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Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Biology
The Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database (BMCD) contains molecule, crystal and crystallization data for macromolecules for which diffraction quality crystals have been obtained. These include proteins and nucleic acids, various complexes, and viruses. The BMCD has been available as NIST Standard Reference Database 21 since 1989, one of the earliest Standard Reference Databases at NIST. The current release includes 43,406 crystal entries, up from 14,372 in the previous release. The new data have been extracted from PDB REMARK 280 records. The data have been converted into scientific format (from aggregate text string to individual, numeric data) with error checking and standardization of chemical names. New search features include automatic synonym searches, numeric range searches for macromolecular concentration, pH, temperature, resolution, and year of publication, and combined searches over multiple fields
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Biology; Medicine
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"Collects NMR data from any experiment and captures assigned chemical shifts, coupling constants, and peak lists for a variety of macromolecules; contains derived annotations such as hydrogen exchange rates, pKa values, and relaxation parameters."--World Wide Protein Data Bank member page.