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Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; French and Italian Studies; Medieval Studies
1 CD-ROM : col. ; 4 3/4 cm. + 1 user manual (43 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.)
Contains electronic versions of 1000 French prose fiction texts dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Texts have been authenticated by the authors wherever possible.
Media & Microtext Center
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Slavic and Eastern European Studies; General and Reference Works
1 online resource (v. <1-35>)
  • cz. 1. 19. stólecie. t. 1, A-F. t. 2, G-L. t. 3, Ł-Q. t. 4, R-U. t. 5, W-Z. t. 6, Dopełnienia A-O. t. 7, Dopełnienia P-Ż.--cz. 2. Stólecie 15.-19., w układzie chronologicznym. t. 8, 1455-1699. t. 9, 1700-1799. t. 10, 1800-1870. t. 11, 1871-1889, Dopełnienia t. 8-11.--cz. 3. Stólecie 15.-18., w układzie abecadłowym. t. 12, A-Be. t. 13, Bi-Bz. t. 14, C. t. 15, D. t. 16, E-F. t. 17, G. t. 18, H-J. t. 19, K-Kom. t. 20, Kon-Ky. t. 21, L. t. 22, M. t. 23, N-O. t. 24, P-Pom. t. 25, Pon-Q. t. 26, R. t. 27, S-Sh. t. 28, Si-Soj. t. 29, Sok-St. t. 30, Su-Sz. t. 31, T. t. 32, U-Wik. t. 33, Wil-Y. t. 34, zesz. 1, Z-Załuski. t. 34, zesz. 2, Załuskowska-Zazdrość. t. 35. Zb-Zil.
Database topics
French and Italian Studies; History; Sociology; Law
Physical extent
1 online resource.
Bibliography of primary and secondary sources for the study of French criminal justice, crime, criminality, the police, and related subjects. Includes journal articles and monographs. Covers time period 1789-2011.
Database topics
Art, Architecture and Design
A database search engine covering European and American art from late antiquity to the present. BHA indexes and abstracts art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealer's catalogs, and articles from more than 2,500 periodicals. Includes coverage of: Repertoire international de la litterature de l'art (RILA) (published from 1975 to 1989); and: Repertoire d'art et archeologie (RAA) for the years 1973 to 1989.

5. Bibliotheca Sefarad [2014 - ]

Database topics
Jewish Studies; History
Physical extent
1 online resource : color illustrations
Bibliotheca Sefarad is a digital library relating to bibliographic references about Jewish culture.
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French and Italian Studies; Government Information: International and Foreign
1 online resource : text files, HTML, PDF
A digital library of more than 7000 reports commissioned by the French government on diverse subjects - cultural, political, social, and governmental. Each report is available as a downloadable PDF.
Database topics
Earth Sciences
v. ; 29 cm.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner), SAL3 (off-campus storage)