georgia, USA, and B Traore, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali-- Biophysical Assessment of Alternative Soil Fertility Technologies Through Modeling, O Badini, B Traore, and M S M Toure-- An Economic Evaluation of Alternative Soil Management Technologies, P Wyeth, Washington State University, USA, B Traore, O Badini, M S M Toure, and C Brewster-- Economic Linkages Among Occupational Groups in the Commune of Madiama, C Brewster, D Kabore, Institut de l'environnement et des recherches agricoles, Burkino Faso, M Berteisen, and P Wyeth-- Dry Season Feed Supplements: The Potential Role of Cassia tora, M El Hadj and O Abaye, Virginia Tech. USA, A Kodio, and M Keita, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali-- Controlled Grazing: Botanical Response and Animal Performance, O Abaye, M El Hadj, A Kodio, and M Keita-- Social Capital and Improved NRM, K M Moore and S Cisse-- What We Have Learned, K M Moore, C Brewster, and M Berteisen.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780851999487 20160528
This book is the product of a research programme into sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. It focuses on the transition from agricultural and pastoral systems of arid and semi-arid regions of West Africa to more intensified agricultural and animal husbandry systems. Both technological options and decision tools are analysed, and a replicable methodology for building social capital within a rural community in the Inland Delta of the Niger River is presented. Fundamentally, this text presents a solid point of reference for a case study based on a research based development project.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780851999487 20160528
Green Library
xii, 266 p. : ill.
  • Conflict and agropastoral development in the Sahel / Keith M. Moore ... [et al]
  • The lifescape : production systems and social institutions / Salmana Cissé, Keith M. Moore, and Charlene Brewster
  • Landscape and soil characteristics of Madiama Commune / Oumarou Badini and Lassana Dioni
  • Investigation into the movements of cattle, sheep, and goat herds through the Commune of Madiama / Adama Ballo and Abdoul Karim Ouattara
  • Land use changes in Madiama Commune / Randolph H. Wynne ... [et al.]
  • Participatory landscape, lifescape appraisal / Julia Earl and Amadou Kodio
  • Building social infrastructure for sustainable development / Keith M. Moore, Salmana Cissé, and Abdoulaye Touré
  • Conflict management training / Jeff Goebel, Catherine Ampagoomian, and Abdoulaye Touré
  • Holistic management applied to SANRM research and development in Madiama / Sam Bingham
  • Farmers' knowledge and perceptions of soil fertility / Todd Crane and Boureima Traoré
  • Biophysical assessment of alternative soil fertility technologies through modeling / Oumarou Badini, Boureima Traoré, and Mohamed Sidi Mohamed Touré
  • An economic evaluation of alternative soil management technologies / Peter Wyeth ... [et al.]
  • Economic linkages among occupational groups in the Commune of Madiama / Charlene Brewster ... [et al.]
  • Dry season feed supplements : the potential role of Cassia tora / Meriem El Hadj ... [et al.]
  • Controlled grazing : botanical response and animal performance / Ozzie abaye ... [et al.]
  • Social capital and improved NRM / Keith M. Moore and Salmana Cissé
  • What we have learned / Keith M. Moore, Charlene Brewster, and Michael Bertelsen.


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