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v. ; 24 cm.
Music Library, SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
Database topics
An international and interactive bibliography of literature on music, which continues the printed version which ceased with report year 1988. Current coverage is from 1986 to the present, but data from earlier in the print version is being converted for inclusion in this database.
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The Bielefelder database lists classical and jazz recordings that are and have been available in Germany. It is the primary discography for the recording industry in Germany.
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"The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) is currently being developed at the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg in cooperation with Packard Humanities Institute in Los Altos, California, USA. The DME will provide world wide access to the complete works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756–1791) in digital form via the internet for study and performance purposes. In addition to the presentation of all works of music online, the DME will include a critical edition of letters, documents and libretti as well. The DME strives to incorporate images of original source materials with due consideration of copyright laws. Access to the website, including the downloading and printing of files for non-commercial purposes, is free. Information relating to works and sources will also be provided online."
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A digital collection of early Brahms editions.
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v. : ill., ports., facsims, music ; 28 cm. + 1 index (732 p.) + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
  • Sachteil <1-9 > Personenteil <1-
  • Personenteil 15. Schoo-Stran
  • Personenteil 16. Strat-Vil
Music Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
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  • Kompositionen (Handschriften)
  • Kompositionen (Drucke)
  • Texte
  • Korrespondenz
  • Berufliche und private Dokumente.
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Physical extent
1 online resource.
The database systematically documents more than music publications before 1800, collective music publications of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and other works about music, plus music manuscripts after 1600 and music publications of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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Presents over 450 digital reproductions of score autographs, letters and life documents taken from the Schubert collections of the Vienna City Library and the Austrian National Library, with plans to extend the database in co-operation with other Schubert collections. Music parts located in different collections are automatically put together to create a virtually complete manuscript of a particular work. Letters and lieder are searchable in full text. Includes extensive search possibilities, different modes of view and ability to manipulate the overall presentation of the page. Users can order digitized reproductions online on CD-ROM or DVD, in print quality, of one or more single pages, page areas, parts of works or whole works.

11. Werke [microform] [1858 - 1902]

Database topics
Music score
1 score (96 v.) ; 26 cm.
  • ORATORIEN. Reel 1: v.53. Aci, Galatea e Polifemo
  • v.3. Acis und Galetea
  • v.46b. Alceste
  • v.33. Alexander Balus
  • v.12. Alexanderfest
  • v.6. Allegro
  • Reel 2: v.5. Athalia
  • v.19. Belsazar
  • v.23. Cäciliendode
  • v.29. Deborah
  • v.40. Esther
  • v.41. Esther, 2. Bearbeitung
  • v.46a. Geburtstagsode für Königin Anna
  • Reel 3: v.43. Gelegenheitsoratorium
  • v.4. Herakles
  • v.18. Die Wahl des Herakles
  • v.44. Jeptha ; Jeptha (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 4: v.42. Joseph
  • v.17. Josua
  • v.16. Israel in Ägypten
  • v.22. Judas Makkabäus ; Messias (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 5: v.45. Messias
  • v.54. Parnasso in Festa
  • v.9. Passion nach Johannes
  • v.15. Passion nach Brockes
  • v.39. Resurrezione
  • v.26. Salomo
  • Reel 6: v.10. Samson
  • v.13. Saul
  • v.7. Semele
  • v.1. Susanna
  • v.8. Theodora
  • v.24. Trionfo del tempo
  • v.20. Sieg der Zeit und Wahrheit
  • OPERN UND SINGSPIELE. Reel 7: v.73. Admeto
  • v.57. Agrippina
  • v.86. Alcina
  • v.72. Alessandro
  • v.55. Almira
  • v.62. Amadigi
  • v.83. Arianna
  • v.85. Ariodante
  • v.89. Arminio
  • Reel 8: v.87. Atalanta
  • v.90. Berenice
  • v.94. Deidamia
  • v.68. Guilio Cesare
  • v.80. Ezio
  • v.91. Faremondo
  • v.67. Flavio
  • v.65. Floridante
  • v.88. Guistino
  • Reel 9: v.93. Imeneo
  • v.77. Lotario
  • v.82. Orlando
  • v.66. Ottone
  • v.78. Partenope
  • v.59. Il Pastor Fido
  • v.84. Il Pastor Fido, 2. Version
  • v.79. Poro
  • v.63. Radamisto
  • Reel 10: v.74. Riccardo
  • v.58. Rinaldo
  • v.70. Rodelinda
  • v.56. Rodrigo
  • v.64. Muzio Scevola
  • v.71. Scipione
  • v.92. Serse
  • v.61. Silla
  • v.75. Siroe
  • v.81. Sosarme
  • Reel 11: v.69. Tamerlano
  • v.60. Teseo
  • v.76. Tolomeo
  • KIRCHENMUSIK. Reel 12: v.34-36. Psalmen
  • v.14. Krönungshymnen
  • v.11. Trauerhymne
  • v.25. Dettinger Te Deum
  • v.31. Utrechter Te Deum und Jubilate
  • v.37. Drei Te Deum
  • v.38. Lateinische Kirchenmusik
  • INSTRUMENTALMUSIK. Reel 13: v.2. Klavierstücke
  • v.21. Instrumental-Concerte
  • v.28. 12 Orgel-Concerte
  • v.30. 12 grosse Concerte
  • v.27. Kammermusik
  • v.47. Instrumentalmusik für grosse Orchester: Konzerte und Doppelconcerte, Wassermusik, Feuerwerksmusik
  • v.48. Orgel-Concerte. Orchester- und Kammermusik. Klaviermusik und Cembalo-Bearbeitungen
  • KAMMERMUSIK FÜR GESANGE. Reel 14: v.32. Italienische Duette und Trios, 1. & 2. Aufl.
  • v.50-51. Italienische Kantaten, 1-72
  • v.52a-b. Italienische Kantaten mit instrumental Begleitung
  • Reel 15: v.1. Magnificat, by Dionigi Erba
  • v.3. Serenata, by Alessandro Stradella
  • v.4. Duetti, by G.C.M. Clari
  • v.5. Componimenti musicali, by Gottlieb Muffat.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)