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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
The American Chemical Society is the leading publisher of peer-reviewed research in the chemical and related sciences, publishing 54 research journals plus Chemical & Engineering News, a weekly newsmagazine, the ACS Symposium Series, plus some reference books. Updated daily, covers 1879-present.

2. Bio-protocol [2011 - ]

Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Biology; Medicine
An e-journal founded in 2010 by a group of Stanford researchers. A postdoc-driven non-profit, free access, and peer-reviewed source of protocols in the life sciences. Its mission is to make life-science research more efficient and reproducible by curating and hosting high quality, open-access, life science protocols. There are no fees for participating, and its main goal is seeking reproducibility and reliability of experiments.
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General and Reference Works; Education
  • Accounting
  • Astronomy
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science Business Information Systems
  • Economics & Finance
  • Educational Curriculum & Methods
  • Educational Psychology & Administration
  • Educational Technology & Library Science
  • Geology
  • Health Administration
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Oceanography
  • Physics
  • Psychology & Psychiatry
The whitelist covers more than 11,000 qualified academic journals spanning 18 disciplines to help researchers select the best match to publish their manuscripts. Search results can be filtered through the advanced search options using a comprehensive set of selection criteria. Each entry displays contact information, manuscript and submission guidelines, and actionable metrics to help researchers make informed decisions. The blacklist aims to shine a light on the deceptive practices of the predatory publishers. Each entry contains the basic information to identify the blacklisted journal.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
The CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool is an online resource intended to support researchers and librarians who need accurate bibliographic information. This free resource can be used to quickly and easily look up or confirm publication titles and abbreviations, as well as CODEN, ISBN, or ISSN codes. The CASSI database contains a listing of publications indexed by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) since 1907.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Medicine
The ChemExper Chemical Directory displays information about chemicals (physical and chemical characteristics, structure, MSDS and more.) It contains for now over 200,000 different chemicals, 10,000 MSDS and over 10,000 IR spectra. The directory can be searched by registry number, molecular formula, chemical name or synonyms in different languages as well as by physical and chemical characteristics and combinations of those data, and also may also be searched by substructure. This web site also includes the Chemical Calculator, which calculates the molecular formula, molecular mass, exact mass, elemental analysis and plots the isotopic distribution graph; enter molecular formula, atoms, isotopes as well as groups; and the OSIRIS Property Explorer, which lets you draw chemical structures and calculates on-the-fly various drug-relevant properties whenever a structure is valid. Prediction results are valued and color coded. Properties with high risks of undesired effects like mutagenicity or a poor intestinal absorption are shown in red whereas a green color indicates drug-conform behaviour.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Medicine; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
ChemIDplus contains over 400,000 chemical records. More than 300,000 of those records include chemical structures through the advanced search. ChemIDplus is searchable by Name, Synonym, CAS Registry Number, Molecular Formula, Classification Code, Locator Code, Structure, and/or Physical properties. Enhanced structure display is available in ChemIDplus Advanced."
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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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1 online resource : TIFF, HTML, illustrations
"InfoChem performed automatic chemical named entity recognition of Chemisches Zentralblatt, one of the most important abstracts journal for the time period 1830-1969. A structure searchable database has been built, in order to offer a language independent search in such a relevant historical source."
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Physics and Astronomy
  • Dictionary of commonly cited compounds
  • Dictionary of drugs
  • Dictionary of inorganic & organometallic compounds
  • Dictionary of natural products
  • Dictionary of organic compounds
  • CRC handbook of chemistry and physics
  • Polymers : a property database
  • Properties of organic compounds.
Includes several chemical dictionaries, and the CRC handbook of chemistry & physics.
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The combined chemical dictionary is a structured database holding information on chemical substances. It includes descriptive and numerical data on chemical, physical and biological properties of compounds; systematic and common names of compounds; literature references; structure diagrams and their associated connection tables. The online version contains all substances available from: Dictionary of organic compounds, Dictionary of natural products, Dictionary of inorganic and organometallic compounds, Dictionary of drugs, Dictionary of analytical reagents, and Dictionary of carbohydrates.
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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Physics and Astronomy
v. 26 cm.
Continues to be the most accurate, reliable and current resource available on data needed by chemists, physicists and engineers. It provides wide coverage of data on properties of inorganic and organic compounds. Some of the most heavily used tables were recently updated and expanded including: Physical Properties of Inorganic Compounds; Enthalpy of Fusion; Bond Dissociation Energies; Table of the Isotopes; Inorganic Ion and Ligand Nomenclature; Chemical Carcinogens; and Global Temperature Trends for the past 150 years.
Green Library, Engineering Library (Terman), Marine Biology Library (Miller), SAL3 (off-campus storage), Science Library (Li and Ma)
Database topics
Mathematical Sciences; Engineering; Medicine; Economics and Business; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Biology; Science (General)
  • CivilEngineeringnetBASE
  • Combined Chemical Dictionary
  • Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds
  • Dictionary of Drugs
  • Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds
  • Dictionary of Natural Products
  • Dictionary of Organic Compounds
  • ElectricalEngineeringnetBASE
  • ENGnetBASE
  • Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
  • ITKnowledgeBASE
  • MechanicalEngineeringnetBASE
  • Polymers - a Property Database
  • Properties of Organic Compounds
A collection of online databases providing a portal to some of the world's major reference works, scientific journals and other resources. Covers a wide range of areas of scientific research from Toxicology, Engineering, Chemistry to Neuroscience, Mathematics and others.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Contains single- and multi-step new synthetic methods. The overall reaction flow is provided for each method, along with a detailed and accurate graphical representation of each reaction step.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Medicine
This carefully edited database contains the 25,000 most popular compounds as used by chemists. It contains the top 25,000 most commonly cited compounds in Chemical Abstracts, and covers drugs, organic compounds, solvents, natural products, analytical reagents, inorganic compounds, materials, the elements, and their isotopes. The database is fully substructure searchable, and contains chemical names, physical properties and bibliographic references.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering
The ECS Digital Library (DL) is home to the Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES), the flagship journal of The Electrochemical Society, published continuously since 1902. Three new peer-reviewed journals joined JES in mid-2012 -- ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (JSS), ECS Electrochemistry Letters (EEL), and ECS Solid State Letters (SSL). Still accessible as an archived journal is Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters (ESL).

15. Green pocketbook [2015 - ]

Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
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1 online resource.
"The purpose of this tool is primarily as a “Quick Reference Guide” for researchers to refer to full chemical information of over 60 million compounds while they are doing their daily work. All the information needed is readily available within one screen; plus you can also see the toxicological implications and regulatory concerns about the chemical without extra efforts. In short Pocketbook enables you to do “green aware” research, while providing the convenience of having all the information in one place. For added convenience, Pocketbook also offers individual endpoint scores, combined ecological, health and safety scores as defined by “NSF/GCI/ANSI 355 standard”. You can compare up to 5 chemicals side-by-side through easy to understand visual graphs and color-coded table."--overview page.
library.stanford.edu Three simultaneous users.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
"Index Chemicus contains the structures and critical supporting data for novel organic compounds reported in leading international journals. Many records show the reaction flow from starting material to final product. Index Chemicus is a vital source of new information on biologically active compounds and natural products."--Publisher description.
Database topics
Database topics
Database topics
Science (General); Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering
With a focus on engineering and scientific references, the collection contains over 179 books. Subject areas include chemistry and plastics, materials science, environmental science, microelectronics materials, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, systems engineering, food sciences, and mechanical engineering.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
This online database provides key information on hazards encountered by laboratory workers in all fields including R&D, analytical and hospital laboratories, scanned from the primary scientific and trade literature worldwide. Coverage includes: chemical and biological hazards; leaks, spills and unplanned releases; hazardous waste management; fires and explosions; safety legislation; precautions and safe practices; occupational health and hygiene monitoring; and protective equipment.