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  • part 1 Preserving Ethnic Identity: Tulips and Blooming in Holland, Michigan - Analysis of a Dutch-American Festival, Suzanne Sinke-- The Paradox of Ethnicity in the United States - the French-Canadian Experience in Worcester, 1870-1914, John F. MClymer-- Constructing an Ethnic Identity - the Case of the Swedish-Americans, Dag A. Blanck-- The Attenuated Ethnicity of Contemporary Finnish-Americans, Peter Kivisto-- Mobility and Ethnicity - the Case of Greek-Americans, Alice Scourby-- Group Politics, Ethnicity, and Italian-Americans, Frank J. Cavaioli-- The Construction of a Symbolic Ethnicity - Suburban White Ethnics in the 1980s, Mary C. Waters-- Some Varieties of Social and Cultural Experiences of Immigrants and Ethnics-- The Educational Alliance - an Institutional Study in Americanization and Acculturation, Joseph Dorinson-- A people in Print - Jews and Journalism in America, Kenneth Libo-- Edward Smith King's Joseph Zalmonah-- - the Romance of Immigration, Stanley Brodwin-- The World Well Lost - Women and the Problematic of Assimilation in the Fiction of Anzia Yezierskam Uska Alter-- Against the Grain - Willa Cather and the Myths of Immigration in My Antonia, Christopher Sten-- Who Were the Immigrant Women from Britain to the U.S.A. in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, William E. Var Vouhgt-- Sport and the Nineteenth Century Immigrant Experiences, Ralph C. Wilcox-- Sport, Race and Ethnicity in the American City, 1870-1950, Steven A. Reiss-- Similarities and Differences in the Response to Oppression Among Blacks in the Diaspora, Joyce Toney-- Transnational Identities and Cultures, Constance R. Sutton-- Ethnic Challenges in a Maturing United States-- The United States as a Refuge - Who Were the Displaced Persons? Leonard Dinnerstein-- The Future of O.S. Asylum and Refugee Policy, Arthur Helton-- The Repatriation of Soviet Emigres, Mark Gibney-- The New Wave-- The Newest Americans - Report of the American Jewish Committee's Task Force on the Acculturation of Immigrants to American Life, George M. Szabad and Gary E. Rubin-- Immigration and the American Future, Philip L. Martin and Leon F. Bouvier-- Economic Effects of Recent Immigration to the United States, Gregory DeFreitas.
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This text examines how multitudes of US immigrants have adapted to a new culture while trying to preserve their ethnic identities, and how acculturation has impacted their lives and changed the cultural profile of American society. By looking at issues of specific concern to certain nationalities as well as cross-national concerns such as education and the role of women, the contributors attempt to answer questions arising from immigration and identify new challenges which must be faced as the USA becomes increasingly multilingual and multicultural. For example, they study how first-wave European immigrants, their descendants and the more recent arrivals from Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America have helped shape America's past and present history, and they pose new questions regarding assimilation and acculturation within a maturing economy.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780313277597 20160528
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1 v. (various pagings) : ill. (chiefly col.). maps (chiefly col.) ; 26 cm.
  • Prologue: The Election of President Barack Obama Part Chapter 1. Diversity in the United States: Questions and Concepts Chapter 2. Assimilation and Pluralism: From Immigrants to White Ethnics Chapter 3. Prejudice and Discrimination Chapter 4. The Development of Dominant-Minority Group Relations in Pre-Industrial America: The Origins of Slavery Chapter 5. Industrialization and Dominant-Minority Relations: From Slavery to Segregation and the Coming of Postindustrial Society Chapter 6. African Americans: From Segregation to Modern Institutional Discrimination and Modern Racism Chapter 7. American Indians: From Conquest to Tribal Survival in a Postindustrial Society Chapter 8. Hispanic Americans: Colonization, Immigration, and Ethnic Enclaves Chapter 9. Asian Americans: "Model Minorities"? Chapter 10. New Americans, Assimilation, and Old Challenges Chapter 11. Minority Groups and U.S. Society: Themes, Patterns, and the Future Appendix CQ Researcher Article 1. The Obama Presidency: Can Barack Obama Deliver the Change He Promises? Appendix CQ Researcher Article 2. Women's Rights: Are Violence and Discrimination Against Women Declining? Appendix CQ Researcher Article 3. American Indians: Are They Making Meaningful Progress at Last?
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781412990585 20160604
This updated edition replaces ISBN 9781412977586 and comes with an introductory chapter on the Obama election, plus three substantial topical articles from "CQ Researcher", and still only $77.95! Joseph F. Healey's "Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class: Updated Edition" builds upon the bestselling status of the four prior editions, praised for the author's writing style and the various effective pedagogical features that ensure students engage with core concepts in a meaningful way. With many updates and revisions, this edition once again uses sociological theory to tell the story of race and other socially constructed inequalities in the United States with consistency and clarity. Chapter-ending current debates based on the writings of prominent scholars spark classroom discussion on important issues, and first-person accounts, 'Narrative Portraits', are threaded throughout the text to bring life to a variety of topics. This edition includes an introductory chapter discussing the impact of the Obama election plus three topical articles from "CQ Researcher" on The Obama Presidency, Women's Rights, and American Indians. It is accompanied by High Quality Ancillaries! It provides password protected Instructor Teaching Site that includes updated chapter overviews, classroom activities, and suggestions for discussion; new and updated test questions including multiple choice questions, true/false questions, and essay questions; PowerPoint slides consisting of lecture outlines, exhibits, and examples; and, exhibits. There is an open access Student study site that includes Chapter self-quiz questions, e-flashcards, revised internet research projects for each chapter, NPR's 'This American Life' audio files and discussion questions for each chapter, PBS 'Frontline' video links and discussion questions, and Learning from "SAGE Journal Articles", plus a 4th article from "CQ Researcher".
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781412990585 20160604
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4. Social identities [1995 - ]

v. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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5. Ethnic groups [1976 - 1993]

10 v. 23 cm.
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