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Database topics
News; Economics and Business; American History
v. ill. 58 cm.
Media & Microtext Center
Database topics
Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); East Asia Studies
Detailed summary in vernacular field only.
"《晚清期刊全文数据库》再现了晚清时期思想激荡的峥嵘岁月:有宣扬妇女解放和思想启蒙的妇女类期刊,有晚清小说大繁荣时期涌现的四大小说期刊,有为开启民智、传播新知创办的白话文期刊,有介绍先进技术、传播科学知识的科技类期刊,读者用可从标题、作者、刊名等途径对28万余篇的文章进行检索、浏览并下载全文。"--Database home page.

3. The Washington post [1974 - ]

Database topics
Language; News; American History
Green Library
Database topics
Earth Sciences; Economics and Business; Biology; Engineering
Provides summaries of the world's technical and scientific literature on water-related topics covering the characteristics, conservation, control, pollution, treatment, use and management of water resources. Abstracts are drawn from journals, books, conference proceedings, and technical reports in the physical and life sciences, as well as from engineering, legal and government publications. The database covers literature published from 1967 to the present. Major areas of coverage include: groundwater, lakes, estuaries, erosion and sedimentation, water supply and conservation, desalination, water yield improvement, water quantity management and control, watershed protection, water quality management, water resources planning, water law, and engineering works and hydraulics.
Database topics
Race and Ethnicity; American History
Search and view correspondence, writings, and photographs in the W.E.B. Du Bois papers held at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Database topics
General and Reference Works; Environmental Studies; Social Sciences (General); Art, Architecture and Design; Science (General); Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Biology; Medicine; Engineering
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1 online resource
  • Citation Indexes
  • Science Citation Index Expanded 1900-present
  • Social Sciences Citation Index 1900-present
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index 1975-present
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Science 1990-present
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Social Sciences & Humanities 1990-present
  • Book Citation Index - Science 2005-present
  • Book Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities 2005-present
  • Chemical Indexes
  • Current Chemical Reactions (CCR Expanded) 1985-present
  • Index Chemicus (IC) 1993-present
  • Emerging Sources Citation Index 2005-
Web of Science Core Collection provides access to the world's leading citation databases. Authoritative, multidisciplinary content covers journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and conference proceedings. Includes current and retrospective coverage in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, with coverage to 1900.
Database topics
Biology; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy
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1 online resource
In collaboration with the Scientific Electronic Library (eLibrary.RU), the Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science enables discovery of new insights from Russian publications.
Database topics
Science (General); Art, Architecture and Design; Social Sciences (General)
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1 online resource
Web of Science All Databases (formerly Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge) indexes core journal articles, conference proceedings, data sets, and other resources in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.
Database topics
1 online resource.
WebOya indexes periodicals held by the Ōya Sōichi bunko, a private library in Tokyo with a comprehensive collection of popular journals reflecting popular culture in Japan. Provides basic and advanced Boolean searching, as well as classified searches by personal names, occupation, subject, and keyword. Indexes 400 titles including 110,000 personal name and 7,000 subject headings. Coverage: 1988- present.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Biology
  • Features of WebCSD include:
  • Substructure searching
  • Similarity searching
  • Text/numeric searching (journal reference, compound name, all text)
  • Reduced cell searching
  • Database browsing.
Web interface to Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) without the need to install client software. Contains published crystallographic data on organic, organometallic, and metal complex structures whose 3D structures have been determined using X-ray diffraction or neutron diffraction.
Database topics
Physical extent
1 online resource
"WEBTech notes is a web-based tool that is designed to support the management of Federal depository library collections. Federal depository libraries use WEBTech Notes to search, browse, and view updates to Superintendent of Documents classification numbers and to List of Classes information. WEBTech Notes provides instant public access to additions and modifications as they are made by GPO staff. As part of the dynamic updating of WEBTech Notes, the U.S. Government Printing Office has ceased publication of Administrative notes, technical supplement (ANTS). All future updates will be made to the Web-based system."
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
WebWISER is the online version of WISER, a system designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice. WebWISER supports both PC and mobile device browsers, including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices. Include sources of data too? Please see: http://wiser.nlm.nih.gov//about.html#wheredata

14. Werke [1967 - 1968]

Database topics
Music score
19 v. in 23. 34cm.
  • v.1.Bd.I & III.- v.2.Bd.II.- v.3.Bd.IV & VIII.- v.4.Bd.V-VII.- v.5.Bd.IX:1-2.- v.6.Bd.IX:3-4 & XII.- v.7.Bd.XI:3-4 & X.- v.8.Bd.XI:1-2.- v.9.Bd.XIII:1.- v.10.XIII:2-3.- v.11.XIV:1.- v.12.XIV:2.- v.13.XIV:3-5.- v.14.Bd.XV:1.- v.15.Bd.XV:2.- v.16.Bd.XV:3.- v.17.XV:4.- v.18.Bd.XV:5.- v.19.Bd.XV:6-7, 10-11.- v.20.Bd.XV:8.- v.21.Bd.XV:9.- v.22.Bd.XVI-XVIII.- v.23.Bd.XIX.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

15. Werke [1881 - 1893]

Database topics
Music score
v. 34 cm.
  • Ser. 1. Symphonien.--Ser. 2. Ouverturen.--Ser. 3. Concerte u. Concertstücke.--Ser. 4. Für Streichinstrumente.--Ser. 5. Für Pianoforte und andere Instrumente.--Ser. 6. Für 1 oder 2 Pianoforte, zu 4 Händen.--Ser. 7. Für Pianoforte zu 2 Händen.--Ser. 8. Fugen über den Namen Bach für Orgel.--Ser. 9. Grössere Gesangwerke mit Orchester oder mechreren Instrumenten.--Ser. 10. Mehrstimmige Gesangwerke mit Pianoforte.--Ser. 11. Für Männerchor.--Ser. 12. Für Sopran, Alt, Tenor, u. Bass.--Ser. 13. Für eine Singstimme, mit Begleitung des Pianfortes.--Ser. 14. Supplement.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

16. Werke [microform] [1858 - 1902]

Database topics
Music score
1 score (96 v.) ; 26 cm.
  • ORATORIEN. Reel 1: v.53. Aci, Galatea e Polifemo
  • v.3. Acis und Galetea
  • v.46b. Alceste
  • v.33. Alexander Balus
  • v.12. Alexanderfest
  • v.6. Allegro
  • Reel 2: v.5. Athalia
  • v.19. Belsazar
  • v.23. Cäciliendode
  • v.29. Deborah
  • v.40. Esther
  • v.41. Esther, 2. Bearbeitung
  • v.46a. Geburtstagsode für Königin Anna
  • Reel 3: v.43. Gelegenheitsoratorium
  • v.4. Herakles
  • v.18. Die Wahl des Herakles
  • v.44. Jeptha ; Jeptha (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 4: v.42. Joseph
  • v.17. Josua
  • v.16. Israel in Ägypten
  • v.22. Judas Makkabäus ; Messias (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 5: v.45. Messias
  • v.54. Parnasso in Festa
  • v.9. Passion nach Johannes
  • v.15. Passion nach Brockes
  • v.39. Resurrezione
  • v.26. Salomo
  • Reel 6: v.10. Samson
  • v.13. Saul
  • v.7. Semele
  • v.1. Susanna
  • v.8. Theodora
  • v.24. Trionfo del tempo
  • v.20. Sieg der Zeit und Wahrheit
  • OPERN UND SINGSPIELE. Reel 7: v.73. Admeto
  • v.57. Agrippina
  • v.86. Alcina
  • v.72. Alessandro
  • v.55. Almira
  • v.62. Amadigi
  • v.83. Arianna
  • v.85. Ariodante
  • v.89. Arminio
  • Reel 8: v.87. Atalanta
  • v.90. Berenice
  • v.94. Deidamia
  • v.68. Guilio Cesare
  • v.80. Ezio
  • v.91. Faremondo
  • v.67. Flavio
  • v.65. Floridante
  • v.88. Guistino
  • Reel 9: v.93. Imeneo
  • v.77. Lotario
  • v.82. Orlando
  • v.66. Ottone
  • v.78. Partenope
  • v.59. Il Pastor Fido
  • v.84. Il Pastor Fido, 2. Version
  • v.79. Poro
  • v.63. Radamisto
  • Reel 10: v.74. Riccardo
  • v.58. Rinaldo
  • v.70. Rodelinda
  • v.56. Rodrigo
  • v.64. Muzio Scevola
  • v.71. Scipione
  • v.92. Serse
  • v.61. Silla
  • v.75. Siroe
  • v.81. Sosarme
  • Reel 11: v.69. Tamerlano
  • v.60. Teseo
  • v.76. Tolomeo
  • KIRCHENMUSIK. Reel 12: v.34-36. Psalmen
  • v.14. Krönungshymnen
  • v.11. Trauerhymne
  • v.25. Dettinger Te Deum
  • v.31. Utrechter Te Deum und Jubilate
  • v.37. Drei Te Deum
  • v.38. Lateinische Kirchenmusik
  • INSTRUMENTALMUSIK. Reel 13: v.2. Klavierstücke
  • v.21. Instrumental-Concerte
  • v.28. 12 Orgel-Concerte
  • v.30. 12 grosse Concerte
  • v.27. Kammermusik
  • v.47. Instrumentalmusik für grosse Orchester: Konzerte und Doppelconcerte, Wassermusik, Feuerwerksmusik
  • v.48. Orgel-Concerte. Orchester- und Kammermusik. Klaviermusik und Cembalo-Bearbeitungen
  • KAMMERMUSIK FÜR GESANGE. Reel 14: v.32. Italienische Duette und Trios, 1. & 2. Aufl.
  • v.50-51. Italienische Kantaten, 1-72
  • v.52a-b. Italienische Kantaten mit instrumental Begleitung
  • Reel 15: v.1. Magnificat, by Dionigi Erba
  • v.3. Serenata, by Alessandro Stradella
  • v.4. Duetti, by G.C.M. Clari
  • v.5. Componimenti musicali, by Gottlieb Muffat.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Database topics
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1 online resource : color maps
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Government Information: International and Foreign; Medicine
WHOSIS, the WHO Statistical Information System, is an interactive database bringing together core health statistics for the 193 WHO Member States. It comprises more than 70 indicators, which can be accessed by way of a quick search, by major categories, or through user-defined tables. The data can be further filtered, tabulated, charted and downloaded. The data are also published annually in the World Health Statistics Report released in May
Database topics
Contains over 36,000 biographies of the men and women who helped shape America over its 400-year history.
Database topics
Physical extent
1 online resource.
This resource offers biographical entries on nearly 500 individuals from ancient Greece and Rome, including writers thinkers, artists, scientists, statesmen, kings, queens, and other historical figures. Mythological figures are excluded.