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46 v. ; 24 cm.
galenet.galegroup.com Sabin Americana, 1500-1926
pages 719-1050 : portrait ; 26 cm
  • An introduction / Randy Lee
  • Rats and wounds in Bruce Springsteen's "Jungleland" : a prelude to the lawyer as poet advocate / William P. Doyle
  • The lawyer-advocate vs. the poet-advocate / Tom Corbett
  • What an advocate can learn from Springsteen / J. Michael Eakin
  • The lawyer as artist / Ken Gormley
  • Portraits of criminals on Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska : the enigmatic criminal, the sympathetic criminal, and the criminal as brother / Samuel J. Levine
  • The dignity and humanity of Bruce Springsteen's criminals / Abbe Smith
  • The promise was broken : law as a negative force in Bruce Springsteen's music / Samuel R. Bagenstos
  • "Meanness in this world" / Garrett Epps
  • Bruce Springsteen's hope and the lawyer as poet advocate / Randy Lee
  • The judgment of the boss on bossing the judges : Bruce Springsteen, judicial independence, and the rule of law / Charles Gardner Geyh
  • Revitalizing the lawyer-poet : what lawyers can learn from rock and roll / Russel G. Pearce
  • Bruce Springsteen and the remnants of a Catholic boyhood / John M. Facciola
  • Connecting with the boss : listening as a person and becoming the lawyer I ought to be / Bernard Grimm
  • Bruce Springsteen and staying on the Jersey side : an interview with Robert Coles on human connection and the law / Robert Coles.
Law Library (Crown)
207 p. 27 cm.
Green Library
pages [353]-784 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Mobilizing law for justice in Asia : a comparative approach / Frank w. Munger, Scott L. Cummings, and Louise G. Trubek
  • New paths to justice : a tale of social justice lawyering in Bangladesh / Cynthia Farid
  • The call of the times : strategic public interest lawyering during the Arroyo regime in the Philippines (2001-2010) / H. Harry L. Roque, Jr.
  • TRAFCORD and its participation in the promotion of human rights to counter human trafficking in Thailand / Duean Wongsa
  • Social justice lawyering and the meaning of Indian constitutionalism : a case study of the alternative law forum / Arvind Narrain and Arun K. Thiruvengadam
  • Protecting community rights : prospects for public interest lawyering in Mongolia / Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash and Jennifer Rasmussen
  • Monkey in a wig : LoyarBurok, UndiMsia!, public interest litigation and beyond / Shanmuga Kanesalingam
  • Cause lawyers in Indonesia : a house divided / Tim Lindsey and Melissa Crouch
  • Of absences, masks, and exceptions : cause lawyering in Singapore / Jothie Rajah and Arun K. Thiruvengadam
  • The juridification of cause advocacy in socialist Asia : Vietnam as a case study / John Gillespie
  • Not just defending : Advocating for law in Myanmar / Nick Cheesman and Kyaw Min San
  • Sleeping with dragons? : politically embedded lawyers suing the Chinese state / John Wagner Givens
  • A short history of the American Bar Association rule of law initiative's technical assistance approach / Jennifer Rasmussen.
Law Library (Crown)
xiii, 210 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Part 1 Transforming media structures - ownership, policy and regulation: redrawing the map of the communications industries - concentration and ownership in the era of privatization-- communication policy in the global information economy - whither the public interest?-- regulating communications media - from the discretion of sound chaps to the arguments of lawyers. Part 2 Changing media processes - politics and power: rethinking the sociology of journalism - source strategies and the limits of media centrism-- elections, the media and the modern publicity process-- democracy in blinkers? - citizenship and political communication in an inegalitarian social order-- culturalist perspectives of news organizations - a reappraisal and a case study-- American roots and European branches - communcation research past, present and future-- television and everyday life - towards an anthropology of the television audience-- electronic media and the redefining of time and space.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803982680 20160528
Communications experts address major issues at the heart of modern public communication in this volume, which highlights the current transformation of media systems, and explores the impact upon them of new ownership and regulatory structures, policies and technologies. The authors probe the nature of media power and the changing relationships of the symbolic, political and economic orders: the withering of public-interest, policy objectives, the growth of official information management, the unequal distribution of communication resources, and the implications of all these trends for the democratic process. The more conceptual and methodological issues they confront include a critique of the limitations of media-centric interpretations, the neglected significance of journalistic sources and a reappraisal of culturalist perspectives. Other chapters compare European and American research traditions, explore electronic media redefinitions of time and space, and present the case for an ethnographic approach to the television audience.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803982680 20160528
Green Library


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