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Searchable database of bibliography of history publications in Italy.

2. Catalogo Ricordi [2013 - ]

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Music; French and Italian Studies
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1 online resource.
The catalog presents all of the works from the music publisher, Ricordi, in numerical order, which is roughly chronological and describes the essential data for the ' identification of the compositions, including price, the date of the publication, and information which identifying many first editions. The catalog is an important bibliographic resource for the history of music and music publishing in Italy and Europe, 1808-1870, with over 43,000 entries.
Database topics
Feminist Studies; French and Italian Studies
1 online resource : color illustrations
Online database of signed biographies of accomplished women, both current and historical, with a focus on Italian women. Includes bibliographical information.
Database topics
General and Reference Works; Language; French and Italian Studies
Comprehensive bibliographical coverage of periodicals published in Italy, the Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, the Italian canton of Switzerland, and Malta.
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French and Italian Studies; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; General and Reference Works
Physical extent
1 online resource
Online resource offering full text access to Italian and Spanish books, conference proceedings, and journals by major Italian and Spanish publishers. Torrossa includes material previously available through Editoria Italiana online.