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  • Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 PART ONE: Monumental Federalism 1. Owen in America: Ambiguities in the Concept of the Federal System 17 2. Indians and Individualists: A Multiplicity of Sovereignties 30 3. An Imperium in Imperio: The Mormon Empire and Later Developments 46 4. Another Yoder Case: The Separatist Community and the Dissenting Individual 65 5. Melting Pots and Pariah Peoples 80 PART TWO: The Peaceable Kingdom 6. Theoreticians: Questions Left Open 101 7. The Minority Treaties of the League of Nations 119 8. The Debate over Education: Truth, Peace, Citizenship 138 9. Children and Groups: Problems in Fact and in Theory 157 10. Negotiating the Frameworks: The Problem of the Sensitive Citizen 178 Conclusion 203 Index 211.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780691089249 20180521
From outlawing polygamy and mandating public education to protecting the rights of minorities, the framing of group life by the state has been a subject of considerable interest and controversy throughout the history of the United States. The subject continues to be important in many countries. This book deals with state responses to cultural difference through the examination of a number of encounters between individuals, groups and the state, in the United States and elsewhere. The book opens the concepts of groups and the state, arguing for the complexity of their relations and interpenetrations. Carol Weisbrod draws on richly diverse historical and cultural material to explore various structures that have been seen as appropriate for adjusting relations between states and internal groups. She considers the experience of the Mormons, the Amish and Native Americans in the United States, the Mennonites in Germany and the Jews in Russia to illustrate arrangements and accommodations in different times and places. The Minorites Treaties of the League of Nations, political federalism, religious exemptions, nonstate schools and rules about adoption are among the mechanisms discussed th.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780691089249 20180521

9. The urban lawyer [1969 - ]

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14. Magazine of history [1985 - ]

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19. New criminal law review [2007 - ]

20. Buffalo criminal law review [1997 - 2006]


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