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Music score
1 score (57 p.) ; 30 cm.
  • Invocation ; The narrow bud opens her beauties to the sun / William Blake
  • Answer July / Emily Dickinson
  • Hot sun, cool fire / George Perle
  • Ah, sun-flower! / William Blake
  • Adieu! farewell earth's bliss / Thomas Nashe
  • Ring out, wild bells / Alfred Lord Tennyson.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Music score
1 score (47 p.) ; 28 x 43 cm.
  • My Lord, what a beautiful morning!
  • A mountaineer's sad song
  • Weep, all ye little rains
  • Dry bones
  • Put my little shoes away
  • Blowin' in the wind
  • When the saints go marching in
  • Goodbye, old paint
  • O Peter, go ring-a dem bells
  • Where have all the flowers gone?
Music Library
Music score
ix, 67 p. 29cm.
Music Library
Music score
1 score (l, 425 p., 2 p. of plates) : ports. ; 31 cm.
  • From the oral tradition. Children's songs. Billy boy ; Bye, baby bunting ; Pease porridge hot ; Pop goes the weasel ; Ring around the roses ; Sing a song of sixpence ; Uncle John ; Weevily wheat ; Fiddle tunes. The Arkansas traveler ; The Campbells are coming ; The devil's dream ; The girl I left behind me ; Haste to the wedding ; Highland fling ; The Irish washerwoman ; Life let us cherish ; Money musk ; Polly put the kettle on ; The red heifer ; Folk songs. Barbara Allen ; Green grows the laurel ; Let the toast pass ; Mary of the wild moor ; Nobody ask'd you ; Old Grimes ; The railroader ; Roll the old chariot along ; The tread-mill
  • From published sources. Concert/theater songs. The big sunflower ; De boatmen's dance ; Buffalo gals ; Buy a broom! ; Camptown races ; Captain Jinks ; Come in and shut the door ; Darling Nelly Gray ; Dixie's Land ; Down in Alabam ; De floating scow of old Virginia ; The gipsy king ; The gum tree canoe ; Home! sweet home! ; I wish I were single again ; Keep the horseshoe over the door ; Kitty Wells ;
  • A life on the ocean wave ; Little Annie Rooney ; The May queen part second : New Year's Eve ; Mistress Jinks of Madison Square ; A motto for every man ; My old Kentucky home, good night ; Nelly was a lady ; The new year's come ; Oh! boys, carry me 'long ; Old Dan Tucker ; Old folks at home ; Old John Brown ; Paddle your own canoe ; Roll on silver moon ; Skidmore Guard ; Susanna ; 'Twill nebber do to gib it up so! ; Uncle Ned ; Uncle Sam's farm ; Wait for the wagon ; Where there's a will there's a way ; Hymns/Sunday school songs. Am I a soldier of the cross? ; Canaan ; Doxology ; The evergreen shore ; Gentle words and loving smiles ; The good old way ; The happy land ; The home of the soul ; Jerusalem, the golden ; Jesus holds my hand ; Lend a helping hand ; Merry, merry Christmas! ; Mountain of the Lord ; My Sabbath home ; The ninety and nine ; On Jordan's stormy banks ; Pull for the shore ; Rock of ages ; A shelter in the time of storm ; The star of Bethlehem ; Sweet by and by ; What shall the harvest be? ;
  • When I can read my title clear ; Parlor songs. The battle cry of freedom ; The beacon-light of home ; Ben Bolt ; Beware! ; The blue Juniata ; Daisy Deane ; The gipsie's warning ; Golden years are passing by ; In dreamland far away ; In the starlight ; Jingle bells ; Lilly Dale ; Love's old sweet song ; Marching through Georgia ; The old time ; Polly-wolly-doodle ; Rock me to sleep, mother ; The singin skewl ; When Johnny comes marching home ; The whip-poor-will's song ; Scottish/Irish songs. All the blue bonnets ; Auld lang syne ; Bonny Doon ; Comin' thro' the rye ; Highland Mary ; My heart is sair for somebody ; Oft in the stilly night ; O whistle and I'll come to you ; Singing school music. Gaily now our boat is sailing ; Great is the Lord ; The heavens declare the glory ; The song of the grass ; Three blind mice ; We are all here ; Songs of the nation. America ; Hail Columbia ; The star spangled banner ; Yankee Doodle.
Music Library
Music score
1 score (47 p.) ; 31 cm.
  • Deep river
  • Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
  • Oh, Peter, go ring dem bells
  • The lonesome valley
  • Listen to the lambs
  • Swing low, sweet chariot
  • I'm a trav'ling to the grave
  • Go down, Moses
  • It's a me, o Lord : standin' in the need of prayer
  • Steal away
  • My way's cloudy
  • Hard trials
  • Heav'n, heav'n : goin' to shout all over God's heav'n
  • I don't feel no-ways tired
  • Nobody knows the trouble I've had
  • I want to be ready : walk in Jerusalem just like John
  • Ev'ry time I feel the spirit
  • I'm a rolling
  • The gospel train : get on board children
  • Wait 'till I put on my crown : Oh, yes! Oh, yes!
  • Jesus on the water-side
  • Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel?
  • Roll, Jordan, roll
  • Wrestle on, Jacob
  • I've been in the storm so long.
Music Library
Music score
1 score (liii, 191 p.) : facsims. ; 34 cm.
  • Pammelia : 1609. Rounds or catches of three voices (Hey ho! to the greenwood now let us go. O my fearful dreams never forget shall I. Jolly shepherd and upon a hill as he sate. All into service let us ring. All into service let us ring : Lant version. New oysters (I). Oaken leaves in the merry wood so wild. Now God be with old Simeon. Well fare the nightingale. Follow me quickly. Now kiss the cup, cousin, with courtesy. New oysters (II). All into service, the bells toll. Hey, down a down (I). Miserere nostri Domine (I). Pietas omnium virtutum. Intende voci orationis meae. Haec est vita aeterna. Miserere nostri Domine (II). O praise the Lord, ye that fear him. The merry nightingale. The jolly old dog as he lay in his den-a. The old dog as he lay in his den-a : Winchester version. Joan, come kiss me now. My dame has in her hutch at home. Go no more to Brainford. Dame lend me a loaf. Dame, lend me a loaf : Melvill version. I am a-thirst, what should I say. There lies a pudding in the fire. Hey, down a down (II). What hap had I to marry a shrow) ; Rounds or catches of four voices (Hey, down a down (III). Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (I). Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (I) : Melvill version. Miserere mei Deus. Conditor kyrie omnium qui vivunt. In te Domine speravi. Exaudi Domine orationem meam. Ora et labora. Ora et labora : five-part version. Quicquid petieritis. Cantate Domino canticum novum. Mane nobiscum Christe. Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem. Fides est anima vita (I). Descendit Christus de coelo. Ascendit Christus in coelum. Adiuva nos Deus. O Lord of whom I do depend. Attend, my people, and give ear. O Lord, in thee is all my trust. O Lord, turn not away thy face. A Dieu seul soit honneur et gloire / Paschal de L'Estocart. Célébrons sans cesse de Dieu les bontés / Orlando di Lasso. Saincté escriture te propose / de l'Estocart. Donez à boire. As I me walked in a May morning. As I me walked on a morning fair : Melvill version. The white hen she cackles. The wind blows out of the west. Jack, boy, ho boy, news. Blow thy horn, thou jolly hunter. Banbury ale. A miller would I be. Birch and green holly. The lark, linnet and nightingale. Troll the bowl to me. Now, Robin, lend to me thy bow. Farewell, mine own sweet heart. Fa, mi, fa, re, la mi. Musing mine own self all alone. To Portsmouth it is a gallant town. Come, drink to me, and I will drink to thee. Let's have a peal for John Cook's soul (I). Sing we this roundelay merrily, my mate. Ut, re, mi, fa, mi, re, ut. Ut, re, me, fa, mi, re, ut : four-part version. Lady, come down and see. Love, sweet love. Sing after, fellows, as you hear me. Sing after, fellows, as you hear me : Lant version) ; Rounds or catches of five voices (Come, follow me merrily, my mates. White wine and sugar is good drink for me. Libera me Domine a persequentibus me. Universa transeunt. Vias tuas Domine demonstra mihi. Fides est anima vita (II). Si non pavisti occidisti. Verbum Domini manet in aeternum. Sing you now after me. Jinkin the jester was wont to make glee. Hey ho! nobody at home. Hey ho! nobody at home : Lant version. Hey ho! nobody at home : six-part adaptation. Hey ho! nobody at home : three-part adaptation. Troll the bowl and drink to me : Winchester version. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (II). Let Lobcock leave his wife at home. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (III). Keep well you ray, my lads. How should I sing well, and not be weary) ; Rounds or catches of six voices (Joy in the gates of Jerusalem. Laudate nomen Domini (I). Domine fili Dei vivi miserere nostri. Benedic, Domine, nobis his donis tuis. Now thanked be the great god Pan) ; Round or catch for seven voices (Laudate nomen Domini (II)) ; Rounds or catches of eight voices (Let's have a peal for John Cook's soul (II). Let's have a peal for John Cook's soul (II) : alternative version. Delicta quis intelligit?) ; A round or catch for nine voices (Hey ho, what shall I say) ; A round or catch for ten or eleven voices (Sing we now merrily
  • Deuteromelia : 1609. Freemens songs of three voices (As if fell on a holy day. The fly she sat in Shamble Row. We be soldiers three. Be merry Landsdale, hey ho (I). Be merry Landsdale, hey ho (II) "Another way". We be three poor mariners. Of all the birds that ever I see) ; Rounds or catches of three voices (Lord, hear the poor that cry. Browning madam. Browning madam : Lant version. Hold thy peace. Hold thy peace : Melvill version. Glad am I. Margery, serve well the black sow. Three blind mice. Three blind mice : Melvill version. The great bells of Osney. Malt's come down) ; Freemens songs of four voices (Martin said to his man. Give us once a drink. Who liveth so merry in all this land. By a bank as I lay. Tomorrow the fox will come to town. Willy, prithee go to bed. Yonder comes a courteous knight) ; Rounds or catches of four voices (Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (IV). O my love, lov'st thou me?. Go to Joan Glover. The maid she went a-milking. I C U B A K. Sing with thy mouth, sing with thy heart. By hills and dales she rode. The pigeon is never woe. He, down a down (IV))
  • Melismata : 1611. Court varieties (The courtier's good morrow to his mistress. The crowning of Belphoebe. Mercury's song : the messenger of the gods. The courtier's courtship to his mistress. A song of pages, cashiered from their masters. Servants out of service are going to the city to look for new (masters)) ; City rounds (Brooms for old shoes. I pray you, good mother. My mistress will not be content. I lay with an old man all the night) ; City conceits (The painters' song of London. The scrivener's servant's song of Holborn. A bellman's song. The crier's song of Cheapside) ; Country rounds (He that will an alehouse keep. And seest thou my cow today, Fowler?. Kit and Tom chid-a. Derry ding ding dasson. As I went by the way, holum trolum) ; Country pastimes (There were three ravens sat on a tree. The marriage of the frog and the mouse. A wooing song of a yeoman of Kent's son. A Christmas carol)
  • A briefe discourse : 1614. Hunting (A hunt's up / John Bennet. A hunting song / Edward Pearce) ; Hawking (A hawk's up, for a hunt's up / Thomas Ravenscroft. For the partridge / Ravenscroft. For the hern and duck / Bennet) ; Dancing (The fairies' dance / Ravenscroft. The satyrs' dance / Ravenscroft. The urchins' dance. The elves' dance / Bennet) ; Drinking (Of beer / Ravenscroft. Of ale / Ravenscroft. Of ale and tobacco / Ravenscroft) ; Enamouring (Three fools / Bennet. The servant of his mistress / Bennet. The mistress of her servant / Pearce. Their marriage solemnized / Ravenscroft. Hodge Trillindle to his zweet hort Malkin : Vurst bart / Ravenscroft. Malkinz answer to Hodge Trillindle : zecund bart / Ravenscroft. Their goncluzion : dhurd bart / Ravenscroft. Their wedlocke / Bennet).
Music Library
Music score
1 score (xvi, 221 p.) ; 25 cm.
  • Villancico de la falta de fe = For a world without faith / Eduardo Falú
  • Khorurd metz = Great mystery / Movses Khorenatsi ; arr. Vahram Sargsyan
  • Southern Cross / Stephen Leek
  • Kuttun kantak = Night songs / Javier Busto
  • Nu is die roe van Jesse = The rod of Jesse / Flemish trad. ; arr. Vic Nees
  • Acalanto para o menino Jesus = Carol for the baby Jesus / Ernani Aguiar
  • The Huron carol / trad. ; arr. Eleanor Daley
  • Notre divin Maître = Our master, Lord Jesus / trad. ; arr. Gilbert Patenaude
  • Llega la Navidad! = Christmas is coming / Ramón Díaz ; arr. Juan Tony Guzmán
  • Nüüd ole, Jeesus, kiidetud = Now blessed be thou, Christ Jesu / Kihnu Island trad. ; arr. Mart Siimer
  • Tuikkikaa, oi joulun tähtöset = Twinkle bright, you stars of Christmastide / Pekka Juhani Hannikainen ; arr. Pekka Kostiainen
  • Ainsi que parmi la prée = On a hillside in the cold / Bruno Gousset
  • Süsser die Glocken nie klingen = Sweetly the bells are ringing / trad. ; arr. Karsten Gundermann
  • Krismas dodzi vo = Christmas time is here / Robert M. Kwami
  • Nagykarácsony Éjszakáján = On great Christmas night / trad. ; arr. Miklós Kocsár
  • Immanúel oss í nátt = Emmanuel, to us this night / Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson
  • Carúl fáilte = A carol of welcome / Séamas de Barra
  • Infant joy / Rikuya Terashima
  • Jajang, jajang, ahgi Yesu = Lullay, lullay, baby Jesu / Hyun Chul Lee
  • Dedziet skalu, pūtiet guni = Bring us fire, bring us light / Latvian trad. ; arr. Selga Mence
  • Lullaby carol / David Hamilton
  • Amuworo ayi otu nwa = For unto us a child is born / Christian Onyeji
  • Det hev ei rose sprunge = A spotless rose / Ola Gjeilo
  • Hej, hej, lelija! = Hey, hey, lily / Polish trad. ; arr. Stanislaw Szczyciński
  • Ena noč polna veselja = On a starlit night / trad. ; arr. Maksimiljan Feguš
  • Susa ninna / Peter Louis van Dijk
  • Ett nyfött barn = A newborn child / Robert Sund
  • Im silbernen Wassergrund = In silvery darkness / Carl Rütti
  • My dancing day / English trad. ; arr. Bob Chilcott
  • Who is the baby? / Rosephanye Powell
  • Niño lindo = Lovely baby / Venezuelan trad. ; arr. Alberto Grau.
Music Library
Music score
1 score (136 p.) ; 31 cm.
  • All God's children got shoes
  • Amazing grace
  • An evening prayer
  • Blessed assurance
  • Brighten the corner where you are
  • By an' by
  • Deep river
  • Do Lord
  • Down by the riverside
  • Doxology (Praise God)
  • An evening prayer
  • Ev'ry time I feel the spirit
  • Ezekiel saw the wheel
  • Get on board
  • Give me that old time religion
  • Go down, Moses
  • Good news
  • He's got the whole world in his hands
  • Hush! Hush!
  • I need Thee every hour
  • In the garden
  • It is well with my soul
  • Jesus loves me
  • Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho
  • Just a closer walk with Thee
  • Just a little talk with Jesus
  • Just as I am
  • Kum ba yah
  • The Lord's prayer
  • Love lifted me
  • Michael, row the boat ashore
  • Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
  • Oh happy day
  • Oh, how I love Jesus
  • Oh, them golden slippers
  • Oh, won't you sit down
  • The old rugged cross
  • One more river to cross
  • Peter, go ring them bells
  • Precious memories
  • Rock-a my soul
  • Simple gifts
  • Sinner man
  • So high
  • Solid rock
  • Something within
  • Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
  • Standing in the need of prayer
  • Swing low, sweet chariot
  • This little light of mine
  • Up above my head
  • Wade in the water
  • We'll understand it better by and by
  • Were you there?
  • What a friend we have in Jesus
  • When the saints go marching in.
Features 54 all-time gospel favorites, including: Amazing Grace * Blessed Assurance * Doxology * Go Down, Moses * Good News * In the Garden * Jesus Loves Me * Simple Gifts * Were You There? * and more.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Music Library

9. Partridge pie [1991]

Music score
2 v. of music ; 32 cm.
  • bk. 1. A partridge in a pear tree ; Two turtle-doves ; Three French hens ; Four calling birds ; Five gold rings ; Six geese a-laying
  • bk. 2. Seven swans a-swimming ; Eight maids a-milking ; Nine drummers drumming ; Ten pipers piping ; Eleven ladies dancing ; Twelve lords a-leaping.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Music score
1 score (94 p.) ; 29 cm.
  • Südamlik ema, oled kaitsjaks taevas = Affectionate mother, you are the guardian in heaven
  • Oh halastuse emake = Oh mother of mercy
  • Kiitkem südamest Mariat = Hearthfelt praise be to Mary
  • Heliseb väljadel = Ringing in the fields
  • Taevainglid kiitke isaandat = Angels of heaven, praise the Lord
  • Auväärne haldja, taevalik õis = Revered custodian, you heavenly blossom
  • Hele täht = A bright star
  • Seisab valurikas ema = The sorrowing mother stood
  • Tere, taevakuninganna = Hail, Queen of heaven
  • Sind tervitan! = Salve!
  • Suur looja, valgus oled sa = Great creator, you are the light
  • Kaunim meritähti, ema = Mother, the fairest star of the sea.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Music score
1 score (92 pages) ; 24 cm
  • Anthem of the International Ladies Garment Workers
  • A rebel song
  • Banker and boss
  • Bread and roses
  • Budenny's march
  • Capitalism's endless chain
  • Casey Jones
  • Come, rally youth
  • Comrades, the bugles are sounding
  • D.A.R. song
  • Fighting song
  • Forward, forgetting never
  • General strike song
  • Go down, Moses
  • Hail, working class
  • Hark, the battle cry is ringing
  • Hear a word, a word in season
  • Heirs of time
  • Hold the fort
  • Hold up your light
  • Hunger blues song
  • I'm labor
  • Labor's endless chain
  • Lift up the people's banner
  • March, march, comrades all
  • March of the workers
  • March on
  • March song of the workers
  • Men of the soil
  • Money pay-triots
  • My Lord delibered Daniel
  • No more slaves
  • No more war
  • Not one cent
  • On the picket line
  • Organize unions
  • O, tortured and broken in prison
  • Over all the lands
  • Paint 'er red
  • Please, Mr. Boss
  • Red front
  • Solidarity
  • Solidarity forever
  • Song of the lower classes
  • Song of the proletariat
  • Song of the red air fleet
  • Song to the men of England
  • Soup song
  • The advancing proletaire
  • The barricades
  • The builders
  • The chain gang
  • The challenge of youth --The cry of the people
  • The cudgel song
  • The hand with the hammer
  • The international
  • The march of the hungry men
  • The oath
  • The people's hymn
  • The preacher and the slave
  • The rebel girl
  • Hallelujah, I'm a bum
  • The red flag
  • The red flag
  • The revolution
  • The scarlet banner
  • The smith and the king
  • The workers' carmagnole --The workers' hymn
  • The young guards
  • These things shall be
  • To labor
  • Tramp, tramp, tramp
  • True freedom
  • Unity
  • Up, socialist comrades
  • We are building a strong union
  • We have fed you all for a thousand years
  • We're comrades ever
  • We're marching, O comrades
  • We shall be free
  • We shall not be moved
  • When the revolution comes
  • When wilt thou save the people
  • Workers' memorial song
  • Workmen's circle song.
Hoover Library
Music score
1 score (179 p.) ; 26 cm.
  • All my trials-- Balm in Gilead-- By and by-- Deep river-- Didn't it rain-- Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel-- Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit-- Goin' home to God-- Go tell it on the mountains-- I got a robe-- I want Jesus to walk with me-- Joshua fit the battle of Jericho-- Nobody knows the trouble I've seen-- Peter, go ring them bells-- Steal away-- Surely He died on Calvary-- Swing low sweet chariot-- Wade in the water-- Way over in Beulah-lan'-- Were you there.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
This work presents a collection of 20 fresh new spiritual arrangements for SATB choirs. Many of the songs are well-known to most singers, and some are entirely new. There are a range of styles, with a mixture of large- and small-scale pieces, both unaccompanied and accompanied. The collection provides singers with inspirational, moving, and above all, enjoyable repertoire.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
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