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13. A general collection of treatys of peace and commerce, manifestos, declarations of war, and other publick papers, from the End of the Reign of Queen Anne to the Year 1731. Vol.IV. Containing Several Treatys betwixt King George I. and the Emperor, 1715, 1716, 1718. His Treatys with France, Spain and Holland, 1715, 1717 1721. The Quadruple Alliance betwixt the Emperor, France, England, and Holland, 1718. Treaty betwixt King George as Elector of Hannover, and the Queen of Sweden, in relation to Bremen and Verden, 1719. Treaty at Hannover betwixt Great Britain, France, and Prussia, 1725. With some Articles relating to Thorn. Treaty betwixt King George II. and the Duke of Wolsembuttle, 1727. Several Papers relating to Don Carlos's Succession to Tuscany, &c. 1724, 1728, 1731. Treaty at Seville between Great Britain, France, and Spain; 1729. Two Treatys at Vienna between the Emperor, Great Britain, and Holland, 1731. With many others, to be seen in the Contents. Also, A Supplement of Treatys, &c. omitted in the preceding Volumes: particularly. King Charles II's Declaration of War against Holland, 1672. With the Answer of the States General thereto. Treaty betwixt Queen Anne and the House of Lunenburgh, 1702. Her Treaty of Commerce with Portugal, 1703. Her Declaration in favour of the Catalans, 1705. King George the First's, and the French King's Declarations of War against Spain, 1718, 1719. Treatys at Vienna between the Emperor and Spain, 1725. With divers more. To which is subjoin'd, a compleat list of all the treatys and publick papers in these 4 volumes, in an exact Chronological Order [electronic resource]. [1732]


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